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All You Need to Know About NFT and Copyright

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital certificates or digital authenticity seals that grant ownership of an asset represented as an NFT verifiable through blockchain entry. This could be any digital assets or content like a tweet or any digital work like songs, music, digital art, or even other physical forms like artistic paintings. Copyright remains with […]

A Complete Analysis of Assignment of Design Rights

Industrial Designs are part of the appealing section, but they are also used as a blueprint for the production of handcrafted/industrial goods. The appealing part of a practical object that must appeal to the sense of sight and may include the shape, colour, or pattern of the article is known as Industrial Design. For the […]

An Overview of Protection of Trade Dress in India

Trade Dress means a visual appearance of products which comprises packaging, shape & combination of colours which can be protected. Trade Dress helps the customers to recognise the product and differentiate it from other products and it also helps illiterate customers to differentiate the product based on their packing. However, various parties have tried to […]

A Complete Analysis of IP Commercialisation

Intellectual Property is created by human intellect or it’s a creation of the mind. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are the exclusive rights provided to the creator or owner. The common Intellectual Properties are Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Industrial Designs, etc. Government all around the work have passed rules & regulations to make sure that innovations are […]

Patent Obviousness and Overcoming Associated Rejections – An Overview

Patent Obviousness is the most challenging problem to overcome while substantiating the patentability of an invention. This is due to its subjective & unclear nature. Rejection of a Patent application due to Obviousness could be a grave dissatisfaction for an inventor, whose excellent ideas are based on prior art references and the interpretations derived from […]

An Overview of Colour Trademark In Pharmaceutical Industry

Colours or combinations of colour are vital in differentiating products on the market. A Colour Trademark is one in which a minimum of one colour is utilised to perform the Trademark function of exclusively identifying the commercial origin of products and services. A single colour Trademark can now be registered in a number of countries. […]

An Overview of Work in Public Domain When Copyright Expires

Artistic, literary, musical, architectural, and theatrical works, as well as sound recordings and cinematographic films, are all safeguarded under Copyright Law. Moreover, Copyright Law in India defines literary works to comprise computer programmes, tables, books, and compilation as part of the definition. On the other side, the Law doesn’t use the availability of content to […]

Steps for Selling a Patent – A Complete Analysis

A Patent is one of the most integral parts of the innovation process as it opens up a few opportunities for an innovator. First, it provides the ownership of the invention onto the innovator, thereby safeguarding the idea from the infringer. After that, it gives exclusive rights to the inventor for its utilisation. And consequently, […]

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Employer – Employee Patent Ownership in India – An Overview

Big tech companies depend on the inventions of their employees and, as a normal practice, Patent the inventions or innovations in the name of the company. The employees assign their Rights to the employer via pre-assignment and assignment agreements. In India, this practice becomes vital owing to the lacuna in the Indian Patent Act, 1970. […]

Compulsory Licensing for COVID Drugs – A Complete Analysis

Because of this Covid-19 pandemic, there are a huge amount of people need medication to fight this pandemic. There have been many cases or instances where people have lost their loved ones or family member due to the non-availability of drugs or medicines required for treatment. The IDMA or Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association has several […]

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