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What are the Advantages to Register International Trademark?

Register International Trademark
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Trademark safeguards the registered Trademark owners by offering them the exclusive rights to recognize and use their products or services from the other and providing others with the rights to make, use it in return for payments. It performs as a tool for a registered Trademark owner to avoid other persons from unauthorized and misuse of such registered Trademarks of the registered owner.

The Madrid Protocol was first initiated in 1996 to register a mark under various countries. The Madrid Agreement denoted and gave an idea of the International trademark registration. In case you can also prefer the same Trademark Registration in several countries, you have to apply for an application for International Trademark through the Trademark Office. Scroll down to check the advantages to register International Trademark.

Madrid Protocol – An Overview

Under the Madrid Protocol, the application for International Trademark Registration should be recorded by the applicant of Trademark through the office of Trademark of the applicant, also recognize as the workplace of origin. Under some situations in Indian businesses, the office of the Trademarks Registrar of Indian considered as the workplace of origin. The Office of origin place processed the Trademark application and recorded it with an IP organization in Geneva.

Rules Fulfilling the Madrid Protocol – Register International Trademark

In the case your Trademark application fulfils the rules prescribed under the Madrid Protocol, then the proposed logo, mark, or word shall be ready to publish in the International Trademark Register and also published in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), under the WIPO Gazette of International Marks.

The agency of global Trademark will deliver the applicant a certificate for the same and shall communicate more regarding the protection to the applicant of registered Trademark from getting violated. Every member country’s of the Trademark Office has the advantage to contradict security by advising the International Bureau as mean possible way given under the Madrid Protocol. This protocol has arranged particular necessary time limits points of twelve or a year and a half for issues raised by the proposed offices to register International Trademark.

Advantages to Register International Trademark

Following are the significant advantages to register International Trademark:

Advantages to Register International Trademark
  • Distinctive Identity: If your Trademark has registered internationally in the International Trademark Registration, then you will be recognized as international recognition of your products and services. For this opportunity, the registration is the commencing way to make sure such facilities.
  • Benefits for Online Operators: Global Trademarked performs as a controlling factor for the development of e-commerce business. If you require in selling your products and services via an online platform, then it shall clear the path of your products to get accessible for international customers.

Once you received the international market’s appreciation, it shall become good enough to attract the client internationally, and your registered International Trademark will be renounced among the masses. Hence, it will be good and so wise to get enrolled for the global Trademark Registration prior to any other country, where you export your products and the local traders of that country try to create difficulty in the buyers by utilizing the same design as yours.

  • Business Opportunity: Trademark is an untouchable property of the registered proprietor and plays an essential role in the development of the business of the owner.  A registered Trademark provides several options for the registered proprietor to make money and make their name & recognition in the marketplace. Brands like Reebok and Adidas offer royalty to their proprietors through licensing agreement.
  • Safeguards Brand During Import or Export: A global Trademark is very helpful or beneficial and acceptable over the globe in all spheres and generally protects your interests at the time of the import and export process. If you got the news of any violation on your brand conducted at the time of the import & export process, you have feasibly held the rights to be entertained against the illegal users in the law court for suitable legal actions for such violations.
  • Legal Protection: globally registered Trademark guaranteed to legally safeguard the Trademark owner if you find that others are violating your registered Trademark and you have opposed the issue. Hence, in such possibility, it becomes very hassle-free to fight against the wrongs of the infringers via an authorized approach before the law court, and you should have the Registration Certificate which works as evidence to prove yourself right and legal proprietor of such registered logo, name, word, or slogan.
  • Changes and Renewal: Once the international Trademark application accepted and got examined with the proper examination of the relevant authority, your global Trademark shall be valid for ten years from the registration date. In case you find any alteration in it and desire to extend the renewal tenure of the Trademark, it becomes hassle-free for you. To renew the international Trademark, you have to file a similar application form as per the rules given by the authority and to submit it before the WIPO[1] for such concern.

What are the Reasons Behind to Register International Trademark?

The most difficult aspects of safeguarding a Trademark in today ground is protecting the Trademark at a global level. Because it is not impossible to register an international Trademark in every nation, an owner of a Trademark should register their Trademark rights in each nation where it looks for safeguarding. Following are some reasons that support the significance importance of Trademark Registration for US business in other nation around the globe:

  • If you work online business, your product may reach international customers easily;
  • You may be more endangered to inauthentic based globally;
  • Your supply claim may consist of global commercial activities.


Registration of Trademark is restricted to boundaries only, and any national Trademark Registration ends at the nation’s border. It doesn’t permit their proprietor to please rights of the Trademark Registration outside the national territories. Hence, for each nation in the world where you wish to mark your brand presence, you have to go via an individual Trademark application process. For that, you have to obey the procedure or strategy set by the other nation for Trademark Registration.

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