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BIS certified power banks
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The power bank is a crucial piece of electronic equipment. As we continue to depend on various battery-powered devices such as phones, smart watches, headphones etc., they often run out of their batteries; that’s when power banks come in handy, as they act as an alternate power source. In this blog, we shall discuss about BIS-certified power banks.

Need for BIS certification for Power banks

In recent years power banks circulated in India were of sub-par quality, which would make them hazardous to use. In Numerous instances, it was seen that the power banks would catch fire due to overcharging. In some cases, they have exploded because of the use of cheap circuits. In some cases, even the phone’s battery life and charging port have also gotten damaged. Considering all these issues, the government introduced BIS norms for power banks. BIS-certified power banks shall bring credibility to the business and instil a sense of security in the consumer.

Why should you have BIS-certified power banks?

  • A BIS-certified product can easily be circulated in the Indian market as it conforms to all the standards set by the government and won’t be held up by any authorities.
  • The organisation will be able to save itself from paying hefty fines as BIS certification of Power banks is a mandatory process.
  • BIS-certified products are subjected to strict testing norms; therefore, the quality of the product is superior.
  • Customers trust BIS-certified products more. BIS certification gives customers a sense of security.
  • Provides credibility to the brand image. BIS-certified products are of excellent quality. Selling such quality products amps up the public image of the brand.

Which BIS Schemes are applicable to BIS-certified power banks?

There are three schemes that are applicable to BIS Certified power banks these are:

  • Indian Standard Institute (ISI): The ISI certification is a scheme[1] that provides an authentication that the product complies with the Indian Standards and ensures that all the norms set by the government have been complied with.
  • Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS): The FMCS certification applies to foreign goods being imported to India. The idea behind it is to ensure that the foreign commodity complies with Indian standards.
  • Compulsory Certification Scheme (CRS): Compulsory certification scheme is something that is only applicable to electronically produced goods. CRS is necessary for both foreign as well as Indian products. The list of products includes mobile phones, power banks, headphones, laptops and other such products.

Documents required for BIS-certified power banks

The following documents are required to get BIS certification for power banks:

  • Company registration certificate
  • Trademark registration
  • Flow chart depicting the manufacturing process
  • A detailed list of machinery- This must include the machine’s name, the purpose which it fulfils, capacity and other such details.
  • If any of the process or components is being outsourced then complete details such as the documents, quality control etc.
  • Plant layout
  • Packing and storage details
  • Details of internal testing facilities – stating the calibration status, least count etc. Calibration certificates of the testing equipment should not be more than three months.
  • Organisation chart of factory
  • Map of the Location
  • Complete details regarding the Quality check team and their certifications
  • In case All Indian Representative- a letter of authorisation from CEO.
  • Test Report from BIS Approved Laboratory.

The registration process for BIS-certified power banks

  • The manufacturer needs to create a profile on the BIS portal.
  • Then the manufacturer must send the power bank sample to a BIS registered Lab along with the requisite fee. In power banks’ case, the fee is around ₹60,000. However, the manufacturer must Cross-check the fee rate on the BIS website.
  • The process of testing will take around a month’s time to get completed. The product shall undergo various tests in the laboratory to check its performance and durability. Once the test is completed, the lab shall generate a Test report format.
  • The test report obtained from the lab must be submitted with other documents while applying for BIS certification. The application fee must also be paid along with this.
  • The application must be made in Form VI for BIS registration and Form –V for ISI registration.
  • BIS officials will come to the factory and conduct inspections there. The idea is to ensure that the manufacturing and processing units are up to the mark. The officer shall have the power to take samples from the factory to test them further randomly. This ensures that the quality of the product is not compromised.
  • After the scrutiny of the factory by the officials and the submission of documents, the application goes through for a final check-up. Finally, once the government issues a BIS certificate, a small fee must be paid. The ISI and BIS certification costs shall differ based on the products.



A manufacturer needs to create BIS-certified power banks in India. It helps a brand to garner gain consumer trust and loyalty. BIS certification proves that the products are of high quality and are made up of the standards set by the government.

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