Verification and Stamping by Legal Metrology Inspector: An Overview

Legal Metrology Inspector
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The legal Metrology wing has set up to ensure consumer protection against exploitation in the transaction of commodities in respect of their Prices, counterpart Weights and Measures. The inspection testing procedures are explained to ensure the accuracy of every transaction bought or sold by weight and measures and to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness and misrepresentation during the transactions. In this blog, we described Legal Metrology Inspector.

The Organization undertakes to periodically stamp all Weights and Measures in commercial use (transaction or protection) for which the stamping fee is change. Legal Metrology Inspector, in their respective jurisdiction, is authorised for this under Section 14 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. The Controller, the Deputy Controller & the Assistant Controllers of Legal Metrology perform supervisory duties over the Inspectors.

Notice is serve on the traders for verification of Weight and Measures.

To get their Weighing and measuring tools verified and stamped. The trader is supposed to produce their weighing and measuring instruments for verification at the place and date mentioned by the Inspector. The trader must present his weighing and measuring devices in a clean condition. If confirmation is found to be incorrect, it shall be returned to the person concerned for removal of the defects within not more than seven days.

Suppose any trader violates the law of the Act/ rules the book the challan against the defaulters. The Deputy Controller or Assistant Controller compounds the challan by the delegated powers. The challan, which is not compound, is forwarded to the court of law for a final decision.

Note: if any consumer has any complaints regarding weights and measures, he can lodge the same with the area Inspector, Assistant Controller, or Deputy Controller as the case may be.

Standardisation of Weight and Measure by Verification and Stamping

The foremost and fundamental responsibility of this Department is to safeguard the internet of consumers. To achieve this goal, the consumer should get the exact quantity of products they have paid in a transaction. That is possible only if the weights and measures used by traders are standard and meet the required accuracy. Keeping this goal in view, the Legal Metrology Act[1] prescribes periodic verification and stamping of weights and measures used in transactions and protection. The authority ensures the metrological accuracy of weights measures, weighing and measuring instruments by original confirmation and re-verification at periodical intervals, ranging from one year to five years.

  1. Weights
  2. Length Measures
  3. Capacity Measures
  4. Weighing Instruments (Mechanical and Electronic)
  5. Fuel Dispensers for motor vehicles
  6. Taxi Meters
  7. Automatic Rail Weighbridges
  8. LPG Dispensers for motor vehicles
  9. Vehicle Tanks
  10. Flow Meters
  11. Storage Tanks

Standard Operating Procedure for Approver

process Verification of Weight or Measure
Mandatory supporting documents required Last Verification certification or Original InvoiceFee payment receiptPhysical verification of weight or measure
List of Reference Documents Legal Metrology Act 2009 Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules 2012
Timeline for completing the process Same day
Departmental Work Flow Inspector, Legal Metrology of the Taluk concerned

Procedure against Cheating

  • If the correctness of the weight is in doubt, consumers may see the base of the weight where the mark of the Inspector is attached, indicating the year of its verifications mark of the Inspector. If it is not there and the year of the mark is old, then it is a case where one should immediately make the complaint.
  • While taking petrol at the petrol pumps, one should ensure that the indication is brought to zero before delivery. A 5-litre conical measure is always available at the Petrol Pumps so that consumers can check the quantity of diesel/petrol with the help of this measure.
  • While taking kerosene from a conical measure, the inside of the standard should be checked for any false base or foam etc., while delivery is taken, allowing sufficient time for the foam to die down.
  • While measuring gold/jewellery in the shop, make the weighting at least double and see that the reading is replicated. The consumer should check that the reading on balance is not kept below the fan or cooler etc. The task will get pretentious. Only Class II (High Accuracy)/Class I (Special Accuracy) balances can use in the jeweller’s trade.Take a receipt for all your acquire.
  • While buying vegetables at the Market or big shop using electronics balances, see that the rate of the specific vegetable is entered correctly on balance.
  • Should create Consumer movement in the area and case of any underweight; should boycott the shop and notify the Inspector Weights and Measures.
  • The beam must be mounted on a stand and not held in the pointer.
  • Keep a look out for the  Legal Metrology Inspector on your premises. He should be contacted & informed in case of any fraud in measurement. The Controller of Legal Metrology sits in the State Capital.


Every weight & measure is manufactured according to the government of India’s specification and model. Weight & measures used by the traders are verified and stamped by the Legal Metrology Inspector, after due verification, with a mark for ensuring the integrity of the stamp of the Inspector and the quarter in which it is verified.

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