How to Get CRS Mark for Battery Products?

CRS Mark for Battery Products
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Batteries are being used widely, from wired to electrical appliances to providing backup during power outages; the usage of batteries cannot be outweighed by the dependence on electricity, considering that many electrical devices are operating on batteries. Although, with its wide usage, we cannot ignore that batteries could have dangerous effects. If we take an example to understand why getting a BIS CRS Mark for Battery Products is essential, then we can talk about mobile phone batteries.

Mobile phone batteries are covered under the CRS certification scheme (one of the certification schemes under BIS), and then a possible need to get a mobile battery certified even before the mobile phone. The sequence of certification goes like this –

  • Cell testing
  • battery testing
  • testing of adapter
  • mobile testing 
  • Language testing.

Overview of CRS Mark for Battery Products

A wide range of Indian electrical standards guarantees unusually high quality and safety for the company and the public. Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology’s CRS mark for battery products represents these standards and requires compulsory certification of many battery products that foreign firms import.

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) – Meaning

  • The Department of Electronics and Information Technology 2012 announced the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) in collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • 03 October 2012, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology gave a notice entitled “Electronics and Information Technology products (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012[1] for fifteen categories of electronic items.
  • Added other product categories were during the following years, which include 15 types of products in 2014(by MeitY), Indian Standard for Indian mobile phone’s Language and Support’ in October 2016, 13 products in 2017, and five more added by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).
  • Products that are informed to be placed under the Compulsory Registration Orders (CRO) by the Government of India must be registered under the CRS and obtain the CRS mark for battery products. It is based on the Self-Declaration of Conformity. Manufacturers of these battery products must apply for BIS CRS registration after testing their product at any BIS-approved laboratories in India.
  • Per the Orders, no one is permitted to make or store products for sale & distribute products that do not meet the Indian standard as per specified in the Order and do not carry the CRS Standard Mark with the unique registration number obtained by the BIS.

Who grants a license for CRS Mark for Battery Products?

The BIS permits manufacturers to use the CRS Standard Mark with a unique Registration number based on self-declaration of conformity for the items and articles per Indian Standards.

The granting of licenses and its execution by the Compulsory Registration Scheme is executed following the conformity assessment scheme in Scheme –II of Schedule –II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

Eligible to Apply for CRS Mark for Battery Products

  • Manufacturing of battery products that fall within the scope of the Compulsory Register Order (CRO) introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology or Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).
  • The manufacturer of one/more of the products described in the Order of mandatory registration located in India/outside India can make an application for registration through mandatory registration.
  • Manufacturers must request a separate registration number for products produced in different locations.
  • Manufacturers must need a different identification number per brand manufactured at the same time.

Different Forms essential for BIS CRS Registration

Following are the forms essential for BIS CRS Registration for battery products:

  1. Form-1: Application to obtain a new license.
  2. Form-2: Format for the undertaking of test reports.
  3. Form-3: Format for the affidavit.
  4. Form-4: Format for letter of nomination of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR)
  5. Form-6: Application for Renewal of License.
  6. Form-8A: addition or Model Withdrawal.
  7. Form-8B: Change other information in the scope of the license.

Procedure for getting a Registration for CRS Mark for Battery Products

The following steps are needed to get a registration for CRS Mark for battery products.

Step 1: Create the manufacturer’s profile on BIS’s portal.

Step 2: Create the test report format for the BIS accredited laboratory.

Step 3: After the TRF is generated, the lab will submit the report to the client’s profile on the BIS portal.

Step 4: As per Form A or B, international applicants must nominate an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) & submit an affidavit confirming the undertaking. The Indian applicants must submit an affidavit of undertaking according to format C.

Step 5: Additionally, you must fill the e-form with the required documents and fees.

Step 6: The CRS certificate will be granted based on testing, not a factory visit. Therefore, it will provide CRS certification if the product follows CRS requirements.

Validity of CRS Mark for Battery Products

After the BIS registration is granted, CRS Mark will be marked on the battery products & packaging. It remains valid for two years and can be renewed if there is no change in the battery products and the standard.


Getting a license for CIS marks on products is not as seamless as it seems, considering that it includes proper knowledge of the certification process. Every manufacturer must get their products registered before selling or distributing products. In case of any query regarding CRS Mark for battery products, we would ask you to contact a professional consultant.

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