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The Knowledge Corner
Brand registration
Shivam Narwal
| Updated: Apr 18, 2023 | Category: Trademark

Understanding Brand Registration in India

When building a business, brand registration is a critical step. It is a legal process that offers exclusive ownership and protection to your business's unique name, logo, and symbol. Brand...

E-filing of Trademarks, E-register
Shivam Narwal
| Updated: Apr 17, 2023 | Category: Trademark

E-filing and E-register of Trademarks in India

The registration of trademarks is an essential component of intellectual property protection because it fosters innovation and corporate progress. With the advent of e-filing and e-register of trademarks in India,...

Trademark Registration in the European Union
Karan Singh
| Updated: Nov 01, 2022 | Category: Trademark

Trademark Registration in the European Union – A Complete Analysis

Anyone operating a business in the European Union can register a Trademark with the EUIPO to enjoy protection from Trademark Infringement. To obtain Trademark Registration in the European Union, the...

Theos vs Theobroma
Karan Singh
| Updated: Oct 10, 2022 | Category: Trademark

Theos vs Theobroma: Famous Trademark Dispute Settlement Matter

Both THEOBROMA and THEOS are renowned premium bakery outlets that have been serving customers much more than just delicious patisseries for a long time. Since both outlets deal with identical...

Composite Mark
Karan Singh
| Updated: Oct 07, 2022 | Category: Trademark

What is a Composite Mark? – Meaning and Trademark Registration Process

Some businesses/companies choose to Trademark their entire logo along with the business name as a Single Trademark; this is a Composite Trademark, for example, Samsung, Coca-Cola, McDonald's logo etc. Other...

Trademark Infringement
Ganesh Nair
| Updated: Aug 31, 2022 | Category: Trademark

Trademark Infringement Remedies in India

In India, trademark regulations are governed by the Trademarks Act 1999. Trademarks are a type of Intellectual property and hence need to be protected. A person will be infringing a...

Trademark Valuation and Taxation
Karan Singh
| Updated: Mar 29, 2022 | Category: Trademark

A Complete Analysis of Trademark Valuation and Taxation

A Trademark is a unique mark or logo linked with products or services of a company, business, or individual. Trademark means a mark or brand including symbol, shape, colour, packaging...

Reduce Trademark Registration Cost
Karan Singh
| Updated: Mar 28, 2022 | Category: Trademark

Different Ways to Reduce Trademark Registration Cost

Any company or business that wants to build a strong brand, then it is necessary to obtain Trademark Registration for their brand to expand their business. Trademark Registration is an...

Logo is Trademarked
Karan Singh
| Updated: Mar 23, 2022 | Category: Trademark

How Can You Check if a Logo is Trademarked in India?

A Trademark is a design, symbol, name, or word which distinguishes a product or item from others of a similar kind. It's regarded to be a part of IPR. The...

Protection of Trade Dress
Karan Singh
| Updated: Feb 28, 2022 | Category: Trademark

An Overview of Protection of Trade Dress in India

Trade Dress means a visual appearance of products which comprises packaging, shape & combination of colours which can be protected. Trade Dress helps the customers to recognise the product and...

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