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Trademark Dispute Between Rooh Afza and Dil Afza – An Overview

The manufacturers of Rooh Afza filed a lawsuit arguing that their name is identical with sharbat in India and that the name Dil Afza is deceptively identical to their product. Buying a bottle of sharbat may involve emotions but not to the extent hoped for manufactures of Rooh Afza, the Delhi High Court said while […]

Difference Between Copyright Free and Royalty Free – An Overview

Copyright Free and Royalty Free are used with great confusion online and it gets even more confusing with offers of Free to Use or No Copyright Music content. Some people often use the terms Copyright Free and Royalty Free interchangeably. But, the terms don’t have similar terms because they cover two different concepts. A normal […]

Everything You Need to Know About Copyright Licensing Agreement

Copyright is a legal or official term used to describe the rights that creators have over their artistic works & literary works. Works covered by Copyright range from music, paintings, films, computer programs, maps, databases, technical drawings, and advertisements. The Copyright Law not only safeguards but also gives the exclusive rights covered in the creator […]

Difference Between Discovery and Invention As Per Patent Act – An Overview

Invention and discovery are generally misunderstood because they sound like they are the same thing, but in reality, invention and discovery are completely different meanings. To know the difference between discovery and invention, it is vital to understand the meaning of both terms. Both invention and discovery mean to bring something new into notice or […]

Procedure for Drafting Notice for Trademark Infringement – An Overview

In recent years Trademark Law has been developed in India, and it has become one of the most vital parts in the Law field as well as in businesses and producing products & services. However, along with safeguarding a registered Trademark, one should know the legal remedies in the case of Trademark Infringement. So, in […]

Importance of International Arbitration in Copyright Disputes

In today’s technology world, Intellectual Property is becoming increasingly vital to economic growth & global commerce. Arbitration is highly efficient in such situations. In several fields or areas, arbitration has become the standard or common method for resolving disputes. International Arbitration is more common as a means of resolving IP disputes. International Arbitration is a […]

All You Need To Know About IPR in Mobile Applications

Nowadays, mobile applications are one of the most vital parts of modern businesses around the world, and it acts as part of businesses to be an absolute model for business. IP is involved in mobile applications, and there are different instances where duplication or copying can cause serious damage to the company. The effective way […]

How to Add DSC in Trademark Application? – An Overview

As we already know that Trademark Registration is a complex process & it requires a lot of time & effort. Even the process of Trademark Registration is online, it still confuses many people, and maximum time, people get confused regarding how to add a DSC in Trademark application. A DSC or Digital Signature Certificate must […]

All You Need To Know About Trademark Disclaimer

A Trademark is like a brand identifier for a product or service. Trademark is used by companies or organisations with a distinct product or service provided to ensure legal protection against replication and possible revenue loss. But, while a Trademark is a logo, sign, symbol, or word capable of distinguishing products or services and enjoys […]

How Can You Safeguard Your Patents in E-gaming Industry?

Nowadays, almost everyone is surrounded by various products created or invented by another person using their intellect, hard work, and creativity and such works or products are called Intellectual Property (IP). We use a number of Intellectual Properties like songs, electronic gadgets, mobile software, paintings, etc. But one more thing which is popular in today’s […]

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