Documents For Trade License West Bengal – An Overview

Documents for Trade License West Bengal
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Trade License is a legal license to regulate a business from a particular region or area. This license certifies that the locality of a specific business is in accordance with the rules, standards & safety guidelines that are implemented by the concerned Department. The provisions of the Trade License are laid by the particular State Government, which holds the power to monitor the Trade within a city. If anyone wants to start a business in West Bengal, then it is compulsory to obtain Trade License in West Bengal. However, for the Registration for Trade License in West Bengal, the applicant needs to arrange all the vital documents for Trade License West Bengal. Scroll down to check the documents for Trade License West Bengal.

An Overview of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980

Before we discuss the vital documents for Trade License West Bengal, let’s understand this Act. According to Section 199 of the said Act, “Every individual involved in any trade, professions or calling in Kolkata as mentioned in Schedule IV either by himself or by an agent or representative shall get a certificate of enlistment or get the same renewed yearly from the Municipal Commissioner upon presentation of an application in such form as may be specified by the Municipal Commissioner together.

As per Section 199, the Licensing Department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation issues the Certificate of Enlistment. After the Licensee remits the Scheduled Charges of the License Department & is approved by the Corporation, in such case, the applicant can collect the certificate. The License Department of the Corporation acts as the Principal Department in processing the applications & the collection of fees. According to the rules laid by the Municipal Corporation, it is compulsory to get a Certificate of Enlistment, which in West Bengal holds equal importance to a Trade License.

Some Vital Documents for Trade License West Bengal

Following is the list of crucial documents for Trade License West Bengal:

  1. Aadhar Card of the applicant;
  2. Identity proof of the applicant;
  3. Address proof of the business;
  4. In the case of companies, a Memorandum of Association (MoA) & Articles of Association (AoA) is required;
  5. In the case of companies, a Certificate of Incorporation is required;
  6. In case of a Company, Submit Occupancy proof, Application in Form No. 18, Declaration made in Form No. 32 also;
  7. In the case of Proprietorship, submit the PAN of the applicant and PAN of the Firms;
  8. For a Partnership Firm, submit the Partnership Deed;
  9. NOC issued by the nearby property owners;
  10. Certified site or floor plan;
  11. In case the business place is owned, submit the latest Property Tax Receipt, else Lease Documents or Permission Letter issued by the actual owner where the business is incorporated.
  12. Place of Business:
  13. Provide the tax bill if the petitioner owns the business;
  14. Provide a Consent Letter if the business owner is provided rent-free accommodation by the owner;
  15. Provide the consent of the house owner if the business owner is a sub-tenant (in addition to other documents such as current CE, rent bill, etc.);
  16. Provide the rent bill if the tenant owns a business;
  17. If a profession or Trade or calling is carried out without getting a Trade License, the concerned Department issues a spot CE;
  18. Provide the lease deed if the lessee owns a business.
  19. Documents for Duplicate Trade License in West Bengal: There are many cases when business owners misplaced their Trade License & struggle to regain it from the authority. This generally happens when an applicant fails to upload the right documents against the application for the issuance of a duplicate license. However, the applicant needs to submit the following documents to obtain a Duplicate License:
  20. FIR copy of the lost Trade License;
  21. Declaration of Compensation in the prescribed format.

Important Details in the Application Form of Trade License

The application contains several vital fields, which are as follows:

  • Applicant name;
  • Complete address of the applicant;
  • Establishment name;
  • The purpose for which the applicant wants to get Trade License in West Bengal;
  • Establishment’s address along with the PIN Code;
  • The contact details of the owner;
  • Occupancy details of the business premises;
  • Business type the owner is dealing with;
  • Category of items or products applicant trading from the business premises.

Documents for Trade License Renewal in West Bengal

Following are some renewal documents for Trade License in West Bengal:

  1. Submit the original Trade License;
  2. All tax receipts with updated [payments;
  3. Past payment;
  4. Challans.

Vital Pointers Regarding the Documents for Trade License West Bengal

  • Issuance of Trade License in West Bengal is mainly done by the Municipal Corporation of West Bengal;
  • Authority generally takes 7 to 10 days to complete the process of the Trade License application assessment. Upon approval or consent, the downloadable version of the Trade License is uploaded by the authority on its online website;
  • In case the Trade License is missing, the applicant needs to file an FIR in the nearest police station & forward a copy of the same to the respective municipal authority[1].


Trade License is vital in transforming the existing establishment or business into a legal entity. However, to get the Trade License in West Bengal, it is necessary to arrange all the vital documents for Trade License West Bengal mentioned above; then, only the applicant can get this license. After obtaining this license, entities can continue their business operation without any legal hassles. However, to avail of such benefits, businesses have to maintain harmony with relevant compliances.

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