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Karan Singh

A legal writing enthusiast, a wanderer, and a zealous reader. After gaining a lot of knowledge about the diverse legal topics and developing research skills, Karan joined the league of legal content writers to deliver quality-rich blogs.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Copyright Infringement

In this digital era, social media has become one of the best ways to connect people anywhere in the world. Instagram is one of the greatest social media platforms to connect with the world, and it has made its name. In this virtual world, a picture, controversial story or a viral meme on Instagram can […]

What are the Steps to Follow During Patent Portfolio Audit?

For every big or small entity, Patents are enormously valuable intangible assets. A firm or Company owing single or multiple Patents can use them as per its free will. It can license them out for financial gains or commercialise the underlying Intellectual Property. Therefore, strategising Patent portfolios can lead to the expansion of profit margins […]

All You Need to Know About IPR Protection in Cinema

In India, everyone loves Cinema, and everyone loves watching movies either occasionally or routinely; it is because of its unbelievable capacity to adjust the human mind and make them stuck in the imaginary world that is portrayed over there in the movies. Everyone in India, irrespective of their caste, religion, age, or any other factor, […]

A Complete Analysis of IP Litigation in India

Over the last few decades, IP Litigation in India has considerably developed right from the signing of the TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement by the Government of India to the current scrapping of the IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Broad Tribunal). With the ongoing evolution of IP Litigation in India, the process has […]

Examining Technology Transfer Agreement from the Perspective of IPR and Competition Law

The creation or inclusion of new technology has become an essential element for companies to uphold or improve their rival position in the marketplace. Companies running in sectors where the competition takes place on the basis of price only, like removal or commercialisation of raw materials, may depend on new or advanced technologies to improve […]

How to Recognise Professional Patent Illustrator?

Professional Patent Illustrators jobs are for excellent skill in the area of Patent drawings. Generally, they are creative & imaginative persons and are well aware of the different tricks of Patent Illustrations. The imagination of a Patent Illustrator helps them in the visualisation of the invented products. Therefore, they come up with various views of […]

All You Need to Know About Patent Prosecution in India

Patent Prosecution involves arguing for the patentability of your invented devices, machines, systems or methods. This begins with applying for Patent Registration and receiving a Patent from suitable Government Agencies. It also involves asserting the uniqueness of your IP through the submission of supplementary materials, comprising detailed instructions and design blueprints. Since the process of […]

What are the Different Ways to Reduce Patent Protection Expenses?

In India, Patent rights provide statutory protection to innovation and help in incentivising the attempts that lead to innovation. That’s why Patent protection is vital for product-centric industries. But, maintaining and protecting Patents can occupy a considerable portion of working capital. As companies or businesses cannot miss this essential Patent Registration Process, to reduce Patent […]

Difference Between Copyright and Design in the Fashion Industry – An Overview

In India, the Fashion industry has rapidly grown and has now become the most affected industry when it comes to seeking lawful protection against duplication and illegal use of the products they design. Since there is no authorised body in the fashion industry that regulates or governs this industry, it creates confusion and misunderstanding among […]

Various Issues Relating to the IPR in Biotechnology – An Overview

As we already know that in today’s world, everyone is trying to get fit and live a healthy life, so things like Vitamin C or protein-related food items are highly in demand these days, and these foods can be credited to Biotechnology. There are some examples of Patented Biotechnology such as anti-cancer drugs, pasteurisation, insulin, […]

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