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What is the Importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry?

Importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry
| Updated: Mar 17, 2021 | Category: Trademark

A trademark linked with the food product indicates the quality of the product. It gives a competitive advantage to the food business and increases the product’s value. In the food business, Trademark Registration is very important, and it helps in the value addition of the food product, which attracts more buyers. Apart from everything, a registered trademark becomes responsible for the quality of the food product. Scroll down to check more information regarding the importance of Trademark registration in Food Industry.

What is a Trademark?

Before discussing the importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry, let’s first understand the term Trademark. A Trademark is nothing but a logo, name, sign, symbol, or phrase representing a product or a company. The reputation of your company is shown by the Trademark. A Trademark makes it easy for the buyers or customers to reach you as you already know that the market is fully crowded, and it is very tough to recognize you. A trademark is a very vital factor in driving the customer’s decision. Trademark Registration is a process of registering your company’s name, logo, or mark, which helps in attracting the customer’s attention and makes it easy for your product to stand out in the market.

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Importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry

You can check the Importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry below:

  • The primary component of a food business or company is a registered trademark. Trademark Registration will distinguish your food product in a market from a similar food product of other company or business in the market. A Trademark Registration gives a brand name and differentiates the food products from the others.
  • Food quality also plays an essential role to set them apart. Trademark Registration is crucial for the food business or company in order to safeguard the company’s reputation in the food market. It is also vital to recognize the food product and to prevent confusion.
  • Trademark Registration eliminates the fall of customers and safeguards trade secrets. It also helps the customers in avoiding needless expenses on food products they don’t want to buy and more focus on the food products they actually want to consume.
  • Trademark Registration will assist food companies or businesses in marketing their food products. Trademark gives customer recognition to the food business in the market.
  • Apart from using a registered trademark, it also ensured that others are not using the same registered Trademark. Your Trademark should be unique in nature. A trademark that is registered under the Act gives protection to the uniqueness of your food product. If anyone is using the same Trademark, then the owner of a registered trademark has the right to take legal action.

What is the Trademark Registration Process of Food Products?

Before starting the process of trademark registration for foods products, you must know the importance of Trademark Registration in Food Industry:

Trademark Registration Process of Food Products
  • Step 1: Mark Selection: The first and most important step of this process is selecting a logo, name, or mark for your company. When you confirm the Trademark for your company, you have to make sure that the logo or mark is not simple and generic.
  • The name should be very distinctive and not used by anyone. While selecting a mark, business goals should always be remembered that it cannot be as easy and simple as “Burger making company”. The name gets legal protection under the laws of Trademark.
  • Step 2: Trademark Search: Trademark Search is conducted by experts to verify or check the availability of the desired logoor mark. Searching for a Trademark is done on the basis of trademark class. If the chosen mark or logo has neither been used nor similar to an already registered mark, then you can proceed further for trademark registration.
  • Step 3: File an Application for Trademark Registration: The applicant needs to file an application for Trademark Registration with the Trademark Authority in Form TM-A along with the specified fees. For filing an application, you need to arrange all the documents required for Trademark Registration. To make sure that the application for registration is complete, you need to take the help of a Trademark Attorney.

Once you submit all the vital documents along with the application. The Trademark Authority will review the same. In case your trademark application is approved by the Trademark Authority, you will be entitled to the benefits of Trademark. Therefore, you will have to observe the market to ensure that no other individual violates your rights. Once you get approval from the Trademark Authority, you are subjected to use the provisional symbol “TM”. Until you get the ® symbol, possible infringers can claim for the mark. Once your Trademark is registered, then the validity of the same is ten years, and it can be renewed for a further period of ten years.

In case if you are planning to register your mark or logo in other nations as well, then you have to apply for International Trademark Registration. An applicant can apply for Trademark Registration in each nation separately, and the Trademark Attorney can help you out with this.


So it is evident from the information above that trademark registration adheres to utmost importance for the food businesses operating nationwide. While opting for a genuine trademark for a food business, make sure that it stays in line with your business goal. If the Trademark fails to reflect your business’s essence, it may lose its significance, and people will eventually forget it.

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