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What are the Exceptions of Patent Infringement?

At present, to advance the development of the country, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) plays an essential role. Despite such importance of Intellectual Property Rights, few people still see it as a hindrance in the development of innovation & advancement. The different types of IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) are repeatedly discussed in debates and general conversations […]

Creation of IP division by the Delhi High Court – An Overview

Currently, in India, due to the growing R&D, various IPs came up and with a boost in invention came disputes regarding Intellectual Properties. With the elimination of various Boards & Appellate Tribunals by Tribunals Reforms (Rationalization & Condition of Service) Ordinance 2021, which was issued by the Indian President and was informed on 4th April […]

A Complete Analysis of Safe Harbor Provisions Under DMCA

Copyright Law is a territorial right, and in India, this law is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957. In the UK, it is governed by the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988 and in the US, it is regulated by the Copyright Act, 1976. However, with the roar of social media, there has been a […]

IPR for Start-ups in Singapore – A Complete Analysis

Every country’s around the world wants to be at the front position of innovations and the latest technologies because it will help in economic growth and progress. Singapore, one of the world’s top start-up centres, gives an interesting and stable business climate for both international & national businesses. At present, Singapore has one of the […]

All You Need to Know About Prior Art Search

Prior Art Search has become an essential part of any business that deals with a noteworthy number of innovative technologies and/or processes. For effectively Patent filing, an extensive Prior Art Search is crucial. For instance, the EPO (European Patent Office) has recorded stable growth in the number of Patent filings from 2014 to 2018, with […]

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What are the Different Ways to Track International IPR Laws?

IP or Intellectual Property refers to different mind innovations, comprising inventions, symbols, literary works, designs, etc. Such Intellectual Property is vulnerable to duplication without the protection granted by IPR Laws. Hence, it is not vital to protect such rights but also to track International IPR Laws to gain enough protection for your Intellectual Property. In […]

All You Need to Know About Drafting Patent Claims

A Patent is a sort of Intellectual Property, and it provides statutory protection to an applicant’s invention. It includes several sections comprising a drawing, claim, and specification. Out of these sections, claims describe the ambit of protection given by the Patent. Given their importance, applicants should be careful while drafting Patent claims. Scroll down to check more […]

A Comprehensive Analysis of IP in Sports Business

IP in sports business exists in a variety of ways, from sports accessories, merchandising to acquiring & licensing sponsorships for sports events. The IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) define the method of its acquisition, the nature of the rights discussed, the commercial utilisation of those rights, the enforcement of those rights and remedies against Infringement of […]

Trademark for Abbreviations – Is it Possible?

Under some conditions, acronyms, initials, or abbreviations can be protected as Trademarks. As per a general rule, an abbreviation cannot be considered descriptive unless the wording it signifies is merely illustrative of the products or services, and the abbreviation is instantly understood by respective customers to be substantially synonymous with the simply expressive wording it […]

What are the Different Parameters for Patent Valuation used by Professionals?

For businesses or companies, innovation is the vital means for staying competitive in the marketplace, and the only way to keep that competitive benefit is to safeguard creative or innovative ideas and prevent other companies from using them. Patents allow companies or businesses to keep their idea safe from other users, at least for a […]

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