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Kandarp Vanita has done masters in Corporate and Commercial Law from WB National University of Juridical Sciences. She has 3 yrs of experience in drafting legal documents & dissertations. Being a curious reader, she is also passionately into providing legal backups and comprehensive understandings in every aspect of Law to the firms.

SEBI Guidance Note on disclosure of Related Party Transactions

Section 188 was enacted under the Companies Act, 2013, which began to regulate few kinds of transactions that occur between companies and its “related parties” and it also provides that if it exceeds a specified monetary threshold then approval by non-related parties of such transactions is required. It is mandatory for the Companies to follow […]

Patent a Recipe or Cooking Process

Food is the most essential and important part in our life. Most of us are following a pattern to prepare a dish but there are always people who love to experiment and make their own recipe or cooking process and try out something new. This is one of the questions that are always in the […]

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An Overview on the Patent Foreign filing license

Patent Foreign filing license is a license that the patentee gets when the applicant or any company decides to file an application for patent in a foreign country or the applicant has decided to obtain a license by applying an international application under Patent Cooperation Treaty, without filing the patent application in India. In India, […]

Trademark Opposition: Grounds and Stages

A trademark is specifically a logo, used by manufacturer to differentiate his goods or services from other manufacturers in the market. The logo can be in the form of word, letter, number, design or symbol. Trademark Opposition is an intrinsic stage concerned with the process of trademark registration in India. After the trademark is published […]

What are the Exceptions to the copyright protection?

The principle of conditionally granting the proprietary rights in intellectual property is for the purpose of promoting the public interest. A copyright is one of the categories of intellectual property protection. Copyright under the Indian law is granted to the proprietors for protecting their original work. The works that are given protection under the copyright […]

Key feature of IFSCA (Finance Company) Regulations, 2021

The Government via notification has brought the International Financial Services Centres Authority (Finance Company) Regulations, 2021 where the provisions related to registration, exposure ceiling, capital ratio, permissible activities, Corporate Governance, currency of operations, disclosure requirement and know your customers have been discussed in details. International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) permitted the inclusion of investment […]

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Trademark for MSME: An Asset for Growth

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), was introduced in agreement with the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 by the Government of India. MSME are entities involved in the manufacturing, production, processing or preservation of the goods and commodities.  The Government of India has always supported MSMEs by providing […]

How to Ensure the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual Property Rights represents intangible things that include patents, copyrights, trademark, unique concepts, and the ideas. In accordance with the rule of Intellectual Property, these intangible services have to be given the similar legal protection as given to the tangible property. In brief, it refers to the protection of ownership of one’s ideas. Therefore, in […]

How to Secure a Trademark Registration of Brand Name in India?

The major purpose behind Trademark is to give a unique identity to your product or service that makes it stand out from the rest of the products and services in the market. The Trademark is defined as an expression or a unique identity of a name, word, logo, colour combination, photograph, slogan, label, sound, smell, […]

Why is Copyright Registration Required in India?

Copyright is one of the intellectual property rights under which the law gives package of rights to the creators of literary, artistic, dramatic, musical works, producers of cinematographic, software, and sound recordings. The purpose of granting right under the provisions of the Copyrights Act, 1957 is to use, reproduce, or communicate the works to the […]

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