Shivani Jain

Shivani has completed her B com LLB (Hons) and has the experience of writing various research papers during her college time. Earlier she was working as an Associate in a Delhi based Law Firm, but her interest in writing made her pursue Legal Content Writing as a career. Her core area of interest is in writing about various legal enactments, tax, and finance.

IRDAI Notifies the Insurance Ombudsman (Amendment) Rules 2021

The Central Government on 02.03.2021 has notified comprehensive amendments to the existing Insurance Ombudsman Rules 2017. The reason behind the amendment was to improve the working and operations of the Insurance Ombudsman mechanism and to facilitate timely, cost effective and impartial resolution of grievance complaints concerning deficiencies in the insurance services. Also, the amended rules […]

Extension of Video Conferencing Facility to REITs and InvITs by SEBI

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, by way of the powers provided under the provisions of section 11 (1) of the SEBI Act 1992, read with Rule 33 of REIT Regulation 2014 and Rule 33 of the InvIT Regulations 2014, has passed a Circular No SEBI/ HO/ DDHS/ DDHS/ CIR/ P/ 2021/ 21, […]

Due Date Compliance Calendar for March 2021: A Complete Guide

Adhering to the compliances proposed by the Central Government is a compulsory prerequisite for every taxpayer and person qualified. In this learning blog, we will cover the due date compliance calendar for March 2021, concerning the following: Income Tax Return Filing; GST Return Filing; Employee State Insurance Act 1948; Employees Provident Fund Act 1952; Due […]

Process for Right Issue: A Simplified Guide

Any company that wishes to offer shares to its existing shareholders or members in proportion to their shareholdings needs to undergo the process for Rights Issue. It is one of the easiest and the flexible modes of raising the subscribed capital, that, too, with less documentation and compliance requirements. Also, it shall be noted that […]

Patent Registration in Bangalore: A Complete Guide

Patents work as an indispensable tool for guarding and promoting scientific inventions and research and development in a nation. It is termed as an exclusive right of an inventor over his/ her particular invention. That means the main aim of Patent Registration is to prevent and restrict others from acquiring commercial benefits from the patented […]

CBDT Notifies Extension of Limitation Dates under the Income Tax Act 1961

The Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT, by way of the powers provided under section 3 (1) of the Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxations & Amendment of Certain Provisions) Act 2020, has passed the Notification No 10/ 2021, issued on 27.01.2021 to notify Extension of Limitation Dates under the Income Tax Act 1961. Further, […]

Process for Buyback of Shares in India: A Guide

Whenever a company, whether a Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company, decides to restructure its capital to increase its EPS (Earning per Share) and to have good shareholder returns, it tends to undergo the process for Buyback of Shares in India. Further, the best time for the process of Buyback of Shares is when […]

Procedure for Mergers and Acquisitions: A Simplified Guide

Nowadays, every company wish to reach greater heights and want to expand its business operations. As a result, they tend to undergo the procedure for Mergers and Acquisitions. However, the term Mergers and Acquisitions are often considered as one, but the same are two different concepts, the former is carried out to increase goodwill, business […]

CBDT Notifies Extension of Deadline for the Vivad Se Vishwas Scheme

Recently, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), by way of the powers provided under section 3 of the Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas Scheme, has passed a Notification No. S.O. 964 (E), issued on 26.02.2021, regarding the extension of deadline for the Vivad se Vishwas Scheme. Further, the said amendment was made in the […]

Benefits of FFMC License from RBI: A Complete Guide

Due to a sudden increase in the foreign trips, the option to have a money changer business is very much in trend. Any entity or an individual who wants to deal in Money Exchange activities needs to obtain FFMC License from RBI. The term FFMC stands for Full Fledged Money Changer License and is granted […]

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