What are the Aspects of Legal Due Diligence of NBFC

Non-Banking Financial Company Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is an essential segment in the financial sector.They are registered under the Companies Act and regulated under the RBI Act. NBFC is used as an alternative for the source of funds for deploying funds to MSMEs, infrastructural projects, etc. other than banks and financial institutions. The RBI Act […]

Various NRI Legal Services in India

The demand for NRI legal services in India is continually increasing with the ever-growing settlement of NRIs (Non-Residential Indians) in India. There are several issues that NRIs face in India. Legal matters such as property disputes, transfer of property, the partition of property, etc. are one of the prime concerns for Non-Resident Indians. Therefore, they […]

Want to Rent a Property or Buy a Rental Property, We Let you Decide and Simplify Legal Procedure

In our daily lives, we come across many situations where we rent our property or take someone’s property on rent. There are various places where we need to provide address proof of our identity and place of residence. Thus you need to have a Residential Rental Agreement. There are many services which cannot be availed […]

What are the Steps in the Legal Process of Trademark Registration?

Are you finding trouble in going through the process of trademark registration? If yes then you must contact a specialists having years of expertise in dealing with the customers for the legal process of trademark registration. Below are the steps that can help you in going through the process of registration. Searching for an appropriate […]

7 Steps to Takeover a Company In India

In an era where corporate growth is at peak with increasing competitive & financially constrained environment, corporates are identifying various growth strategies to pursue new opportunities for diversification to enhance their market position & financial performance. Corporate houses follow various growth strategies to expand and diversify such as entering into new markets to provide their […]

What is the Role of Co-operative Society in Rural Development?

When individuals having common economic, social, and cultural interests voluntarily come together to form an association, it turns into the establishment of a co-operative society. The central motive of co-operative societies is to serve the needs of underprivileged and rural sections of our community. Co-operative society in rural areas follows the principle of mutual help […]

Buyback Tax: Everything you Need to Know About It

Lately, the corporate market got filled with a sudden buzz regarding the buyback tax. It all started when the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, proposes to levy a tax on the buyback by the listed companies. Earlier all the unlisted companies were following such act, but now even the listed companies are obliged to pay 20% […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Issue – A Complete Guide

Companies rely on various sources of funds to meet their financial needs for day to day expenses or to meet its working capital requirements. The fund required can be for the long-term or short-term needs of the company. A company obtains funds from various sources such as debenture issue, issue of shares, loans, and financial […]

What is the difference between Merger, Acquisition, and Amalgamation?

If you are struggling to expand your business, then you must have come across the terminologies of merger, acquisition, and amalgamation. Often, these terms get misinterpreted as one, despite sharing huge dissimilarities. To have a clear understanding of their functions, one needs to draw an extensive comparison and highlight the difference between mergers, amalgamation, and […]

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) – An Overview

Non-Banking Financial Companies have emerged as an alternative for banks in terms of raising funds for individuals as well as businesses. NBFCs also deploy funds to MSMEs in India. These have become an important part of the vast financial industry in India. NBFC is defined in accordance with Section 45-I of the Reserve Bank of […]

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