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Procedure for FMCS Certification – An Overview

The BIS offers different variants of Product Certification Schemes, the important ones being ‘ISI Mark Licensing’ and ‘Registration (termed as CRS)’. Both the Schemes could be subscribed to voluntarily to determine the compliance of their goods to Indian Standards by the manufacturers. Additionally, Licensing for ISI Mark is also available for Overseas Manufacturers under FMCS. In this write-up, […]

An Overview of Fit and Proper Criteria for Nidhi Finance Company Promoter

Intending to protect the interests of the public, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has amended rules governing Nidhi companies, whereby it is mandatory for the promoters to meet the Fit and Proper Criteria for Nidhi Finance Company as laid down in the rules. Therefore, in this write-up, we will discuss the Fit and Proper Criteria […]

Top Benefits of Obtaining a Drug Shop License in India

The use of drugs and medicines is essential for ensuring good health. However, the use of drugs and medicines must be restricted to ensure that such drugs are not misutilised or abused by individuals. Hence, the government has laid strict laws and regulations for manufacturing and distributing drugs and medicines in India. The statute governing […]

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What are the BIS Standards for Drinking Water?

Every citizen has the right to get clean, safe drinking water. Unfortunately, the natural resource that sustains life on Earth is now dangerously contaminated. As per NSO reports, nearly two-thirds of Indian households drink untreated and unsafe water. Only 8% boil water before drinking which is not an efficient method of removing contaminants. According to […]

A Complete Checklist for Factory License Registration in India

To ensure adequate safety measures, promote the health and welfare of the workers employed in factories, and prevent haphazard growth of factories, it is mandatory as per the provision for all the factory owners to register their premises with the local governing authority before the starting the factory. In this blog, we will discuss the […]

What is Fire NOC Certificate? How to Obtain it?

Fire-related mishappenings are not generally unsurprising and are frequently unforeseen and unexpected. Undoubtedly, Fire Accidents can bring about genuine human injury and property harm. Fire mishappening can be caused by low smoke alarms, harmed wiring, and defective items. In this way, it is reasonable and vital for each inhabitant or business to take all the […]

How to Start Masala Factory in India?

India is also known as “The Land of Spices,” and the splendours of Indian Masala (spices) are well-known throughout the globe. India holds a prominent position in the international trade in Masala. Indian spices are famous for their aroma and flavour in local and international markets. If you want to start a Masala factory in […]

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