BIS Certification for UPS – How to Obtain?

BIS Certification for UPS
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UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply was first introduced by Claude Ryan and James E. Case in 1907. UPS is also known as the Flywheel Backup and Battery Backup; it’s a device that provides battery backup when the power drops or fails to an unacceptable voltage level. Small UPS provide power for a few minutes and is enough to power down the computer system, whereas larger UPS systems have enough battery for several hours. UPS in India comes with different unit ranges from 200VA to 46 MVA. This device keeps the computer and other vital IT equipment safe & operational. So, according to the Indian Government, UPS should be registered under the CRS or Compulsory Registration Scheme or BIS CRS Certification because this device is an electronic device and the registration of this device is mandatory. Also, it cannot be exported, imported, or sold to Indian Customers without obtaining BIS Certification for UPS. In this write-up, we will discuss BIS Certification for UPS.

An Overview of BIS CRS

In 2012, the Department of Electronics & Information Technology[1] or DeitY called the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, introduced CRS or Compulsory Registration Scheme along with BIS. Under CRS, manufacturers must certify their products before launching them into the Indian market.

BIS Certification is vital for all the electronic products covered under CRS. All manufacturers(whether Foreign or Indian)must apply for BIS Certification for UPS to import the product in India or for sale in the Indian market. Every Foreign Manufacturer of this product or device is required to obtain BIS Certification for UPS to export products in India. If the Foreign Manufacturer operates in the Indian market without the BIS Certification, the Manufacturer would be penalised under the BIS Act.

What are the Main Factors for BIS Certification in India?

Following are 4 main factors for BIS Certification in India:

  1. Manufacturer: The most important thing to know is that BIS License is granted to the Manufacturer only, not to sellers or importers. Importers may act as Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) of Foreign Manufacturer & can submit the application to BIS, but the License is only issued to the Manufacturer.
  2. Product: If a single Manufacturer is manufacturing more than one product, then he or she has to apply for a separate application for each product category.
  3. Brand: Each brand requires its own BIS License or Certificate.
  4. Manufacturing Address: Correct or proper manufacturing address shall be mentioned in the documents. In case the Manufacturer have more than one factory location for a single product, then a separate BIS Certificate or License is required for each location.

Documents Required for BIS Certification for UPS in India

Following are some vital documents required for BIS Certification for UPS in India:

  • Duly-filled application form;
  • ISO Certificate of the Manufacturer;
  • Marking label of marking details on the product;
  • Completely filled CDF or CCL Form;
  • Scope of Business License;
  • Business License of the manufacturing unit;
  • Trademark Registration Certificate;
  • Company Registration proof of AIR in India (in case of Foreign Manufacturer);
  • Photo id of AIR
  • If Trademark is owned by other than the Manufacturer, submit Trademark Authorisation Letter;
  • Technical specification sheet of product/user manual;
  • Authorisation letter (if the signatory person is other than the manufacturing head).

Important Points Regarding Nomination of Authorised Indian Representative (AIR)

Following are some important points regarding the nomination of AIR to be followed by Foreign manufacturers to appoint the AIR:

  1. If the Foreign Manufacturer doesn’t have a liaison office or a branch office in India, but the registered user or proprietor of the Trademark or Brand appearing on the article is located in India, the brand owner will become an Authorised Indian Representative (AIR).
  2. If the Foreign Manufacturer has a liaison office or a branch office in India, they will be nominated as AIR.
  3. In case the Manufacturer doesn’t have a liaison office located in India and there is no registered user or proprietor of the brand appearing on the article located in India, then the other entity will become the AIR.

Procedure for BIS Certification for UPS

Following is the procedure to obtain BIS Certification for UPS in India:

  • Procedure for Indian Manufacturer:
  • First, the applicant must file the application, submit it with the documents, and pay the prescribed fee.
  • Product sample testing by BIS Certified lab.
  • BIS officers verify the product test report, application & documents.
  • Issuance of the BIS License.
  • Procedure for Foreign Manufacturer:
  • Nominate AIR, which can represent a Foreign Manufacturer.
  • Submit an online application.
  • Sample Testing from BIS authorised lab.
  • Submit online or offline hardcopy of the application, including the Sample Test Report.
  • BIS Officials will verify the application, documents and test reports.
  • Grant of License.

BIS Certification for UPS is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed further in case there is no change in the product & its standard.


Any manufacturer around the world, including India that wants to manufacture UPS, has to get their products registered with the BIS CRS. Without this, no manufacturer can sell or trade its equipment in India.

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