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A legal writing enthusiast, a wanderer, and a zealous reader. After gaining a lot of knowledge about the diverse legal topics and developing research skills, Karan joined the league of legal content writers to deliver quality-rich blogs.

E-filing of Copyright Registration – A Complete Guide

According to the Copyright Act, 1957, a copyright registration provides various protections and rights to the original work’s creator. Creators of musical, cinematography, dramatic, and artistic works can avail rights on their original creation by the feature of copyright registration. These rights and protections are only for a limited time, and it lasts for 60 […]

A Complete Guide on NBFC Funding In India

In India, every business depends on funds to operate its day to day activities. Inadequacy in finances can delay the progress and compels one to shut down the business. In the case of NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Companies, the requirement of funds get double. After obtaining NBFC Registration but without any banking license, Non-Banking Financial […]

What is the Procedure for Multi State Cooperative Society Registration?

The Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002 simplifies the registration of cooperative societies. The primary object of the Multi State Cooperative Society is to spread over various states of the country. This Act provides for the formation of both the types of cooperative societies, i.e. Primary and Federal Cooperatives. It is an act to join and […]

Difference between Trademark Objection and Opposition

Trademark is nothing but a type of intellectual property in the form of symbol, name, logo, slogan, or any word used to differentiate its goods or services from other goods and services. After the trademark registration, a trademark became the intellectual property, and a registered trademark was used for commercial purposes by a company and […]

What is the Procedure for NBFC Takeover in India?

With the evolution of the new business model, the NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Companies are also observing many changes in their activities, regulations, and management. The Reserve Bank of India or RBI is trying very hard to make the NBFC business smoother while recollecting compliance requirements. Worldwide mergers and takeovers are making its existence powerfully […]

What is the Procedure for Company Takeover in India?

In this modern world, where company growth is at topmost with increasing competitive and financially unnatural environment, companies are recognizing various growth and strategies to build up their position in the market and financial performance. The different strategies used by any companies to enter new markets and spread their market base include Company Take Over, […]

What are the Vital Documents Required for Copyright Registration?

If anyone wants to protect their original work from being copied, misused, or unauthorized takeover, it is mandatory to obtain copyright registration, and it’s a one-time process. That means once your copyrighted your original work, then you don’t have to roam around the authorities to renew it every year. It has lifetime validity and provides […]

NITI Aayog NGO Registration in India – An Overview

The Government of India has introduced the NITI Aayog to create and promote a strong partnership between Non- Government Organizations (NGOs)/Voluntary Organizations (VOs) and the Indian Government. NITI Aayog has introduced an online portal called NGO Darpan. This portal allows NGOs or VOs to register centrally and facilitates creating a source of information about NGOs […]

Is it Possible to do Copyright for Public Performance License?

Yes, it is possible to do the copyright for Public Performance License (PPL). Public Performance License or PPL is an agreement/license between a music user and the owner of the copyrighted song. This license allows to play the song or music in public performances or on a radio, and it is also known as Public […]

Difference between Mergers and Acquisitions in India

In India, Merger and Acquisition are the two most frequently applied corporate reformation strategies, often expressed in the same sniff, but they are not the same. Both Merger and Acquisitions refer to joining two different companies, but there is some key difference between Mergers and Acquisitions involved in using them. It helps the business in […]

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