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What is a Producer Company Registration?

In companies act 2013, Producer company registration has been simplified If there are any ten or more individuals of which each of them are producer or any two or more Producer institutions, or there is combination of ten or more individuals and Producer institutions, desire of Producer Company registration having a specified object like agriculture, farming i.e. and otherwise comply with the requirements of the provisions in respect of registration, and may apply for producer Company registration.

Registrar of Companies shall scrutinize the e-form submitted and within maximum 30 days of the receipt of the documents that are required for registration, register the memorandum, the articles, and other documents, if any, and issue a certificate of incorporation.

On registration, the Producer Company shall become a body corporate as if it is a private limited company.

Benefits To Members In Producer Company

Every Member shall initially receive, subject to the provision made in the articles, only such value for the products pooled and supplied as the Board of Producer Company may determine.

If any withheld price may be distributed later in cash or in kind or by way of allotment of equity shares, in proportion to the products/produce supplied during the financial year as may be decided by the Board.

Even after making provision and reserves referred of payment of limited return if any surplus remaining, it may be distributed among members as patronage bonus, in proportion to their participation in the business of the Company.

Every Member shall receive a limited return on the share capital contributed by them.

Provided that allotment of bonus shares shall be done to every member in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Is There Any Concession After Producer Company Registration?

Post Approval from registrar producer company enjoys certain benefits which underlined at below

1. All fiscal / Taxes and other concessions.

2. Licences, benefits, other privileges and exemptions granted to the inter-State co-operative society in link with the business of the inter-State co-operative society under any law for the time being in force will be considered to have been granted to the Producer Company.

What is minimum and Maximum no of directors required for producer company registration

  • Minimum number of Director: 5
  • Maximum Number Director: 15

Note: If the inter-State co-operative society is incorporated as a Producer Company, then such company may have more than 15 directors from the date of its incorporation for a period of one year.

What is minimum amount of share capital required for producer company registration

The share capital of the Producer Company share consists of equity shares only and minimum authorized Capital of 5 Lac.

What Is Benefit From Producer Company Registration

After producer company registration, the company has certain exclusive advantages. Some of them are as follows

1. A separate legal entity offering limited liability and perpetuity.

2. Governed by CG, Producer Company offers great credibility than that provided by unregistered producer organization.

3. Change in Management on Board of the Producer Company can be easily be carried out just by filing the prescribed form with ROC.

4. A registered Producer Company is entitled to own, sell or alienate the property in its own name. etc..

Documents Required for Producer Company Registration

From Directors Documents

  • DSC, DIN of the Directors; Detailed information and documents related to the director such as PAN, Photo ID proof address proof etc.
  • Drafted MOA and AOA of the producer Company.
  • Declaration and affidavit of the directors and members.
  • Address proof of location of the producer Company.
  • NOC from property Owner if any.
  • Copy of Rental agreement if applicable.
  • And other Documents as deemed necessary.

Producer Company Registration Procedure

Procedure No. Days
Apply for DSC and get DIN Apex 2 working days
Prepare for Spice form, MOA, AOA and submit to ROC for approval Approx. 7-9 working days
Roc if satisfied approve the Documents & sent Certificate of Incorporation. After which we can apply for PAN, TAN Approx. 15-20 Working Days

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