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These days, there are various insurance policies available in the marketplace, which can confuse non-specialists in making the correct or suitable insurance choice. An insurance broker gives instructions and guidance to the customer regarding the best for their needs and assists them in making the correct financial decision. An insurance broking acts as an intermediary between the insurance companies and the general public or customers. They assist customers in buying the most appropriate insurance policy as per their financial requirements. To commence any insurance brokerage related activities, then the company should get an Insurance Broker License. Scroll down to check insurance broking opportunities and vital aspects.

Who is an Insurance Broker?

Insurance broker act as an arbitrator between the insurance company and the customer. They are the spokesperson of their customers and come forward as per their profits and help their customers to buy market policies as per their financial requirements and status. The insurance agent and a bank are not the insurer’s representatives. Generally, the people misunderstood them and developed them as an overvalued insurance agent in the nation. The insurance brokers can be classified into three different categories, which are as follows:

What is the Situation of Insurance Broking Opportunities in the Market?

Insurance brokers act as a bridge between both parties, in which they assist and guide one of the parties or the general public to buy any insurance plan as per their financial requirements, among one of the best available insurance policies in the market. While the insurance company, they offer them an authentic customer for whom the insurance company is already searching for. We can conclude the brokers as a third party who regularly seeks the joint benefits for both parties and makes sure they can contract together for combined profits.

The grant for the insurance broker license to perform as per objectives as mentioned earlier, the experienced department IRDAI or Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India under the glance of Insurance Regulator Act, 1999 authorized solely on judgment for the same, as to exercise the afforded powers offered under Sub-section (1) of Section 42 D of the Insurance Act, 1999[1].

In the Global Perspective

Global insurance holds a broadside of duties among the member nations while the insurance industry has a smaller area of responsibility and more established, thus more developed. It begins with examining the current risks and audits or examining, recommends the Risk Management Program, and guides to risk mitigation products in case available for the insurer or designing the product, process, set rates, and actual claims settlement. In several nations, insurance brokers have a broader spread network than the insurance companies that primarily limits themselves as an underwriter.

Online Insurance Industry

It should be noted that the online insurance industry is despondently deficient in growth in India, but it immense with great potential or capability and quick evolution within the last two years in this area. The rapid rise and due development in the ecommerce field, and flexibility of the internet using transactions in the nation most important to increase urban consumer in the insurance industry online & has opened the market for insurance broking indirect, reinsurance band composite sections.

In the global, the direct brokers assist their customers on their insurance requirements, lead them with the best insurance policies returns and consult prices and help them to pick a business place. Along with the post-sales services, likewise small changes in insurance policies, negotiate with insurers in case of claims, supports in the policy renewal, etc.

Share Ratio in Nations

Within the developed countries, insurance brokers hold a share ratio of 70% of the insurance market. While in India, insurance brokers hold approximately 30% and less than 1% in the general insurance industry and life insurance industry. The Indian Government positively overlooks and permitted 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance broking sectors to encourage the insurance sector to attract more funds.

What are the Various Challenges Faced by the Insurance Broking in the Marketplace?

  1. A fragile network distribution affects the insurance sector broadly. There is a requirement to strengthen the allocation of the network to support the industry;
  2. Such sector mixed up and difficult with the issue facing hugely by the clients under the difficult policies that being “mis-sold” with disturb claims. It probably happens because of the lack of level information within the insurance players and between clients. Agents are not able to resolve such problems, which result without knowing added issues in the insurance zones;
  3. The insurance industry needs a massive change from a seller’s market to a buyer market with insurance broking rules to limit or permit only that agent being capable of signifying the customer.

An Overview of an Insurance Brokerage License Renewal

  1. The validity of an insurance brokerage license is for three years. After the expiry of the brokerage license, a broker or brokerage company cannot continue its business. So you need to file an application for insurance brokerage license renewal thirty days from the date of expiry;
  2. If the application for the license renewal is made before the proposed authority after the expiry date of the prescribed period, then a late fee of Rs. 100 should be charged. Suppose an application for the renewal is making with a delay, then an amount of Rs. 750/- requires to be paid extra;
  3. However, the brokerage company cannot be able to make new customers and can help only their current customers. The application of renewal is the same as the new application filed by the insurance brokerage firm for a license. Such application should be according to the Form K of Schedule I;
  4. If you surpass the sixty days as well, the application will be considered after one year. During this period, the insurance broker will not perform any business form. If the renewal application gets rejected, then it has to be informed by the insurance brokerage applicant.


The insurance Broking industry is an organization of well-wishers of the insurance company and the public. They perform positively and serve the interested public in aiding them to purchase the best insurance policies in the market. They also established a good communication network among the insurance firms and the people in confirming both interests. To act and work as an insurance broker, it is compulsory to obtain a valid insurance broker license from the relevant authority.

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