BIS ISI certification for Electrical motors

BIS ISI certification for Electrical motors
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A motor is an electrical component that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually, Electrical motors work because of the interaction between the electric current in a wire winding and the motor’s magnetic field. This interaction is what leads to the generation of force in the form of torque that is applied to the motor’s shaft. The bureau of Indian standards provides a BIS ISI certification to these motors.

What is BIS?

BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is the body responsible for issuing national standards. BIS was established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, which came into effect on December 23, 1986. ISI certification is a mark that is essential for electrical goods in India. The ISI mark instils faith in the consumer regarding the product’s safety, assurance and durability. The mark depicts that the product has passed the Indian standards as set forth by the BIS.

Why should manufacturers opt for BIS ISI Certification for electrical motors?

  • An ISI-registered product ensures high quality to the consumers
  • ISI registered products undergo several tests and thereby guaranteed better performance and a larger shelf life
  • The ISI mark depicts that the product is standardised, reliable, has passed the quality and is safe for its users.
  • An ISI mark business reduces the chances of product rejection and business losses.
  • If the product is not up to the standard, the customer shall receive a replacement for it by the company.

Which BIS standard is applicable to Electrical motors? Product Indian Standard Regulation
1. IS 12615 Energy Efficient Induction Motors-Three Phase Squirrel Cage  SO 178(E), dated 18th January 2017 SO 3207(E), dated 29th September 2017  

Documents that are required for BIS ISI certification for electrical motors:

The applicant must have the following BIS ISI certification for electrical motors:

  • Manufacturing units address proof
  • Proof of certificate of registration
  • Proof of the test reports generated by the Internal testing facilities
  • Details of the equipment used for testing
  • Packaging information such as the size of the product, storage facility quantity etc.
  • Manufacturing processes flow chart
  • Trademark registration certificate (copy)
  • Technique for the disposal of inferior products
  • The details of the quality control staff such as name, experience,  qualification and designation
  • Details of the raw materials used for production
  • Layout plan of the factory
  • Copy of certification from the regulatory authority
  • A sketch of the drawing
  • Bank statement of the company
  • Utility bills

Procedure to obtain BIS ISI certification for electrical motors

The following steps need to be completed to obtain BIS ISI certification for electrical motors

  • Step 1: The applicant needs to select the product code for BIS ISI certification for electrical motors.
  • Step 2: After selecting the product code, the applicant must opt for the ISI certification. For this, Form-V should be filed by the application along with the prescribed registration fees. The applicant must also pay the audit fee for the inspection of the sample/ product
  • Step 3: once the application is submitted and the request for inspection of the products is generated. A BIS officer, along with the team shall visit the manufacturer’s factory premises. The inspection team is responsible for conducting proper quality control examinations and taking an in-depth look at the manufacturing process. During this time, the BIS officials shall draw out random samples from the factory and send these samples to BIS Laboratories for testing.
  • Step 4: Submit Sample Report: The applicant also has to get the product tested from third-party BIS-recognised labs. The generated report from these labs needs to be collected and submitted to BIS for Quality test purposes.
  • Step 5: Once the process of application is completed, BIS officials shall verify the submitted document and test reports. The authorities usually grant the ISI certification in the span of 30 days, starting from the date of submission of the application. This issued ISI certification shall be valid for a period of one year. The certification can be renewed after its expiry, but for this, the applicant needs to file an application for renewal through a practising chartered accountant.

Renewal of the BIS ISI certification for electrical motors

The ISI mark certification shall be valid for one year. The certification can be renewed after filing an application for renewal. However, this application needs to be made by a practising Chartered Accountant.

Penalty for the misuse of BIS ISI certification for electrical motors

If a manufacturer is found misusing the ISI mark or using a counterfeit ISI mark on their product. In that case, they shall be liable for a penalty of Rs.50,000 along with imprisonment for up to one year.


BIS ISI certification for electrical motors is necessary for all manufacturers. The sale of electrical motors without proper ISI certification can lead to fines and imprisonment.

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