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The Knowledge Corner
ISI Certification for Mineral Water Plant
| Updated: Aug 09, 2022 | Category: ISI Certification

How to get ISI Certification for Mineral Water Plant?

It is well-known fact that only 3% of the water available on the earth is fit for human consumption. Out of this, most of the freshwater comes from inaccessible glaciers...

ISI Mark Certification for food
| Updated: Jun 25, 2022 | Category: BIS, ISI Certification, Other Services

ISI Mark Certification for Food Related Products

India is the second-biggest food producer worldwide, making India the highest consumer of Food and a contributor too. Nevertheless, the degraded quality of Food can cause serious harm. That is...

Procedure for ISI Certification
| Updated: Jun 07, 2022 | Category: ISI Certification

Procedure for ISI Certification for Household Electrical Goods

In India, ISI Certification is vital because it provides a quality mark that describes the product's grade and ISI Mark depicts the safety & trust of the product. For certain...

Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India
| Updated: Feb 03, 2021 | Category: Government, ISI Certification

What are the Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India?

Have you ever check at the types of ISI Certification Marks issued for different products and items in India? The Government of India issues these ISI Certification marks to protect...

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