BIS Certification for Mobiles

BIS Certification for Mobiles
Ganesh Nair
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There has been an impressive surge in the use of mobile phones in India in the past five years. Affordable internet rates and several initiatives by the government like Digital India have been the reason behind it. BIS certification for mobiles is mandatory in India i.e the product can’t be sold in the Indian market without the BIS CRS scheme. This certification provides a sense of security and reliability to the buyer. This blog will look at the requirements to obtain BIS certification for mobiles.

What is BIS Certification, and who grants it?

BIS certification is an assurance that depicts the products’ safety, quality and reliability to the customers. The grant of certification permits the manufacturer to use the ISI mark over their products. The ISI mark shows that the product has passed the standards that the Bureau of Indian Standards has set. BIS is the national standards body responsible for granting certificates to manufacturers who comply with the norms and whose products meet the required standards.

Schemes applicable on BIS certification for mobiles

Three schemes are applicable for BIS certification for mobiles:

  • Indian Standards Institute (ISI)

This standard signifies that the product has passed various safety norms that the BIS sets forth. ISI marks prevent the circulation of hazardous products in the market and make consumers aware of unsafe goods.

  • Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)

The BIS Act of 2016 and the BIS rules of 2018[1] have made it compulsory for all manufacturers to obtain the FMCS certificate if they wish to sell their products in the Indian market. This is done to ensure that the imported goods are up to the standards set by the government.

  • Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

A compulsory Registration Scheme is a certification that applies to all electronic products. Hence it is necessary for BIS certification for mobiles as well. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology introduced the scheme for manufacturers to create reliable and high-quality products.

Which standards are necessary for BIS for Mobile phones?

A manufacturer must get the following two standards for BIS mobile certification.

  • IS 13252 (Part-1) – This Indian standard is required for General BIS certification for mobile. The certification shall cover the components of the phone, such as cell battery adapter etc.
  • IS 16333 (Part-3) – The manufacturers shall also have to obtain IS1633 (part-3) as it is the standard for language support in mobile phones. Which is also an essential part of mobile.

Documents required to obtain BIS certification for mobiles

The following documents are required to obtain BIS for Mobile phones:

  • A copy of the online BIS application form
  • A letter of authorisation by the CEO of the company
  • A copy of the Trademark registration or a letter of authorisation from the brand’s owner.
  • Documents related to the test report of the products
  • Business license unit – should be available in English as well as the local language
  • Country of origin certificate (In case of FMCS)
  • Affidavit for Authorised Indian representatives- required in the case of foreign manufacturers.
  • Photo id proof of the Authorised Indian Representatives
  • A Layout plan of the manufacturing unit
  • The user manual of the product

Process of BIS Registration

  • Step-1 Submit the Application: The applicant (manufacturer) must visit the BIS website. The first step is to create a User id and password. The applicant must log in to the portal and file an application for BIS for mobile phones.
  • Step-2 Test Request: The product shall require rigorous testing standards. The applicant needs to put in a request for the testing of the product sample. BIS officials shall come and pick up random samples for testing from the factory.
  • Step-3 Testing of the Product: The Officials shall visit the factory premises and select random samples for testing. The testing should only be carried out in the labs that are registered under the BIS.
  • Step-4 Attach the test report and Submit the Application: The manufacturer needs to fill in the relevant details in the application. Attach the above documents and the newly generated test reports from the BIS lab.
  • Step-5 Scrutiny of Application: once the application is submitted, the BIS officials shall scrutinise and cross-check the details mentioned by the manufacturer and approve the test reports attached with the documents.
  • Step-6 Grant of BIS Certificate: If the test reports of the product qualify it as fit for circulation and the details in the application are as per the requirements, then the BIS will grant the certificate for mobile phones.

Validity of the BIS certification for mobiles:

The BIS registration shall be valid for a period of 2 years, after which the registration needs to be renewed.


Recently there has been an influx of substandard products in the Indian market. Smartphones being one of the most used commodities have been brought under the purview of BIS. If a manufacturer wants to produce mobile phones in India or any foreign entity wants to import phones to India they need to adhere to the Indian standards as per the BIS.

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