What is Fire NOC Certificate? How to Obtain it?

Fire NOC Certificate
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Fire-related mishappenings are not generally unsurprising and are frequently unforeseen and unexpected. Undoubtedly, Fire Accidents can bring about genuine human injury and property harm. Fire mishappening can be caused by low smoke alarms, harmed wiring, and defective items. In this way, it is reasonable and vital for each inhabitant or business to take all the necessary safety measures to maintain a strategic distance from fire mishaps.

The Government worried about this issue has made strides to anticipate any fire-related episodes, for example, commanding Fire Department NOC for some particular class and requesting to investigate each property report before fulfilling any property bargain. In this blog, we will pen down what is a Fire NOC Certificate and how to obtain it?

What is Fire NOC Certificate?

To ensure prevention of fire, safety of life, and fire-safe design for the buildings, the Government has directed to get the certificate of Fire NOC before starting any operation. The Fire department issues the Fire NOC after proper verification and auditing. 

The Fire department issues the Fire NOC certificate after verifying and auditing the building’s fire resistance and safety mechanism, which should comply with the fire safety standards and guidelines stated by the respective state government. After a complete inspection, when the fire department finds the fire safety process meets the requisite standards, it issues the Fire NOC for the commercial/residential building of the applicant.

It should be considered that everything is verified, whether the place can observe Fire-related accidents, and in case the guidelines are fulfilled by the building, the Fire NOC certificate is issued for the respective residential or commercial buildings, etc. Every state has set up its guidelines and performs according to the guidelines.

Why is a Fire NOC Certificate required?

There have been many incidences of Fire related accidents in the country, which have resulted in huge losses of human life in the world. The crores of assets are also being lost in such situations. There have been cases that many companies have not been able to recover from the Fire related mishappenings. 

 Intending to protect life, now the multistorey and high-rise buildings which are more than 15 meters long in height need to have Fire Certificate from the state fire services. So now, it is mandatory to get the Fire NOC Certificate. In case of non-compliance, the Government will take steps and may even charge penalties.

Types of Fire NOC Certificate

There are of two different types-

  1. Provisional Certificate: This certificate is issued before the actual construction starts & it ensures that the building plan follows all rules made by the fire department.
  2. Final Certificate: Final certificate is issued before the occupancy certificate application. The NOC department of the local Government ensures all the conditions given in provisional NOC are fulfilled, and each fire extinguishing device is in place.

Class for which Fire NOC Certificate is required

The class for which a Fire Certificate is required are mentioned below-

· Hotels

· Educational Institutes

· Telephone Exchange

· Custodial organizations

· Hospitals and Sanatoria

· Multiplex 

· Mercantile business

· Industrial structures with low/moderate/high danger

· Assembly Buildings

· Corporate structures

· Storage structures with high dangers.

Documents required for Fire NOC Certificate

There are specific documents required to be submitted to the fire department along with the application form to obtain the certificate of Fire NOC in India-

  1. Two copies of building plans. 
  2. All the requisite information should be available in the prescribed building plans. The building plan shall be prepared while keeping in mind the defined laws.
  3. The structure should also be provided along with the application form.
  4. The certificate of building stability should be provided as a part of the essential documentation.
  5. The architecture checklist certificate.
  6. Address Proof of the applicant.
  7. The photograph of the building from the outside.
  8. The electronic wiring certificate through a recognized agency is also needed.

Procedure to obtain Fire NOC Certificate

Obtaining the certificate of Fire NOC from the fire department involves several issues but should be obtained to be safe from its consequences. The process to get the Fire NOC Certificate is mentioned below –

  • The applicant needs to apply the fire clearance certificate form to the respective state’s chief fire officer and fire service department.
  • For obtaining Fire NOC Certificate, an online form can also be filled out to the concerned fire service department of state.
  • The online application form shall include details like-
    1. Type of Application
    2. District 
    3. Fire station
    4. Details of approval of FFS.
    5. Building details
    6. Applicant details.
    7. Fire equipment Pictures
  • In both the case as mentioned above, certain documents must be submitted along with the application form.
  • The chief officer will forward the application form to the respective department and inspector.
  • The concerned inspector will inspect the company’s area or building and check whether Fire extinguishing equipment are available for complete fire safety.
  • After the inspection, if everything is arranged correctly and the inspector is satisfied with the examination, the inspector fire brigade of the area will issue the fire clearance certificate to the applicant.

Duration to obtain the Fire NOC Certificate

In India, the duration to obtain the Fire NOC certificate[1] is 30 days or 04 weeks. Therefore, an applicant can receive the certificate within 04 weeks after the application form and the required documents are sent correctly without any errors or mistakes.


As with the increasing incidents of fire break in office buildings, hospitals, commercial centers, the Fire service Department is under the direction of authority to make the necessary audit of all buildings who shall obtain the certificate of Fire NOC and sealing them from further use till the compliance is done as per recommendations. Hence, In order to avoid any unwanted mis happenings it is need of the hour for all building owners to comply with the fire safety measures not only in papers but in actual too.

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