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What is the Difference Between PPL and IPRS License?

In India, there are two major organisations that issue Music License, one is IPRS (Indian Performing Right Societies) and the second is PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). IPRS & PPL plays a vital role in issuing Music Licenses in India and these two are Copyright Societies established under Section 33 of the Copyright Act. In this […]

Documents For Trade License West Bengal – An Overview

Trade License is a legal license to regulate a business from a particular region or area. This license certifies that the locality of a specific business is in accordance with the rules, standards & safety guidelines that are implemented by the concerned Department. The provisions of the Trade License are laid by the particular State […]

How to Get IPRS License in Mumbai?

IPRS stands for Indian Performing Right Society and is a representative body of artists like lyricists, music owners, publishers, and music composers. The primary objective of IPRS is to collect a royalty on behalf of its members, i.e., composers, authors, publishers, etc., of the music from the music users and distribute it among the members […]

What is the Procedure for Fire NOC Renewal?

A Fire NOC is a vital document mandatorily required to obtain building plan approval from the Local Municipal Authority. In India, Fire NOC is issued by the respective states fire service that checks and verifies an applicant’s premises for fire safety compliance. Before granting the issue, the department concerned performs a thorough vetting process. Such […]

How to Obtain CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import in India?

In India, Cosmetic is specified under Section 3(aaa) of the Drugs & Cosmetic Act, 1940, as any article intended to be poured, sprinkled, rubbed, or sprayed on, or otherwise applied to, the human body or any part thereof of beautifying, promoting attractiveness, cleansing, or changing the appearance & includes any article meant for use as […]

When is a Public Performance License Required?

In India, the concept of a Public Performance License emerged under the Copyright Act, 1957 and the Government of India makes it compulsory to get an entertainment license, performance license and a PPL License in case of playing music, drums, recorded audio-videos in a public area. In simple terms, a Public Performance License is an […]

Procedure for ISI Certification for Household Electrical Goods

In India, ISI Certification is vital because it provides a quality mark that describes the product’s grade and ISI Mark depicts the safety & trust of the product. For certain products, ISI Certification is compulsory before being sold in the Indian market. This certification proves that an electrical item or appliance is safe to use. […]

Detailed Analysis of the BOCW Scheme in India

In India, BOCW Scheme stands for Building and Other Construction Workers Scheme and this Scheme was first introduced by the Government of India to solve the problems of unskilled workers or labourers in India who work in a critical and unpromising conditions. The BOCW Scheme monitors the working conditions & employment of the building & […]

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A Complete Analysis of Trademark Valuation and Taxation

A Trademark is a unique mark or logo linked with products or services of a company, business, or individual. Trademark means a mark or brand including symbol, shape, colour, packaging of products, etc. Basically, Trademark helps to graphically represent and differentiate the products or services of one individual from another. It’s a set of rights […]

Different Ways to Reduce Trademark Registration Cost

Any company or business that wants to build a strong brand, then it is necessary to obtain Trademark Registration for their brand to expand their business. Trademark Registration is an invaluable Intellectual Property (IP) asset to any company or business. However, many companies, especially start-ups, hesitate to obtain a Trademark Registration; this is because a […]

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