BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker – An Overview

BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker
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A Pressure Cooker works on a very simple principle; it is used in cooking food under high-pressure steam using water/a water-based cooking liquid in a sealed vessel. It was first invested in the 1600s by Denis Papin. He called his pot the Digester, but it took quite a while before better manufacturing standards & technology could make these high-pressure pots or cookers safe. The construction of a Pressure Cooker must be suitable to ensure easy & safe handling, good performance & reasonable life. The vessel must be built in such a way that no distortion occurs under normal operating conditions. The body & lid should be free of scratches and other surface flaws. In India, domestic pressure cookers are covered under IS 2347:2017, and this Indian Standard specifies the requirements for Pressure Cookers. BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards mandated to get BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker because this certification guarantees a customer that the product is safe & reliable and can be used by a customer without any safety quality issues. Scroll down to check BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cookers in India.

Quality Standard of Pressure Cooker

BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cookers in India is certified under IS-2347. It is compulsory for a pressure to be made with some specific materials, especially the cooker parts that come in contact with food, water, heat & steam shall be made of the following made of material that meets the following specifications:

  • The material used to manufacture a Pressure Cooker must not discolour the food or spoil it in terms of taste, colour or smell infused in food while cooking in the Cooker.
  • The food cooked inside the Pressure Cooker shall not harm the Cooker in terms of quality & standard. The efficiency & safety of the food shall remain the same after cooking the food.

In India, a Pressure Cooker shall be classified as follows as per IS 2347:2017 for GoL/CSoL:

  1. Group 1: 1 to 6.5 Litres (Nominal Capacity)
  2. Group 2: 5 to 15.5 Litres (Nominal Capacity)
  3. Group 3: 16 to 24 Litres (Nominal Capacity)

The body & lid of the Cooker, as well as containers and grid, must be made of stainless steel or aluminium alloys conforming to standard requirements. However, in the case of wrought-iron cookers, the chemical composition of the fusible plug must be such that it melts before a gauge pressure than 3 kgf/cm2 is reached. The gasket must follow IS-7644.

Various Tests for BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker

Following are some important tests required to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker:

  1. Test to check proof pressure;
  2. Device testing for safety pressure relief;
  3. Spring loaded mechanism test;
  4. Test to check bursting pressure;
  5. Test to check air pressure;
  6. Operating test to check pressure regulation of devices;
  7. Removal of the lid under pressure tests.

Pressure Cookers of each group should be tested to cover the nominal capacity of the group.

Marketing & Labelling Norms

Marking & Labelling shall be carried out as per IS 2347:2017. Each Pressure Cooker should be marked with its capacity on the body & the Manufacturer’s name or recognised Trademark on both the lid & the body. Also, the carton must be marked similarly. The ISI Mark must be stamped on the body of the Pressure Cooker. The Manufacturer must get a BIS Certification from the BIS to use an ISI Mark. BIS issues a BIS License based on a successful assessment of manufacturing, quality control, infrastructure, production, and testing capabilities during a visit to its manufacturing premises.

Documents for BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker

Following are some vital documents required for BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker in India:

  1. Identity proof, including the factory & office address;
  2. Registration Certificate or Incorporation Certificate or MoU[1], etc., of the Factory or any such document which shows the establishment of the factory;
  3. List of machinery involved in the manufacturing process along with all details of machinery;
  4. Details of testing facilities and equipment;
  5. MSME or SSI Certificate (if applicable);
  6. Test report (in-house or independent) if applicable;
  7. Details of outsourcing of the manufacturing operations (if applicable);
  8. Trademark Registration Certificate;
  9. Layout plan of the factory premises;
  10. Product drawing;
  11. Particulars about the raw materials being used;
  12. In the case of Foreign manufacturers, details of the Indian agent & nomination form;
  13. Copies of all the valid calibration certificates of testing equipment involved;
  14. Third-party lab test report as per BIS (if applicable).

Procedure for BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker

Following is the procedure for BIS ISI Certification for Pressure Cooker:

  1. The first step is the selection of relevant product codes.
  2. Then, you need to file an application form for ISI Certification and submit it with the required documents.
  3. Factory audit by BIS –authorised auditor.
  4. Sample report submission by BIS-authorised lab.
  5. Grant of License by BIS Authority.


If a product or item falls under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, all importers, Manufacturers & foreign entities must get BIS ISI Certification. The BIS may cancel or revoke the license if the product fails to meet certification requirements.

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