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What are the IP Issues Regarding Open Source Software?

Over the past decades, there has been a revolutionary shift in software technology and the functionalities it serves. Where there are individuals or companies that have hugely benefited from the production of such software as it has facilitated most of their usage & needs. However, it’s commonly understood that most of these companies or individuals […]

New Patent Box Scheme in Australia – An Overview

The Government of Australia is intending to introduce a Patent Box Scheme in Australia with the aim of promoting life sciences innovation across the region & incentivising investment in the sector in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. On May 11, 2021, the new beneficial tax scheme was introduced by the Federal Government of Australia in […]

How Can You Check if a Logo is Trademarked in India?

A Trademark is a design, symbol, name, or word which distinguishes a product or item from others of a similar kind. It’s regarded to be a part of IPR. The process of Trademark Registration of a logo starts with the first step of ensuring the logo is trademarked or not, through a Trademark Search into […]

All You Need To Know About Patent Mining

Patent is an integral part of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and it provides exclusive rights to the actual owner of an invention. Patent documents are the most vital intellectual resources for safeguarding the interest of companies or individuals, but due to the wide information contained in the Patent documents, it can be hard to anticipate […]

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Patenting Stem Cell Related Inventions in India – An Overview

Stem cells are cells that can distinguish or develop into various types of cells. This distinctive characteristic grants them great medical significance as they can unravel many secrets regarding living organisms, mortality, and diseases and may even be able to treat them. In this blog, we will discuss patenting stem cell-related inventions in India. Types […]

What are the Groundless Threats for Patent Infringement?

A groundless threat is when a party threatens another party with lawful proceedings without having a base for the threats. The threat could be produced or caused in the form of either oral or written communication. Development, research, and innovation are the primary characteristics of developing nations. India is one of them and is the […]

Patent Licensing Dispute Between Apple 5G and Ericsson

Currently, Apple is involved in a Patent Licensing Dispute with a Sweden tech giant Ericsson. The dispute is over royalty payments for using 5G wireless Patents in iPhones. Scroll down to check details regarding Patent Licensing Dispute between Apple 5G and Ericsson. Patent Licensing Dispute between Apple 5G and Ericsson – Background Earlier in 2015, […]

Issues and Challenges While Patenting Nanotechnology in India – An Overview

Basically, Nanotechnology is the design, production, characterisation, and application of structure, devices & systems by controlling size & shape at the nanoscale. In simple terms, it’s the engineering of matter at the scale of molecules & atoms where size is measured in nanometres. Nanotechnology is a huge field that comprises a range of technologies at […]

How 3D Modelling Helps to Improve Patent Drawings?

Visual representation has the power to describe a difficult concept effectively. That’s why Patent Drawings and Illustrations are specifically used to demonstrate inventions while filing and drafting applications for Patent Registration. With the advancement of technology, several computer-aided devices are being used to capture inventions in 3-D or 2-D Sheet. In this blog, we are […]

All You Need To Know About Copyright Contracts For Filmmakers

Copyright Contracts for filmmakers are one of the most complex scenarios for any Copyright Attorney, not more complicated for the producer that has barely any or no experience in the subject. There are many rights, contracts, and releases involved, and for a beginner in the business, the chances of missing something is extremely high. In […]

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