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A Complete Guide on Guidelines for Recovery of Shares in India

The Securities & Exchange Board of India has simplified guidelines for investor service requests, comprising establishing a framework for providing PAN, KYC details, signature, bank details, the concern of duplicate shares, change of status for NRIs, nomination description & other information by holders of physical shares. The Securities & Exchange Board of India has also […]

BIS CRS Certification for LED Television

Nowadays, LED Televisions are becoming more popular around the globe. The modern world is appreciating new ideas at an accelerated pace because it has a clearer & sharper screen; LED Televisions have shown to be the most widely adopted television. In comparison to LCD Televisions, LED Televisions are better; the best aspect is that it […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Toys in India? – An Overview

As we all know that childhood is empty without toys. Toys distract children and keep them engaged & entertained for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the toys are safe or not for children. In 2020, the Toys (Quality Control) Order required all toys and materials for children below 14 years […]

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BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven – A Complete Analysis

Microwave Ovens heat food using microwaves, a form of Electromagnetic Radiation similar to radio waves. Percy Spencer first discovered it in 1946 and the domestic Microwave was introduced in 1955. At present, almost in every home, a Microwave Oven is used and is popular for its speed of cooking & ease of use. The BIS, […]

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BIS ISI Certification for Refrigerator – A Complete Analysis

A Refrigerator is a home appliance including a thermally insulated compartment & a heat pump that transfers heat from inside to its external environment so that it’s inside is cooled to a temperature lower than the room temperature. Refrigeration is a vital food storage technique around the globe. The lower temperature reduces the reproduction rate […]

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What is the Meaning of FORM MD-7 and FORM MD-9?

A person or a company involved in the manufacturing of Medical Devices in India can distribute/communicate the products by applying through the concerned Authority. The application process includes applying for a Loan, grant, or License to distribute or sell the devices in India. Under Medical Devices Rules, 2017, a Manufacturing License to Manufacture Class C […]

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Trademark Registration in the European Union – A Complete Analysis

Anyone operating a business in the European Union can register a Trademark with the EUIPO to enjoy protection from Trademark Infringement. To obtain Trademark Registration in the European Union, the most convenient way is to file a European Union Trademark application. It covers all the 27 Member States of the European Union. Simply put, if […]

BIS Certification for Smart Watch – A Complete Analysis

In this modern world, smart watches are a fashion statement. And the demand for smart watches is very high because of their advanced features, which are helpful for almost every daily activity we do. The smart watch technology has most of the features that help in keeping a check on the daily lifestyle everybody follows. […]

What are the Exemptions of Cosmetics under Cosmetics Rules, 2020?

As per the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Cosmetics Rules, 2020, enacted thereunder, the State Drug Control Department inspects & grants Cosmetic License approval for manufacturers & importers in India. Furthermore, the import of cosmetics is governed or controlled by a Registration system administered by the CDSCO, which is responsible for regulating cosmetics activities […]

An Overview of Grant of Test License for Import under MDR, 2017

As per Section 40 of the MDR, 2017, any type of medical device or in-vitro diagnostic medical device may be imported to run any type of training testing, clinical investigation, etc. An individual (importer or manufacturer) who wants to import the medical devices of Class A, B, C, or D to India can get a […]

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