How to Get IPRS License in Mumbai?

IPRS License in Mumbai
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IPRS stands for Indian Performing Right Society and is a representative body of artists like lyricists, music owners, publishers, and music composers. The primary objective of IPRS is to collect a royalty on behalf of its members, i.e., composers, authors, publishers, etc., of the music from the music users and distribute it among the members after deducting the administrative costs. The IPRS is registered under Section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957, to issue the IPRS License for the usage of music and literary work. The IPRS Registration under the said Act is vital to represent rightful Copyright ownership. If anyone wants IPRS License in Mumbai, then go through this article, we will through some light on how to get IPRS License in Mumbai.

Who is required to obtain an IPRS License in Mumbai?

Generally, any individual or entity in Mumbai exploiting IPRS works is required to obtain an IPRS License in Mumbai from IPRS. In terms of the Copyright Act, the organiser or promoter of a live event which involves a public performance of music, the premises’ owner at which the performance takes place & performers themselves have an obligation to the owner of any Copyright material that is used.

IPRS License in Mumbai is also required for the performance or communication to the public of literary & musical works incorporated in sound recordings during live events as well. Additionally, platforms which use music, such as TV Broadcasters, FM Radio, OTT Platforms, etc., who use music are required to obtain IPRS License in Mumbai concerning its repertoire and/or pay the Author’s royalty share to IPRS concerning IPRS author members only.

Why was IPRS established?

In India, the IPRS was set up in 1969. The IPRS membership comprises virtually all Indian Composers, Music Publishers, and Authors whose works are publicly performed to any significant extent. IPRS also has ARR (Agreements of Reciprocal Representation) with identical organisations in more than 50 nations around the world with which it remains in close & continuous contact. It permits all those sister Societies to administer the right to its members in their particular countries and from their side, they authorise IPRS to administer their members’ rights in India. The IPRS represents more than one million foreign composers, publishers & authors through its affiliation agreements with identical societies in nations all over the world.

Procedure for IPRS License in Mumbai

Following is the procedure to apply for IPRS License in Mumbai:

  • First, the applicant needs to select the specific category required for the Music License;
  • Then the filing process can be online and offline. The applicant has to fulfill the submission of the required documentation, which depends on the specific category they are applying for the license.

The following categories are required to be fulfilled by the proposed applicant:

  1. Name of the applicant;
  2. Complete address of the applicant;
  3. Contact details of the applicant;
  4. Email id of the applicant;
  5. GST (if applicable);
  6. Login id & password are created through the official IPRS website[1].
  • For the verification, the applicant will get an OTP on their registered mobile number & email id;
  • The applicant has to pay the prescribed fees either online or offline;
  • Once the payment of fees is completed, the IPRS issues an Introduction Letter for the applicant that can act as a verification document showcasing that the registration is updated in the Database System of IPRS.

Cost of Obtaining an IPRS License in Mumbai

IPRS License is a necessity in case your business conducts live performances. Usually, the fee for an IPRS License for each square foot of your building is Rs. 1.50/sq. ft. and the minimum royalty under their tariff are Rs. 50,000, etc.

Penalties for the Offender

Section 63 & 63A of the Copyright Act states the punishments in case an individual or entity or business doesn’t avail registration with the Copyright Society & performs such activities as defined in Section 51 of the said Act then such individual or entity or business shall be liable for such punishments.

Punishments as per Section 63 are as below where any individual violates the Copyrights or other rights:

  1. Imprisonment for not less than six months and which may extend to three years;
  2. Fine shall not be less than Rs. 50,000/- and which may extend to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Punishments as per Section 63 are as below where any individual violates the Copyrights or other rights & are repetitive offender:

  1. Imprisonment of not less than one year, which may extend to three years;
  2. Fine not less than Rs. 1 lakh and which may extend to Rs. 2 lakh.


The IPRS issues licenses for both live or any performances mainly used for commercial purposes conducted through mechanical devices such as TV sets, FM Radio, Juke Boxes, or any other musical devices. The IPRS License in Mumbai can be issued for various categories such as large indoor or outdoor based premises that include clubs, hotels, cinema halls, etc.

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