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Optical Disc Players
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An optical disc player is an electronic data storage medium, also known as an optical disk, optical media, disc drive, or optical storage, which reads & writes data by using optical storage techniques & technology. This device which may be used as a portable & secondary storage device, was 1st developed in the late 1960s. James T. Russell invented the 1st optical disc, which could store data as micron-sized light & dark dots. The Optical Disc Player is mostly used to see images, movies, store data & listening to music. In 2013, the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) required this device to be registered as per IS 616:2017 under the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) from BIS. So, it is mandatory to obtain the BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players to manufacture, distribute, sell, export or import. Scroll down for more information about BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players.

What is the Meaning of CRS?

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme. In 2012, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), via a notification, the notification stated that the group of electronic devices should be categorised under the CRS. So, the manufacturer cannot sell the devices enlisted in the notification without proper BIS CRS Certification. When the Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology only contained 15 categories of electronic products. In 2014, an additional 15 products were also added by the Ministry. In 2016, 13 more categories were introduced. In 2017, to foster new & renewable energy 5 additional products were added vide Solar Photovoltaics, Devices and Components Products (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017.

According to the BIS CRS Registration Scheme Order, no manufacturers shall be allowed to sell, import, or distribute electronic products or items that do not comply with Indian Standards. All the products or items must have the CRS Mark & the Unique Registration Number.

Basic Requirements for BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players

In order to obtain BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players, the applicant or the manufacturer must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Manufacturing Address: The correct manufacturing address shall be mentioned in the documents. If the manufacturer has more than one manufacturing unit or factory location for one product, then a separate BIS License is required for each location.
  2. Manufacturer: Remember that the BIS License is issued to the original manufacturer of the product only, not to the seller or importers. An importer may act as an Authorised Indian Representative of a Foreign Manufacturer and can submit the application to the Bureau of Indian Standards[1].
  3. Product: Each product requires its License; however, if the same product category covers multiple models, then one License will not cover all the models of the same product category. In other terms, one product with different models requires a single BIS License.
  4. Trademark or Brand: Each brand requires its own BIS License.

Documents Required for BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players

Following are some vital documents required for BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players:

  1. Completely filled CDF or CCL Form;
  2. Duly filed BIS application form;
  3. In the case of a Foreign Manufacturer, an Authorised Indian Representative Company Registration proof in India is required;
  4. Marking Label or Details of Marking on the product;
  5. ISO Certificate of the manufacturer;
  6. Technical specification sheet of product or user manual;
  7. Photo ID of the AIR or Authorised Signatory;
  8. Trademark Registration Certificate;
  9. Authorisation Letter (If Trademark Owner by other than the manufacturer);
  10. Business License of the manufacturing unit;
  11. The scope of Business License;
  12. Trademark Authorisation Letter.

Procedure for BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players

Following is the procedure for BIS CRS Certification for Optical Disc Players:

  • Procedure for Foreign Manufacturers:
  1. First, the foreign manufacturer needs to nominate an Indian Representative (who can represent the Foreign Manufacturer);
  2. Then, the Indian Representative fill out the application form on behalf of the Foreign Manufacturer and submit it to the BIS along with the vital documents and requisite fees;
  3. After that, get the sample tested from the BIS-certified lab;
  4. Submit the sample test report to the BIS Officials;
  5. Then BIS will verify the application and sample test reports;
  6. Once they are satisfied with the application and sample test reports, they will issue the BIS Certificate.
  • Procedure for Indian Manufacturers:
  1. First, the Indian Manufacturer needs to file the application online.
  2. Then, test the sample from the BIS-certified lab.
  3. After that, submit the application and sample test report from the BIS lab to the BIS Officials.
  4. Once submitted, the BIS Officials verify the application and the sample test report.
  5. Once they are satisfied with the report and the application, they will issue the BIS Certificate.

Instructions for the Nomination of AIR

It’s compulsory for foreign manufacturers to nominate Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) for their operation in India to get BIS Certificate. Following instructions need to be followed by Foreign Manufacturers to appoint the AIR:

  1. If the Foreign Manufacturer doesn’t have an office/a branch office in India, but the registered brand user or proprietor appearing in the article is located in India, the Trademark owner or Brand Owner will become AIR.
  2. If the Foreign Manufacturer has a liaison Office or a branch office in India, they will be designated as an Authorised Indian Representative (AIR);
  3. If the manufacturer doesn’t have a liaison office located in India & there is no registered brand user or no proprietor appearing on the product or article located in India, then the other entity will become the Authorised Indian Representative.

Important Points need to be considered to get BIS Certificate in India

The following are some crucial points that should be considered to get BIS Certificate in India:

  • All the crucial documents should be signed by the owner, manufacturer and Indian Representative &  additional documents should be stamped & notarised by the brand owner and Indian Representative;
  • All the crucial documents shall be ready before the testing of the sample;
  • Select BIS certified lab for testing and appoint an experienced compliance partner until you have the expertise and/or office in India that can help you;
  • Before samples shipment, ensure complete arrangements have been made for the entire shipment from your location to the testing labs;
  • In CDF or Construction Data Form, product details shall be filled correctly & in CCL (Critical Component List), product components details should be filed in an accurate way;
  • Sample Test Report is valid for only 3 months; before its expiry test report should be submitted to BIS. If you aren’t able to submit the report to the BIS, then you need to submit the new sample again for testing;
  • Another important instruction you must consider while choosing a lab for product testing is that the License of the laboratory should be valid & not suspended. And at that time lab shall not be in the middle of or about to get audited.


Despite being an option, registering the products under BIS offers various benefits. Businesses with this Certification can make more profit and it helps to increase the customers’ confidence. BIS Certification is compulsory for products before releasing their products into the Indian Market; all manufacturers of these electronic products must get BIS CRS Registration.

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