Documents Required for Trade License in India

Documents Required for Trade License in India
Khushboo Priya
| Updated: Jul 25, 2019 | Category: Trade

Municipal Corporation Trade license is obligatory for every person willing to carry out a specific trade in a particular municipal area. But you will receive the permit only when you submit all the documents required for Trade License in India.

Therefore, whether you have applied for a new license or renewal or a duplicate copy, you need to submit the documents accordingly. Let’s find out what trade means and what documents are necessary for obtaining it.

What is a Trade License?

A trade license is an authorization essential for entities who wish to start a trading business within a specific area. Generally, the provisions of the trade license are set up by the State Government.

Every state has its own municipal body which governs the Municipal Corporation trade registration in the particular place where it runs. For example, for obtaining a trade license in Delhi, you need to apply to the municipal corporation Delhi.

Typically, a trade license is important to ensure that trade is carried on in the way as described in the guidelines and rules.

Running any unauthorised trade is an offense. Therefore, if somebody is found guilty of it, the person will be subject to a substantial penalty.

Hence, the business owner must obtain a trade license in the area where he/she is going to start the business.

Eligibility Criteria for Trade License in India

The government of India has set certain guidelines for getting a trade license. Some mandatory criteria are as follows:

  • The applicant should be of at least eighteen years old;
  • The individual shouldn’t have any criminal record against him/her;
  • The business for which the applicant is requesting the application must be legally permissible.

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Documents Required for Trade License

Documents requirement for Municipal Corporation trade registration in India is different for different purposes. Let’s find out what they are:

For the new Trade License in India

For a new license, the following documents are necessary:

  • Identity card of the applicant;
  • Address proof;
  • PAN card of the establishment (For Companies, LLP, and Firm);
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company;
  • Articles of Association (AOA) of the company;
  • Affidavit;
  • Latest bank statement along with a canceled cheque;
  • Property Tax Receipt;
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) statement;
  • Proof of the establishment of the trade;
  • Lease documents or consent letter from the Landlord;
  • Utility Bills such as Electricity Bill/Water Bill, etc.;
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the premise owner;
  • Other documents, if required.

For the Renewal of Trade License

If your license is about to expire, then you must apply for the renewal of a Municipal Corporation trade registration prior to its expiry date. Documents for the renewal of a license are:

  • Copy of the original trade license;
  • Identity and address proof of the applicant;
  • Old G-8 receipt;
  • Application for the renewal of the license.

Documents for the grant of a duplicate License

In the case, you have lost your original trade license or if somebody has stolen it, you need to get a duplicate copy of the same.

Firstly, file an FIR against the missing trade license, and then apply for the same to the concerned body along with the following documents:

  • Copy of First Information Report (FIR);
  • Indemnity bond in the prescribed format.


Hence, whether you are opting for a new license or want to renew it or need a duplicate copy, you need to submit the documents in all the cases. Without the required papers, you won’t get a trade license in India.

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