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Astitva Kumar is an advocate by profession and has completed her BBA. LLB from IP University. She is an avid reader, researcher, and legal writer. Her areas of interest include mediation, conflict resolution, finance, cyber laws, and taxation.

How to Get NBFC Registration Certificate from RBI?

The banking sector encompasses various financial operations such as deposits, loans, and so on. Most countries have a centralized bank that regulates all other banks in the country. The Non-Banking Financial Company sector in India has enormous growth potential. These organizations are vital to the economy, so the government and its authorities pay close attention […]

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What is the Process to Get Refund Shares from IEPF?

There are two aspects of profits earned by a company the first one is dividends, and the second one is retained earnings. In general concept, the term ‘dividend’ is used to denote the profits of a company distributed to its shareholders. The term ‘dividend’ has been defined under Section 2(35) of Companies Act of 2013. […]

RBI Guidelines on Debt Collection – An Overview

Any commercial bank that is properly registered with the Reserve Bank of India must perform the essential tasks of accepting deposits and making loans. Both individuals and entities can use such facility. But the recovery of such loans and enforcement of securities charged against such loans are challenging tasks for banks and financial institutions. When […]

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