Requirements to Obtain Hallmark for Gold Necklace

Hallmark for Gold Necklace
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Hallmarking is a process through which we can determine the proportion of precious metal in the jewellery. It is a universal mark that the jewellers use in various countries to determine the purity and fitness of the article. The rationale behind introducing this is to safeguard both buyers and sellers against possible adulteration of the jewellery. The government has, as of now permitted just two metals under this practice. These are gold and silver. This piece of writing will discuss Hallmark for Gold Necklace in detail.

Who grants permission to add Hallmark for Gold Necklace?

The process of Hallmark certification in India is carried out by the Bureau of Indian Standards and BIS rules and regulations 2018.

What are the documents a jeweller requires for Hallmark for Gold Necklace?

The jewellers must get registered under BIS if they want to obtain a hallmark for gold necklaces or other such articles.

  1. Documents that show the establishment of the firm, a certified copy of the same must be attached:
  2. Trade license or registration with state government
  3. Certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar
  4. Partnership deed, in case of partnership firm
  5. If a proprietorship, then a Certificate from a Chartered Accountant
  6. Documents showing the entity’s proof of address.
  7. Trade License or registration with state government
  8. VAT registration or Sales Tax Registration
  9. Income Tax Assessment order
  10. Insurance policy
  11. Receipt of Property Tax
  12. Rent/Sale/ lease Agreement with receipt of payment
  13. Electricity Bill
  14. Telephone Bill
  15. Water Bill
  16. Gas Connection
  17. Bank Statement/ Passbook ( this must have the address of the outlet)

Note: The applicant needs to have any one of the above-mentioned documents. NO document must be older than three months.

  1. Any one of the following Documents that show the identity proof of the signatory
    1. Aadhar Card
    2. Driving Licence
    3. PAN card
    4. Voter Identity card
    5. Passport OR
    6. Photo Bank ATM card
    7. Photo Credit card
    8. CGHS/ECHS photocard
    9. Arms licence
    10. Certification of Identification issued by a Gazetted officer on the letterhead
    11. A state government issued Medical Certificate for Disability or Handicap
    12. Freedom fight photo Card
    13. Pensioner photo card
    14. Ration/PDS photo card
    15. Photo ID card provided by any recognized educational institution
    16. Kissan Photo PassBook
  1. The applicant must Submit the following Additional documents:
    1. An agreement that is prepared on a stamp paper of Rs.100 and in the prescribed format
    2. Location of the premise from the nearest landmark.

The process to obtain Hallmark for Gold Necklace:

A jeweller must complete hallmark registration in India:

  • Step 1: Preparation of Documents: The Entity must ensure that it has all the above documents.
  • Step 2: Agreement: Then, the entity is required to prepare an agreement. This agreement must be drawn out on the stamp paper of Rs 100.
  • Step 3: Completion of the form: The applicant needs to fill in the necessary details in the BIs form and submit all the essential documents along with it.
  • Step 4: Payment of fees: once the application is completed, the entity must proceed by paying the requisite fee for processing the application.
  • Step 5: Inspection: The bureau of Indian standards shall send the officials to the premises to inspect the instruments, procedures and articles.
  • Step 6: Grant of Hallmark: if the officials are satisfied with the procedure and the application form, they shall grant the hallmark for Gold Necklace.

What does the Hallmark for Gold Necklace mean?

The BIS, based on the directions of the Department of consumer affairs, has denoted the three symbols for the hallmarking:

  • BIS Mark: The first sign that a person shall notice is the BIS Logo. A triangular logo depicts that the article has been marked and certified by a BIS licenses centre.
  • Purity: The second symbol on the hallmark depicts the degree of purity. The purity sign shows the amount of precious metal in the article. The following table shows the symbols used and their corresponding percentage of gold:
Symbol Percentage of Purity (Gold)
22K916 Has a total of 91.6% Gold
18K750 Has a total of 75% Gold
14K585 Has a total of 58.5%Gold
  • Six-Digit Alphanumeric Code: The Third symbol on the hallmarked jewellery is a six-digit alphanumeric code that is engraved on the product. This code is also known as the Hallmark Unique Identification Number (HUID)[1]. This number is unique for all the jewellery and can be cross-verified by the customer on the BIS Care App.


To apply for Hallmark for Gold Necklace, a person must register under the Bureau of Indian Standards. This registration can be obtained for a jeweller or an Assaying and hallmarking centre. The BIS officials shall conduct the requisite tests and grant the license if they find the entity fit. It is illegal for a person to carry jewellery of more than 2gms without a BIS registration.

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