What are the Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India?

Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India
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Have you ever check at the types of ISI Certification Marks issued for different products and items in India? The Government of India issues these ISI Certification marks to protect the welfares of all Indian citizens and also provide quality goods to buyers, and the Indian Government has set up standards for nearly all products and items that are sold in the Indian market. This certification of goods defends the environment, reduces health risks to customers, promote trades, guarantees the quality of the packaged product, etc. In this blog, we discuss the types of ISI Certification Marks issued by Government of India for different products.

Certification Mark – An Overview

Certification Marks on a different product are generally called as a validity mark or it promise the fact that the manufacturer of the product has tested the product carefully, and it also makes sure that it meets the prescribed quality standards. Different types of ISI Certification Marks also help to specify the location of the origin, construction materials, features of goods & services, mode of production, etc. This certification verifies the source or nature of goods or services to which it has been applied.

A body known as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which comes under the sponsorship of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), governs all the industrial standardization and industrial product certification in India.

Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India

Following are the types of ISI Certification marks issued for different items and products in India:

ISI Certification Marks
  • ISI Mark: This certification mark is used for industrial products, and this mark also makes sure that the product follows all the Indian Standards and it issued by BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards. Mandatory ISI Certification includes medical equipment, stainless steel, batteries, gas cylinder, steel products, electrical appliances, cement, chemicals, etc.
  • AGMARK: This mark is delivered by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection of the India Government, and this mark is applicable to agricultural products. This mark is legally obligatory in India by the Agricultural Produce Act, 1937 (Grading and Marking). This certification is engaged through sully owned state AGMARK laboratories positioned all over the nation, which acts as certifying centres and testing centres. Moreover, the CAL or Central AGMARK Laboratory in Nagpur and there are various regional AGMARK Laboratories (RALs) in eleven nodal cities in India.
  • BIS Hallmark Certification: As you already know that India is the second biggest market for its jewellery and gold, so it is necessary that the gold which is bought by the customers must require a verified BIS Hallmark. The certification mark is a hallmarking system for the sale of precious things such as jewellery and gold in India which certifies the purity of gold and jewellery. It also verifies that the jewellery and gold follow the standards which are set by BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • Green Dot and Red Dot: These dots are common mark printed on almost all types of food products in India and the red dot on the food products tells that the food is non-vegetarian whereas, the green dot tells that the food is vegetarian. These dots must be placed at a noticeable place on the food package.
  • Eco Mark: This type of mark is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to those products which follow the set of standards aimed at causing the minimum impact on the ecosystem.
  • FPO Mark: All processed fruit products sold in India must have an FPO Mark on fruit products. For example, fruit jams, crushes, pickles, packed fruit drinks, etc. This mark makes sure that the product was manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment, and it doesn’t harm anyone’s health and is safe for human consumption. So it is important for all the consumers this FPO Mark on the processed fruit products while purchasing from any shop.
  • Indian Organic Certification: This certification is a label provided to processed farm products in India and this mark guarantees that an organic food product follows the National Standards for Organic Products and it also guarantees you that the product or the organic materials used in the product were grown in the organic farm without using any pesticides, harmful chemical fertilizers, or any encouraging hormones.
  • Non-Polluting Vehicle Mark: For all the new motor vehicle sold in India must have Non-Polluting Vehicle mark because it confirms that the motor vehicle follows the related version of Bharat Stage Emission Standards and the validity of this certification mark is only for one year after that you have to apply for the renewal for this certification mark.

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What is the Difference between Duplicate and Original ISI Mark?

ISI mark is one of the types of ISI Certification Marks issued for various products in India. You can check the difference between the duplicate and original ISI Mark:

  • There are many products in the market resembling with this mark.
  • Products with “As per ISI Standards”, “Confirmed to ISI Standards” or “As per ISI Specification” are duplicate.
  • The symbol or logo of an original ISI on products is of rectangular shape, and the ratio between the logo’s length and breadth is 4:3. Number IS: is written with followed by a number. IS: is written on all the products but the IS:123 number varies. This number states the product category. CM/L with a seven-digit license number is written below the ISI logo, and this number will help you identify the unit where it was produced.


These types of ISI Certification Marks, as we mentioned above, are issued by testing accredited by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority). So from the above certificate marks, you must have come to know that how much the Indian Government is alert for the customer’s rights. In case if you face any issue in this certification, then you can contact Swarit Advisors.

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