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What is ISI Certification?

ISI is a certified mark for industrial products that affirms to the Indian Standards. It signifies the quality and safety of a product. Indian Standards Institute, abbreviated as ISI, has a seven-digit license number approved by the national standard body of India, BIS. The Government has made ISI certification mandatory for electrical appliances and industrial goods.

A Catalogue of Products that Falls under Mandatory ISI Certification

Government has brought a tremendous change in the realm of manufacturing and trading. BIS has set high standards which every manufacturer needs to meet for launching his product in the market. Here is the list of those products that should always be ISI certified:

  • Household Electrical Appliances
  • Food Related Items
  • Cement
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil Pressure Stoves and Cylinders
  • Automobile Components
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Steel Products
  • Milk Powder
  • Kitchen Appliance
  • Iron
  • LPG

Benefits and Purpose of ISI Mark 

Indian Standards Institute is indicative of the first-rate quality of the products. All the industrial items which have ISI mark are an epitome of standardization. These are the advantages that one can avail from ISI certification: 

  • ISI mark help to increase customer’s satisfaction.
  • The mark ensures the best quality of products.
  • If any customer finds an inferior quality product, then the concerned manufacturer is liable to replace it. However, in case, the manufacture denies replacement, thereon the customer has the right to take any action against the manufacturer.
  • Further, through ISI certification, the manufacturers get a chance to widen their business on a higher level by gaining customer’s trust. 

Who holds the Authority to Issue ISI Certification in India?

The national standard body, Bureau of Indian Standard is the only centralized authority that issue ISI mark or certificate.  After getting an ISI certificate application, a BIS office undertakes a preliminary factory evaluation and verification of the product to assure the Indian Standard quality. ISI mark ensures that the product is safe to use and cannot take hazardous form in any case whatsoever.

Document Required for ISI Certification Process

An ISI applicant needs to provide these documents along with the application:

  • Address of the manufacturing unit
  • Registration certificate
  • A copy of the test report by a BSI approved internal laboratory
  • Details of test equipment
  • Packaging details such as quantity, storage facility, size of the product
  • Flow chart utilized in the manufacturing process
  • Proof of Indian Residency
  • Photocopy of Trademark Registration
  • The disposing technique of substandard product
  • Information about the quality control staff that must include name, designation, experience, and qualification.
  • Factory’s layout plan
  • Details of the raw material being used
  • Manufacturing Machinery and certificate from the regulatory authority
  • Product drawing
  • Company’s bank statement
  • Utility bills

Step by Step Procedure for ISI Registration

Follow these simple steps to procure the most renowned quality mark ISI certification from BIS:

Step 1 Select your Product Code

The first step is to check the product quality, whether it excels the prescribed BIS or not. Thereby, identify and choose an ISI standard product code. 

Step-2 File up ISI Certification Application

Now that you have selected the product code, it’s time to file the ISI registration application (Form-V). Attach all the requisite documents and pay the registration as well as audit fees for further inspection.

Note- An applicant has to file separate ISI forms for each product.

Step-3 Scrutiny and Inspection of the Factory Premise

Once you successfully submit the ISI application, the Inspection team and BIS officer will pay a visit to your factory premise. The inspection team will closely analyze the manufacturing and quality control process of your factory. Also, the BIS officer will further take some product samples for testing in a BIS approved laboratory.

Step-4 Submit Sample Report

Obtain your product sample’s report and submit it to the Bureau of Indian Standard.

Step-5 Issuance of ISI Certificate

After complete verification of the test report, documents, and application form, the BIS authority issues an ISI registration certificate. Generally, it takes 30 days from the application submission to procure ISI mark certification. The BIS license is valid for a period of one year while it can be renewed after the expiry. For the renewal, the applicant must file a renewal application certified by a CA.

Penalty Imposed for the Forgery of ISI Mark

There are chances that a manufacturer tries to breach the Indian Standards set by the BIS and uses false ISI mark. Under such circumstances, he is liable for hefty penalties and even imprisonment. If a manufacturer founds guilty to produce goods or products with a falsify ISI mark; he has to bear a penalty of Rs. 50,000 and imprisonment up to a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ISI mark is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards that was previously called as Indian Standards Institution. The ISI mark is applicable on electronic, tangible products, and industrial products.

ISI stands for Indian Standards set by the Government of India. A change in the socio-economic conditions in the mid-1980 leads to the formation of a stronger body called the (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS has the authority to certify products with ISI mark.

If a product affirms to the Indian standard thereon the national standard body of India, BIS issues the ISI mark license.

The product which possesses ISI mark demonstrates their supreme quality, safety, and reliability to use by the customers. The manufacturers who sell their product with ISI mark tends to earn more customer base, which ultimately reflects in their company’s revenue.


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