What are the Benefits of an Insurance Broker License? – An Overview

What are the Benefits of an Insurance Broker License?
Karan Singh
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Insurance Brokers signify their customers and render advice to a potential customer having a strong interest in buying insurance products or services. Such individuals are highly skilled and have deep knowledge about insurance products and services. After getting Insurance Broker License, they become qualified to sell numerous insurance products of different insurance companies without the conflict of interest. IRDA[1] ( Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) is the regulating authority that controls and issues the Insurance Broker License in India. But before applying for such a license, you should know all the major benefits of an Insurance Broker License in India. Currently, there are more than 400 insurance brokers in India. Scroll down to check all the primary benefits of an Insurance Broker License in India.

Who is an Insurance Broker?

Before we discuss the benefits of an Insurance Broker License, let us first understand about Insurance Broker. Insurance might be a complex form, and one may require the support of an insurance broker who shall guide them in finding the finest policy as per their need. An insurance broker is those who are well-informed and updated about the latest development and alterations in the insurance market; hence they play an essential role in determining which policy is perfect for a person as per their requirement.

Insurance brokers assist customers in picking the right insurance policies. They help the customer with an honest recommendation and pursuit any insurance claims for them. The impartiality of an insurance broker let them match client’s insurance needs with the right policies, the right premiums, and the right organization.

  1. Assist in finding the correct insurance policy as per the customer’s need;
  2. Get familiar with the customer’s need for an insurance policy;
  3. Render support to the potential customer with the paperwork;
  4. Assist customers in knowing the policy traits and making them aware of the possible limitation;
  5. Provides legit information about the policies consisting of hidden fees and cost;
  6. Coordinate effectively with customers & insurers and perform required actions with diligence and care.

Important Benefits of an Insurance Broker License in India

The following section will provide a briefing about the benefits of an insurance broker license in India:

Important Benefits of an Insurance Broker License in India
  1. Less Cost: An insurance broker is paid a commission by the insurance company for selling their insurance product and insurance policies; therefore, one doesn’t require to pay for their time, and in the future also there is not much that you require to hand out.
  2. Deliver access to Multiple Insurers: The owners of an Insurance Broker License are accountable to sell insurance products and services to multiple customers. That means they can approach many insurers, depending on their capabilities, and entreat them to draw a sale contract. A broker is much more flexible than an agent in terms of client interaction and sales portfolio.
  3. Provide the Legal Status: A company with an Insurance Broker License would be deemed as an authorized company that follows authority and is dedicated to imparting transparency in its code of conduct. The legal status can support the broker to gain the benefits of the Insurance Broker License in the longer terms.
  4. Saves Time: Buying insurance from a broker may help the customer to save time and effort by completing the job on his own without overburdening the customer.
  5. Accurate Information: When you consult a broker, it may take some short time, but it is to be noted that they shall assist you in getting correct information which you can choose and finalize the insurance policy.
  6. Customized Sale Strategy: Yet other benefits of an Insurance Broker License, the broker can use a customized sale strategy to sell insurance product unless it doesn’t affect the reliability of the bylaws. Such relaxation can assist the insurance broker prepared a customized sake strategy or plan for the various insurance products to maximize the sale and revenue. But, the insurance broker under no situation can encourage anything offensive or misinformed in nature or else it will consider as an infringement of the contract and bylaws.

There is a various online lender who delivers an extensive range of insurance policies and products to the end customers. That represents how the owner of an Insurance Broker License can adopt any technique consisting of the online medium to sell the insurance product. However, one has to remember that licensed brokers are permitted to conduct any sale campaign that prevents the legal requirement under the law.

  • Making a claim: One of the most noteworthy benefits of an Insurance Broker is that your claims are taking care of. Your broker can support you make a claim and deal with any challenges posted thereto. In the case of purchasing an insurance policy, one may face a lot of trouble as one may be needed to surround the insurance company for making a claim.

Act of Diligence with a Blend of Trust and Integrity by Insurance Broker

Apart from these benefits of an Insurance Broker License, the insurance broker requires to act with diligence and upkeep. They should deal with customers with extreme belief and integrity and maintain the privacy of the document provided by them. The licensed broker follows many duties, be it a matter of guiding a customer or supporting customers with boring paperwork.

Their duty is to render the top of line service to a potential customer without any negotiation. One incorrect decision could result at the end of the sale contract. Broking is a work of gracefulness that seeks the uncompromised integrity of the brokers.


A broker act as a support for the customers who assists sale services to the potential customer looking for the correct insurance policy. Insurance Broker License comes with several responsibilities in terms of code of conduct and legal regulations stated under the bylaws. There is no way an insurance broker can improvise the present rules under the law for the sake of extra benefits of an Insurance Broker License. From advertising to the policies sale, the insurance broker is required to maintain the reliability of the bylaws no matter what the condition is. Regardless of such responsibilities, the license provides the right to the brokers to interact with numerous insurers to ensure growth.

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