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All You Need to Know about Formalities of Trust Registration – Overview

All the private trusts in India are regulated and managed under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 whereas the public trusts direct the functioning of public trusts except in Gujarat and Maharashtra where public trusts are governed and ruled by Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. If anyone wants to establish a Trust in India, then he […]

How to Take Registration of Shop and Commercial Establishment in India?

License or Registration of Shop and Commercial Establishment is required under the Shop and Establishment Act, and it comes under the Department of Labour of the State Government. In India, most of the businesses like cafes, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc., are controlled under the requirements of the Shop and Establishment Act. The primary objective of […]

Complete Guide on Phase-Wise RERA Registration

Because of the everyday complications in the Real Estate Sector, the RERA Act, 2016 has introduced the idea of phase-wise RERA Registration for a real estate projects, and it begins with approvals for the beginning of a project and RERA Registration with the governing authority. The RERA Act has acknowledged that a large land or […]

What are the Types of ISI Certification Marks Issued for Different Products in India?

Have you ever check at the types of ISI Certification Marks issued for different products and items in India? The Government of India issues these ISI Certification marks to protect the welfares of all Indian citizens and also provide quality goods to buyers, and the Indian Government has set up standards for nearly all products […]

Different Ways to Establish Micro Finance Company

Before we discuss the different ways to establish Micro Finance Company, let us first understand Micro Finance Company. Microfinance companies come under the category of financial institutions that render budgetary aid to low-income groups. These sectors usually don’t access to traditional financial institutions such as banks and other financial institutions. If you want to establish […]

How RERA helps in transforming the Real Estate Market of India?

The RERA Act was implemented in India on May 1, 2017. It is being recognized for its power to transforming the Real Estate market of India in different terms such as efficiency, quality, and transparency. RERA Act holds the promise of revolutionizing the sector and helping revive the country. The primary idea of RERA was […]

Trust Registration Process under the Indian Trust Act 1882 – An Overview

Trust Registration under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 starts with the drafting of a Trust Deed, and this deed is the main requirement in the process of Trust Registration in India. Trust Deed is formed on a non-judicial stamp paper, and every state in India has fixed its stamp duty rate. A Trust can be […]

Discover the List of Documents Required for FFMC License in Delhi

Before we discuss the list of documents required for FFMC License in Delhi, it is important for us to know the definition of FFMC. FFMC stands for Full Fledged Money Changer, and it is stated as authorized money changers registered under 10 (1) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act. Generally, this license offers services related […]

What is the History of NBFCs? – Overview

Today, NBFCs are rising very fast as an integral part of the Indian Financial System, but when you look back at the history of NBFCs, they have started at a very low level and on a limited scale without making an effect on the financial sector. An NBFC or Non-Banking Financial Company doesn’t have any […]

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Does FSSAI Approve Artificial Sweeteners? – Overview

Yes, there are some artificial sweeteners that are approved by FSSAI. An artificial sweetener is an artificial sugar substitute that imparts a sweet taste similar to natural sugar but fewer calories. As you know, sugar is the most commonly used ingredient in foods, and it is found in cakes, bread, candies, processed foods, etc. Many […]

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