A Complete Analysis of ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products in India

ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products
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The Government of India, for environment-friendly labeling products, initiated ECOMark logo Scheme. The Bureau of Indian Standards administers the Scheme.

The Scheme covers various products categories like Soaps & Detergents, Paints, Food Items, Lubricating Oils, Packing or Packaging Materials, Architectural Paints & Powder Coatings, Batteries, Electrical & Electronic Goods, Food Additives, Wood Substitutes, Cosmetics, Aerosols and Propellants, Plastic Products, Textiles, Fire extinguisher, Leather and Coir & Coir Products.

The presence of the ECOMARK Logo and ISI Mark on a product indicates that the product meets specific Environmental criteria and the quality requirement specified in the applicable Indian Standard. To control the Scheme, BIS has included additional requirements for ECOMark in the concerned Indian Standards. The terms and conditions governing the Licence operation shall be according to the Bureau of Indian Standards Act[1], Rules & Regulations framed under that.

In this write-up, we focus on ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products.

What does the Ecomark Logo indicate?

Ecomark logo, which is present on products that are manufactured across India, would comply with the standards related to ecological sustainability. Improving change across society is the main requirement for this form of symbol.

This mark on products would assure that sustainable development is spread across society.

The Purpose of the Ecomark Logo Scheme

  • To provide an incentive for manufacturers/importers to reduce the adverse environmental impact of Cosmetic products.
  • To reward real action by companies to reduce the detrimental environmental impact of their cosmetic products.
  • To assist consumers in becoming environmentally answerable in their daily lives by providing details to take account of environmental factors in their acquisition decisions.
  • To inspire citizens to purchase products which have less harmful environmental impacts.
  • To improve the environment’s quality and encourage the sustainable management of resources.

List of the product Category that needs the ECOMARK Logo

  1. Skin powder – Specification (Second Revision)
  2. Skin powder for infants – Specification (Second Revision)
  3. Tooth powder – Specification (Second Revision)
  4. Toothpaste – Specification (Third Revision)
  5. Skin creams – Specification (Second Revision)
  6. Hair oils – Specification (Third Revision)
  7. Shampoo, soap-based – Specification (First Revision)
  8. Shampoo, surfactant-based – Specification (Third Revision)
  9. Specifications for hair creams (First Revision)
  10. Oxidation Hair Dyes (Liquid / Gel / Cream) — Specification (Fourth Revision)
  11. Cologne — Specification ( Second Revision)
  12. Nail polish (Nail Enamel) – Specification (First Revision)
  13. After-Shave Lotion — Specification (Second Revision)
  14. Pomades and Brilliantine’s — Specification (Second Revision)
  15. Specification for depilatories, chemical (First Revision)
  16. Shaving cream – Specification (First Revision)
  17. Cosmetic pencils – Specification (First Revision)
  18. Lipstick – Specification (Second Revision)
  19. Specification for lip salve
  20. Powder Hair Dyes(bi-lingual)
  21. Specification for bindi (Liquid)
  22. Kum Kum Powder – Specification (First Revision)
  23. Henna (Mehendi) powder – Specification (First Revision)
  24. Liquid foundation make – Up – Specification
  25. Face pack – Specification
  26. Kajal – Specification
  27. Oxidation hair dyes (Emulsion Type) – Specification

Criteria for Applying for ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products

The following criteria have to be examined for securing the Ecomark Logo:

  • Products that are manufactured to ensure the label must be emitting lesser pollutants when compared to other forms of products. This would reduce the amount of Co2 emissions and other forms of emissions.
  • Products that are manufactured should be recyclable, renewable and energy conserving, thus effectively promoting the principles of sustainable development across the environment.
  • Products that are manufactured must contribute less to damaging the natural environment.
  • Products manufactured and produced must have a lesser impact when compared to other forms of products.

Documents Required for ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products

The following are some vital Documents need to get ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products:

  • If the industry is a company, then a certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Product Details
  • Details and Information Obtained from the Lab
  • NABL Accreditation
  • Samples information
  • Product Catalogue
  • Separate Applications for all types of products.

Procedure to get ECOMARK Logo for Cosmetic Products

  1. Making Application: Primarily, the manufacturer wanting to secure this product label must complete an application for the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The application form of certification is an offline procedure. The industry/manufacturer has to make an application to the concerned Department. For every product, a separate application has to be made for this form of a label.
  2. Prescribed Form fees: the application has to be made in the prescribed form with the fee payment of R.s 500/-
  3. Separate Parts: if there are individual parts for the application, then all the application features need to be divided & applied individually.
  4. Inspection of Industry Premises: When the BIS receives the application, it will verify the industry premises. During this verification procedure, we would consider the assessment of the industry premises.
  5.  Testing of the Products: One of the main reasons to conduct an inspection is to check the different forms of facilities and procedures in the industry. If proper methods are utilised in the manufacturing procedure, then the BIS would approve the same. This step is crucial to carry out quality control on the products manufactured in the industry. Would also provide Samples related to testing to a separate laboratory. Would usually send Such samples to a laboratory which is NABL accredited.
  6. License Granted: After this, would grant the license for Ecomark. However, the following criteria have to be convinced by the applicant to secure the Ecomark approval:
  7. The applicant must have all the necessary testing facilities readily available.
  8. All the standards required for testing need to confirm with Indian standards.
  9. There must be an acceptance respecting the methods required for carrying out testing.
  10. Post Inspections: At the BIS’s discretion, surprise inspections can be carried out by the BIS to ensure that standards related to products, compliance with sampling and other testing essentials are met. During this surprise testing process, samples may be taken from the production line to check if compliance is maintained. If this is not done, the bureau may purchase products directly from the market to check if the observation is carried out with the requirements related to eco mark.

Benefits of ECOMARK Logo

  • An industry with this form of BIS certification can maintain specific standards related to compliance.
  • Can promote sustainable development and efficiency at all levels by securing this form of certification.
  • By appending the product label, consumers would be aware that the manufacturer is utilising standards to maintain eco-friendly environments. This awareness can be spread to other consumers.


To maintain international standards, the BIS has come out with these terms to depict what is Ecomark and its label. There is no difference between the two. They would purpose the same if taken by a particular industry.

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