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Krishna Kumar has completed BA-LLB with a specialization in constitutional Laws from ICFAI University. As a recent graduate, He has both legal research and content writing experience in various law firms. He secures good drafting skills for various legal documents in multiple fields of law.

How to Start Textile Business in India? – Detailed Analysis

India is among the biggest exporters of textiles and apparel worldwide, making it the most profitable business to invest into. It is the world’s biggest exporter of cotton and jute, along with silk and handwoven fabrics being the second biggest. The industry contributes 12% to the total exports of the country. It has energy across […]

How to obtain a Dealer License under Legal Metrology?

In India, selling any weight and measurement items is regulated under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. The free sales of any weight and measurement items in India are not allowed. Still, it is regulated by the respective State Governments in which the seller of such weight and measurement products is operating its business, per section […]

How to Get CRS Mark for Battery Products?

Batteries are being used widely, from wired to electrical appliances to providing backup during power outages; the usage of batteries cannot be outweighed by the dependence on electricity, considering that many electrical devices are operating on batteries. Although, with its wide usage, we cannot ignore that batteries could have dangerous effects. If we take an […]

Verification and Stamping by Legal Metrology Inspector: An Overview

The legal Metrology wing has set up to ensure consumer protection against exploitation in the transaction of commodities in respect of their Prices, counterpart Weights and Measures. The inspection testing procedures are explained to ensure the accuracy of every transaction bought or sold by weight and measures and to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness […]

A Complete Details of BOCW Renewal

People employed in Building and other Construction works are categorised as unorganised labourers who habituate to working under accident-prone conditions and irregular employment, undefined work durations, and scarcity of definite welfare facilities that make their needs more miserable. In the shortage of appropriate legal provisions, it was challenging to get accurate information about accidents, assign […]

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An Overview of Compliance under Legal Metrology

The Directorate of Legal Metrology provides the guideline regarding the weight & measures and standards in every State of India, and the majority of business impacts under the Laws of Legal Metrology are involved in the sale and distribution or any transaction of products through weight, measure or number. In September 2020, the Deputy Director […]

Manufacturing License under Legal Metrology – A Detailed Analysis

In India, the Directorate of Legal Metrology Act is one of the independent wings under the Authority of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies. The Government of India imposes the Legal Metrology Act & Rules by the Director at the center, who in turn representative his powers to the Controllers of the States for adequate […]

Penalties under Legal Metrology Act – A Detailed Analysis

Legal Metrology describes regulations for controlling measurements and measuring devices. It also helps to protect the environment, public safety, customers and traders and is significant to fair trade. Metrology is governed or managed by the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 in India, which repeals the Standard Weights & Measures Act, 1976 and the Standards of Weights […]

A Complete Analysis of ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products in India

The Government of India, for environment-friendly labeling products, initiated ECOMark logo Scheme. The Bureau of Indian Standards administers the Scheme. The Scheme covers various products categories like Soaps & Detergents, Paints, Food Items, Lubricating Oils, Packing or Packaging Materials, Architectural Paints & Powder Coatings, Batteries, Electrical & Electronic Goods, Food Additives, Wood Substitutes, Cosmetics, Aerosols […]

Weighing Machine License Renewal Procedure in India – An Overview

The weighing machine is a Device that calculates the weight of the products, and it is readily available in the market on a vast scale. These are commonly used in commerce for all items packaged & sold through weight. Weighing machines are also used in industry for producing foods, agricultural products and commodities, dairy products, […]

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