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The Knowledge Corner
Patent Box Scheme in Australia
| Updated: Mar 24, 2022 | Category: Patent

New Patent Box Scheme in Australia – An Overview

The Government of Australia is intending to introduce a Patent Box Scheme in Australia with the aim of promoting life sciences innovation across the region & incentivising investment in the...

Patent Mining
| Updated: Mar 22, 2022 | Category: Patent

All You Need To Know About Patent Mining

Patent is an integral part of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and it provides exclusive rights to the actual owner of an invention. Patent documents are the most vital intellectual resources...

Patenting Stem Cell
| Updated: Mar 21, 2022 | Category: Patent

Patenting Stem Cell Related Inventions in India – An Overview

Stem cells are cells that can distinguish or develop into various types of cells. This distinctive characteristic grants them great medical significance as they can unravel many secrets regarding living...

Groundless Threats
| Updated: Mar 16, 2022 | Category: Patent

What are the Groundless Threats for Patent Infringement?

A groundless threat is when a party threatens another party with lawful proceedings without having a base for the threats. The threat could be produced or caused in the form...

CA Service Provider in India
Patent Licensing Dispute
| Updated: Mar 14, 2022 | Category: Patent

Patent Licensing Dispute Between Apple 5G and Ericsson

Currently, Apple is involved in a Patent Licensing Dispute with a Sweden tech giant Ericsson. The dispute is over royalty payments for using 5G wireless Patents in iPhones. Scroll down...

Patenting Nanotechnology
| Updated: Mar 05, 2022 | Category: Patent

Issues and Challenges While Patenting Nanotechnology in India – An Overview

Basically, Nanotechnology is the design, production, characterisation, and application of structure, devices & systems by controlling size & shape at the nanoscale. In simple terms, it's the engineering of matter...

Improve Patent Drawings
| Updated: Mar 04, 2022 | Category: Patent

How 3D Modelling Helps to Improve Patent Drawings?

Visual representation has the power to describe a difficult concept effectively. That's why Patent Drawings and Illustrations are specifically used to demonstrate inventions while filing and drafting applications for Patent...

Patent Obviousness
| Updated: Feb 25, 2022 | Category: Patent

Patent Obviousness and Overcoming Associated Rejections – An Overview

Patent Obviousness is the most challenging problem to overcome while substantiating the patentability of an invention. This is due to its subjective & unclear nature. Rejection of a Patent application...

NBFC License Registration
Selling a Patent
| Updated: Feb 22, 2022 | Category: Patent

Steps for Selling a Patent – A Complete Analysis

A Patent is one of the most integral parts of the innovation process as it opens up a few opportunities for an innovator. First, it provides the ownership of the...

Patent Ownership
| Updated: Feb 21, 2022 | Category: Patent

Employer – Employee Patent Ownership in India – An Overview

Big tech companies depend on the inventions of their employees and, as a normal practice, Patent the inventions or innovations in the name of the company. The employees assign their...

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