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Siddharth has completed his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He has a keen interest in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects, especially on Civil, criminal and corporate Law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

AGL vs Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited: Trademark infringement case

In this blog, we will discuss the case of AGL Energy Limited vs Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited to get insights into trademark and copyright infringement. In this case, AGL prosecuted Greenpeace for the infringement of its copyright and Trademark about posters made by Greenpeace with AGL’s logo. The AGL has used much visual media on […]

Keyword dispute between DRS Logistics vs. Google: An analysis

The steady growth of the search engines and development of advertisement led to the infringement of Trademark, the same rooted in the alleged misuse of keywords. The Delhi high court has recently ruled out the complaint of trademark infringement in the case of M/s DRS Logistics Pvt. Ltd and Anr. Vs. Google India Pvt. Ltd. and […]

Trademark Dispute between Starbucks vs. Sardarbuksh: Case Study

Intellectual property rights are said to be the Legal rights used to safeguard the creator’s original work. Intellectual work consists of any kind of work created by humans, and such work includes copyrights, patents, designs, and Trademarks. So in this article, we will discuss the dispute between Starbucks and the Sardarbuksh Trademark dispute. Scroll down […]

International Copyrights and their application procedure: An analysis

The copyright law conceptually has the territorial and regional scope of the application process. The protection against the infringement of copyright work is regulated and depends upon the countries’ national laws. However, numerous international copyright treaties and international conventions have simplified the procedure for granting protection to foreign copyright holders. Therefore, the process permitted the […]

Difference between Trademark Infringement and Counterfeiting of Trademark: An Overview

Trademark could be word, phrase, symbol, design, or the combination of aforesaid things that recognize the goods and services. Because of these stated things, a buyer can identify you in the marketplace and differentiate you from other competitors. The word “Trademark” refers to both trademarks and service marks. A Trademark recognizes the source of goods […]

Non-conventional Trademark in Sports: An overview

Intellectual property law, specifically trademarks, has a long history with sports and sports teams. It is advantageous for a sportsperson to seek trademark protection to generate more cash, particularly for athletes whose careers are likely to be temporary. In sports, merchandising, franchising, and branding all play a significant role as additional revenue sources. In this […]

GSK sued Glenmark for Patent Infringement: Case Overview

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) British drugmaker filed the Lawsuit against Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on infringement of Patent before the Delhi High court. GlaxoSmithKline is the world’s famous pharmaceuticals company same discovers, develops, and manufacture medicines, vaccines, and other consumer health products. The famous and well-known medication products are antidepressants, Paxil and antidiabetic, etc. Pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare are […]

Applicability of IPR in Cyberspace in India

Intellectual Property rights are intangible rights that are referred to as the creation of the mind. It grants exclusive rights to the inventor of any inventive design or original work, making it illegal to reproduce or reuse that work without the owner’s consent. It is an component of the law of real estate. It can […]

IP Laws Comparison between Sri Lanka and EU: An Analysis

Intellectual property law is the branch of Law that confers intangible and exclusive rights to the owner of the work so that their rights should be protected under the Law. The intellectual property right encompasses copyright, Trademark, Design, and patent. Although, the basic conceptuality of Intellectual property rights is recognized and accepted globally. Many developed […]

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Careers in IPR in India: An Analysis

Those days have been gone when fresh Law graduates had to pursue their career either as a practicing Lawyers in courts or those from influential families joined Big Law firms. Lastly, very few and lucky graduates got jobs in public sectors as Legal Officers. Intellectual property right (IP) is an exceptionally growing field in India, […]

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