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What is BIS Certification?

Having standardization as its core foundation, BIS is the national standard body which ensures safety, reliability and quality of products in India. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has established several laboratories on central, regional and branch level. The principal motive to set the laboratories was to examine sample products on the preliminary stage. Therefore reject those products that do not match the prescribed standard under BIS Act. BIS technical committees have formulated more than 19500 standards for Indian products. BIS is voluntary in nature. Besides, the Government has made BIS Certification mandatory for some products to protect consumers from hazardous products. 

Fundamental objective of BIS

Parliament Act empowered a statutory organization as the national standards body in 1987, namely Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The aim was to bring a robust system that certifies standard quality and safeguard public health. BIS Certification also helps the manufacturers to gain consumers trust by affixing a popular ISI mark on their products.

Checklist of the products that need mandatory BIS Certification

Some products exist that cannot be sold or manufactured without BIS License or Certificate. Considering the safety and health of the public, here is the list of products for which one has to obtain BIS Certification and Registration:

  • Household Electrical Goods
  • Food related products
  • Cement
  • Oil Pressure Stove
  • Diesel Engines
  • Batteries
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Valves, Cylinders and Regulators
  • Steel Products
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fertilizers and Chemicals
  • Electrical Transformers

Under Government notification, there are 90 products which mandatorily require BIS Certification or License.

A synopsis of BIS Certification schemes 

BIS Registration scheme holds the world’s largest position with over 26500 Licensees that cover more than 900 products. BIS Certification enables the Licensees/manufacturers to use ISI mark on their product. Therefore, it gives a sense of an assurance that the manufactured products have supreme quality. Also, BIS drives Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme that provides facility to overseas manufacturers to use the BIS Standard Mark. Presently, BIS has granted over 350 Licenses to about 50 Indian Standards in 40 different countries.

Different types of BIS Certification schemes 

Certification of BIS is provided for the products that fall under different types of schemes such as:

Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers - 

  • Under this type of scheme, an applicant has to submit Certification Application along with required documents and fee. Therefore, the BIS Officers will conduct preliminary factory evaluation wherein the samples get tested in the laboratories. Once the samples pass the Indian Standards, then the officer grants BIS Certification. Generally, it takes about 4 to 6 months for the completion of this procedure after the submission of the Application.

Simplified Procedure for the Domestic Manufacturers - 

  • As the name suggests, it is the simple method to procure BIS License. In this method, an applicant has to submit the reports of his product sample from a BIS approved lab with the BIS Certification Application. If the BIS Officer finds the reports to be satisfactory enough, then he shall do further verification in the factory to validate the same. Thus, the Officer will finally issue the License within 30 days of an Application submission.

Tatkal Scheme - 

  • As per the Government notification, some manufacturers must acquire BIS Standard Mark. The only way to obtain BIS License in such a situation is through Tatkal scheme. In this scheme, the Application gets processed within strict timelines and a stipulated time frame of 30 days. The agency shall process the Application on priority to abide by the stringent time norms.

Eco Mark Scheme - 

  • BIS Eco Mark scheme provides a License for environmental-friendly products. As there are additional requirements to qualify the Indian Standards for Eco-friendly products, the manufacturer must excel every test and conform to the standards. The procedure to grant BIS Certificate in Eco Mark scheme is similar to Domestic Manufacturer scheme.

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme - 

  • This scheme renders an opportunity to the overseas applicants or foreign manufacturer to utilize Standard Mark on the products. One can obtain BIS Certification under this method within six months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Usually, it varies between 20 to 30 working days to obtain Certification of BIS, provided that all the required details are valid and the applicant follows the right procedure.

BIS Application, renewal, annual License fee is ₹ 1,000 each and the visit charges are ₹ 7,000. The marking fee differs for each product and is individually specified in BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

When BIS and Government approved laboratories issues the test reports, then it is accepted by the BIS Officer under Simplified Procedure.

The validity of a BIS Certificate is two years that can be renewed. The test reports which exceed the limit of 90 days are not acceptable for BIS Registration.

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