How to Obtain CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import in India?

CDSCO Registration Certificate
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In India, Cosmetic is specified under Section 3(aaa) of the Drugs & Cosmetic Act, 1940, as any article intended to be poured, sprinkled, rubbed, or sprayed on, or otherwise applied to, the human body or any part thereof of beautifying, promoting attractiveness, cleansing, or changing the appearance & includes any article meant for use as a component of cosmetic. Cosmetics Import into India is regulated via a system for Registration by the CDSCO under the purview of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Rules, 2020. Any articles falling within the cosmetic definition must be registered along with the variants, pack size and manufacturing units before being imported into the country. No cosmetic shall be imported without obtaining CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import.

Who can apply for CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import?

As per the Act, CDSCO has listed the applicants who can apply for CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import in India:

  1. Manufacturer: The manufacturer himself can apply for the CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import in India.
  2. Authorised Agent: If the manufacturer has their authorised agent, then the agent can apply on their behalf to import cosmetics.
  3. A Subsidiary of the Manufacturer: For any foreign cosmetic manufacturer, the Indian subsidiary firm can apply on their behalf.
  4. Importer: Any Indian importer who wants to import cosmetics to India from a foreign manufacturer can also apply for this Registration.

Important Documents Required for CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import

Following are some crucial documents required for obtaining CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import:

  1. Covering letter clearly stating the purpose (fresh or endorsement of products or manufacturing premise or pack size or extra sourcing location or re-registration) along with the details of earlier issued CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import (if any) and product or product category;
  2. Authorisation from manufacturer to accompany an application for the issuance of CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import;
  3. Details & undertaking required to be provided by the manufacturer or their authorised distributor or importer or agent with the application for Import Registration Certificate;
  4. A detailed list of ingredients or composition;
  5. Labels of proposed products along with their variant (if any) as per the Chapter VI of the Cosmetics Rules, 2020[1] ;
  6. Testing & specification method for testing of cosmetics;
  7. Pack insert (if any);
  8. Manufacturing Licenses;
  9. FSC (Free Sale Certificate);
  10. Declaration regarding non-animal testing;
  11. Declaration for Heavy Metal & Hexachlorophene content;
  12. Application Form (COS-1);
  13. Other documents (if any).

Online Procedure for CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import

An application for the issuance of a CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import shall be made online in Form COS-1onthe SUGAM portal of CDSCO either by the importer or by the manufacturer himself or by his or her authorised agent or by the subsidiary in India certified by the manufacturer to the Central Licensing Authority under the Cosmetic Rules, 2020. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

Details on the Labels of Proposed Cosmetic Products

Legible original label for cosmetic products along with their variant as per Cosmetic Rules, 2020, which includes the following:

  • Name of the cosmetics;
  • Manufacturer name & complete address of the manufacturer’s premises where the cosmetic has been manufactured. If the product or item has not been manufactured in a factory owned by the manufacturer, the name & address of the actual manufacturer/ country name where it has been manufactured;
  • Use before or date of expiry (month & year) or use by or expiry date or expiry XX months from MFD or manufacturing date or Exp. Dt.;
  • A unique Batch No. or Lot No.;
  • Manufacturing License number and the number is preceded by the M or M.L. No. or Mfg. Lic. No. shall carry on the outer/inner labels;
  • A declaration of the net content expressed in terms of fluid measure for liquids, weight for semi-solids, and weight for solids, combined with numerical count if the content is sub-divided;
  • In the case of cosmetics, where a hazard exists, every inner label must clearly state adequate directors for safe use, caution or any warning;
  • In the case of imported cosmetic products to be marketed in India, for CDSCO Registration Certificate Number for Cosmetic Import shall be cited on the label of the unit pack preceded by the letter “RC” or “RC No.” or Reg. Cert. No.” along with the address and name of the importer;
  • If a cosmetic package has only 1 label, such label shall contain all the details required to be shown on both the inner & outer labels under these rules;
  • In all instances, ingredients list present in the concentration of more than 1% shall be listed in the descending order of weight/volume during they are added, followed by those in a concentration of equal or less than 1%, in any order, and preceded by the term “INGREDIENTS”.
  • The cosmetic shall comply with labeling requirements, if any, specified in the Indian standard as set by the BIS for the cosmetics covered under the 9th Schedule;
  • No cosmetic shall be imported unless it is packed & labeled in with these rules & the label of imported cosmetic products shall bear the Registration Number of the product and the name & address of the Registration Certificate holder for marketing in India.


In the end, it is clear that, with the CDSCO Registration Certificate for Cosmetic Import, import activities & sales of cosmetic products can be carried out in India without any problems.

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