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The Knowledge Corner
Applicability of IPR in Cyberspace
| Updated: Nov 26, 2021 | Category: IPR

Applicability of IPR in Cyberspace in India

Intellectual Property rights are intangible rights that are referred to as the creation of the mind. It grants exclusive rights to the inventor of any inventive design or original work,...

IP Laws Comparison
| Updated: Nov 25, 2021 | Category: IPR

IP Laws Comparison between Sri Lanka and EU: An Analysis

Intellectual property law is the branch of Law that confers intangible and exclusive rights to the owner of the work so that their rights should be protected under the Law....

Careers in IPR in India
| Updated: Nov 24, 2021 | Category: IPR

Careers in IPR in India: An Analysis

Those days have been gone when fresh Law graduates had to pursue their career either as a practicing Lawyers in courts or those from influential families joined Big Law firms....

IPR and Covid19
| Updated: Nov 20, 2021 | Category: IPR

IPR and Covid19: Lessons for Future

We all have seen the massive outbreak of Covid19 in India, about millions of people died and got infected due to Covid19 in both second and first waves. Covid19 bought...

CA Service Provider in India
Importance of IP Audits
| Updated: Nov 17, 2021 | Category: IPR

Importance of IP Audits for Corporates: An Overview

Nowadays, Intellectual property rights have become the most valuable and a productive Tool for the Corporates. In this complex and competitive business world, protection related to Intellectual property is the...

Fast-track IPR issues
| Updated: Nov 09, 2021 | Category: IPR

Delhi High Court New Rulings On Fast-Track IPR Issues

As we have all heard about this quote, "JUSTICE DELAY JUSTICE DENIED" currently, the Pendency of cases in courts and tribunals in India is a matter of concern and loads...

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