BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater

BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater
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The Bureau of Indian Standards certification ensures the product is safe, reliable and made of top-notch quality. There are a total of 380 products for which the BIS ISI certification is mandatory. One such product is a Water heater. Water heaters are devices, as the name implies, are used for heating water for your household purposes. Accidents and hazards are probable as it involves various components and utilises heavy electricity. So It is necessary that these products are BIS certified so that they are safe for people to use. In this blog, we shall see how to obtain a BIS ISI certification for Water heaters.

What are the benefits of the ISI-certified products?

There are a few benefits of buying an ISI Certified product:

  • Acts as a measure of quality standards: The product that is granted the ISI certification is subjected to numerous tests and quality checks. This ensures that the product has attained good quality standards.
  • Gives authenticity: Only the products that carry the ISI mark are allowed to be in the Indian market. The buyers shall look for this mark to make sure that the product is authentic or not.
  • Reduces damage to the environment: the ISI certification prohibits the use of components that harm the environment, thereby causing less damage to the environment when disposing of them.

What are the various Indian standards that are applicable forBIS ISI Certification for Water Heater?

There are two types of Indian standards that are applicable for BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater: Product Indian Standards
1. Electric immersion water-heaters IS 368:2014.
2. Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas IS 15558

What are the documents required for BIS ISI certification of the Water Heater?

The following documents are required for BIS ISI certification of Water Heater:

  • The Address proof of the manufacturing unit
  • A copy of the certificate of registration
  • Test reports generated by the BIS authorised Lab
  • Details pertaining to the equipment used for testing
  • Details of the packaging with information such as size, facility quantity etc.
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process
  • Copy of the trademark registration
  • Methods of disposal of inferior product
  • Details of the quality control staff, name, experience and quality certification.
  • Blueprint showing the layout of the factory
  • Details of the Raw materials being used
  • A detailed list of machinery being installed
  • A copy of the calibration certificate
  • Drawing of the product
  • Copy of the company’s bank statement
  • Copy of utility bills, such as electricity water bills etc.

Steps for obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater

The applicant must follow the steps mentioned below to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater.

  • Step 1: Selecting the proper product code: The first step for the applicant is to choose the appropriate Indian standard for their BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater. The applicant must ensure that their products meet these standards.
  • Step 2: completed the application: once the code is selected, then the applicant must fill out the application form. For this, Form-V is filed to obtain the ISI certification, and the applicant must pay the prescribed for the application as well. Along with this, the applicant must file the registration fee to carry out further tests required as per BIs standards.
  • Step 3: The applicant must complete the form and submit all the documents mentioned under the documents list above. The applicant needs to file separate forms for each product if he plans to get multiple products registered.
  • Step 4: Inspection of the plant premises: The BIS officer, along with an inspection team, will visit the factory premises. The team shall go through the entire process of manufacturing the product. It shall look into the quality standards that are being followed by the brand to ensure product safety and cross-check certain details. The BIS officials may pick random samples to conduct a test at the facility.
  • Step 5: Submission of sample: The applicant must give the product to third-party labs authorised by the BIS to conduct testing. The labs shall generate a test report and send it back to the manufacturer. This report needs to be handed over to the BIS authorities[1].
  • Step 6:  Issuance of the ISI certificate: Once the process of submission of forms is completed, then the BIS officials shall verify the documents, test reports and the application form. If everything is up to the mark, the BIS officials will grant the manufacturer an ISI certification. The authorities shall take up to 30 days to grant the certificate starting from the date of application.

Validity of the BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater

The BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater is valid for around one year. This can be renewed periodically at the end of every year. The manufacturer must note that a practising Chartered Accountant must carry out renewal.

Penalty for Misusing the ISI mark for BIS ISI Certification for Water Heater

If the manufacturer or the producer of the Water heater is found using counterfeit goods or tries to imitate an already registered ISI mark, then he shall be liable for a penalty of ₹50,000, and the person shall be imprisoned for up to one year.


It is mandatory for all water heater manufacturers to get their product ISI certified. If any manufacturer is found selling their product without proper certification, then he shall be liable to a fine and imprisonment.

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