How to Start a Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

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The Overview of Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

Legal Metrology is the part of the agency of Consumer Affairs, which came to a conclusion in 2009 and assigned with the observed & directive of import, manufacturing profession of weighing and measuring devices. Registration of a company as an importer, manufacturer or packer of weighting & measuring devices and instruments do the right thing under legal Metrology. Thus, any independent who wants to manufacture or import weights and measures shall grant the model approval Certificate for weights and measures tools. For such approval, the Indian Government announced the measures devices. For such approval, the Indian Government announced the Legal Metrology (Model Approval) Rules, 2011.

What is Model Approval in India?

According to section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the legal metrology department grants the model approval. The approval is granted to the manufacturers and importers of weights and measuring goods.

Modal approval is the kind of Legal Metrology certificate issued to importers and manufacturers of weights and measuring products. Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act (LMA) states that the importers and manufacturers of such products must apply for and receive a model approval from the Legal Metrology Department, Central Government, in Delhi.

The standard application process involves filling, submitting documents, and testing samples. The applicant issued the model approval if the product meets the Indian metrology standards.

Eligibility Criteria for Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures in India

As per the legal Metrology model approval rules, the weights and measuring of the importer's product or the manufacturer must meet the regulatory requirements of the legal metrology department.

The Documents Required for the Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

Following are significant documents and information required at the time of getting the Model approval Certificate for Weight and Measures;

  • Provide the name & address of the candidate or where the model is imported from the other countries and the name & address of the manufacturer and importer in India;
  • A brief description of the weight and measure, the class to which it belongs & the uses for which the weight and measure is a purpose to be produced;
  • Data of metrological & technical features and qualities of the weight or measures;
  • Test method followed by the manufacturer;
  • Name of brand or name of trade and type of weight or measure;
  • The necessary fees are specified in Rule 19;
  • Symbolic diagram of the weights or measuring product;

The Documents describe the following:

  1. The principle of establishment and the operation method of the weight or measure.
  2. The protection devices are provided for any inaccurate or untrue operation of the weight or measure.
  3. How & the extent to which the weight and measure may be improved or modified.
  4. The place where the confirmation seal or stamp, or both, may be attached.
  5. Plans of general positioning & installation drawings of the weight or measure and where the detailed installation directions.
  6. Two photos of the simple circuit diagram (for Digital type).
  7. Copies of the printed booklet, user’s manual and other literature.
  8. Any other details that the candidate may consider helpful in assessing the performance & providing the Model Approval.
  • Suppose the weight and measure are provided with additional devices. In that case, complete direction regarding such additional instruments, such as a drawing, and an illustration regarding the said weight or measure, shall also be given along with the application.

The Procedure for Obtaining Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures in India

  • In case of the applicant is a Manufacturer: the product has to go through mandatory testing by the directorate General of the Legal Metrology Department and follow the steps given for the obtaining a Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures in India:
  1. Collect and arrange all the significant documents as mentioned above;
  2. The filling out the application form;
  3. Comply the filled application form properly along with documents and a product test to the Department of the Legal Metrology;
  4. The Department of Legal Metrology would examine the documents and application;
  5. If no errors or faults have been achieved from your side, you will obtain the Model Approval Certificate.
  • In case the applicant is an importer: in this case, product testing is not required:
  1. Firstly, you need to arrange all the significant documents properly;
  2. Filling the application form accurately with all the required facts;
  3. Submit the correct application form along with all the documents and direct fees and a product to the Legal Metrology Department;
  4. After that, the Department would action an initial examination of the documents;
  5. After all your side without any errors does the procedures, the Department will grant the Model Approval Certificate.

Additional Key of Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures

  • Registration Number;
  • A brief explanation of the model;
  • The group of weight or measure;
  • The mark specify to the approval model;
  • A declaration of the results of the test;
  • The place or places where the confirmation stamp or seal or both may be attached;
  • The special situation, if any, are to be observed with for the manufacture, use & confirmation of weights or measures conforming to the model.

Circumstances for the Revocation of Model Approval Certificate for weight and Measures

  1. The model obsolete approved earlier is no longer observed with the units described in the Rules made under the Act;
  2. Faults in perfection, dependability, or execution have mainly been noticed in the course of the use of the manufacturing of the product by such model;
  3. If the manufacturer or any other single has intentionally altered the approved design of the model or the circuit diagram;
  4. The model has concluded to follow the standards for the time being in the force regarding such model;
  5. If the manufacturer does not follow the conditions stated in the approval certificate: deliver that no such approval certificate shall be revoked. The holder of such a certificate had achieved a sensible chance to show cause against the suggested action.

once the approval certificate has been revoked, then the manufacture of any weight or measure devices also stopped on and from such data and every weight and measure manufactured at any time between the revocation, provide that, on such verification, it is found that the use of any weights and measures is likely to cause errors beyond these permitted for such weight and measures.

The Reasons for Suspension of Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

  • The Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures may suspend by the Director in the affair of the
  • collapse or omission on the part of such case;
  1. The manufacture weight and measures according to the model to which the certificate relates;
  2. The confirm the rules or quality regarding any weight or measure manufactured according to model;
  3. To observe the situations prescribed in the Model Approval Certificate. The issue is that no such suspensions shall be made but after giving the certificate holder a realistic chance of showing cause against the preferred action.
  • If any Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures has been suspended as per sub-rule (1), the suspension order shall not be evacuated unless the omission or failure for which such suspension was made has been good.
  • If the Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measure has been suspended under sub-rule (1), the Director make an inventory of the present stock shell of Legal Metrology of the particular state; they will confirm that no further sale shall be made unless the Director revokes the suspension of the Model Approval Certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Approval is a grant by the Legal Metrology Department, and this Approval is a grant to the Manufacturer and Importers of Weight & measuring instruments.

According to section 36, the State Government shall satisfy itself that the Central Government has granted a certificate of model approval for weight and measure.

The mean work of the inspector is to check & stamp the weight and measure devices regularly.

The Act protects customers by stating that anyone who sells products must supply the amount that he has claimed to sell.

The Department of Consumer Approves the Accuracy of Standard weights and measures.

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