BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven – A Complete Analysis

BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven
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Microwave Ovens heat food using microwaves, a form of Electromagnetic Radiation similar to radio waves. Percy Spencer first discovered it in 1946 and the domestic Microwave was introduced in 1955. At present, almost in every home, a Microwave Oven is used and is popular for its speed of cooking & ease of use. The BIS, or the Bureau of Indian Standards, released a notification stating the Compulsory Registration requirements for the Microwave Oven under Scheme II. Any manufacturer in India who wants to manufacture a Microwave Oven must get their product registered with the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) of BIS. Without a valid BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Ovens, no manufacturer can sell or trade Microwave ovens in India. In this blog, we will discuss how to get BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven.

What is BIS CRS?

CRS or Compulsory Registration Scheme, which was 1st introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology for electronic & IT products. At present, 76 products are covered under CRS. All businesses & individuals who are selling, importing, storing, manufacturing, or distributing electronic items under the product list must apply for BIS CRS Registration. Any individuals who are manufacturers of electronic products must apply for BIS CRS Certification after getting tested from the BIS-certified labs.

Benefits of Obtaining BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven in India

Following are the benefits of BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven in India:

  • This Certification builds credibility & trust in customers;
  • Builds confidence in the branding of the Company;
  • Ease in entering the Indian Market;
  • Provide assurance that the Microwave Ovens are tested & certified accordingly;
  • Provides a competitive advantage.

Essentials for BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven

To get BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven, the applicant must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Product: In case a manufacturer is manufacturing more than one product, then the Manufacturer has to apply a separate BIS License application for each product category.
  2. Manufacturer: The BIS License or Certificate is only issued to the Manufacturer of the proposed product. The retailer, trader, or importer is not eligible for this BIS License. However, they can act as their Representative in India if the Manufacturer does not have their liasioning office in India. But, the BIS License is issued in the Manufacturer’s name only.
  3. Brand or Trademark: A Manufacturer who is manufacturing a similar product for more than one brand must apply for a separate BIS License. For example, if a Manufacturer is manufacturing Microwave Ovens for brands, X & Y have to apply for 2 separate BIS Licenses with the Department.
  4. Manufacturing Address: The BIS License is issued to the Manufacturer for a particular manufacturing site address. If the manufacturing address changes, then a new BIS License must be applied. Or if the Manufacturer has one or more manufacturing addresses for the manufacturing of the same devices, separate Licenses are applied with the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Documents Required for BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Ovens

Following is the list of crucial documents required for BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Ovens:

  • Business License of the Manufacturing License;
  • ISO Certificate of the Manufacturer;
  • Trademark Registration Certificate;
  • Trademark Authorisation Letter, if the brand is not owned by the Manufacturer;
  • Marking Label or details of marking of the product;
  • Completely filled CDF or CCL Form;
  • Duly-filled BIS application form;
  • Authorisation Letter (if the signatory person is other than the Manufacturing Head);
  • Authorised Indian Representative Company Registration proof in India (in case of Foreign Manufacturer);
  • Photo Id of Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) or Authorised Signatory;
  • Technical specification sheet of user manual or product;
  • The scope of Business License.

Procedure for BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Ovens in India

Following is the step-by-step procedure for BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven in India:

  • Process for Indian Manufacturer:
  • First, the Manufacturer needs to submit an online application form for the BIS CRS Certification for Microwave Oven.
  • Then, the product samples are tested in the BIS-certified laboratory.
  • After testing, submit the online or offline hardcopy of the application, comprising a product sample test report.
  • BIS official & inspection team will verify the application, documents, and test reports of the product sample.
  • Once all the above steps are completed, then the BIS will issue the BIS CRS Registration Certificate[1].
  • Process for Foreign Manufacturer:
  • First, nominate an Authorised Indian Representative or AIR who can represent the Foreign Manufacturer.
  • Then, submit an online application form and all the crucial documents.
  • Get the product sample tested by the BIS-certified laboratory.
  • Submit an online or offline copy of the application and the test report of the product sample.
  • Then, the inspection team and BIS Officials will verify the application form and all the crucial documents comprising the product test report.
  • Once all the above steps are completed, then the BIS will issue the BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

Important Points to Know to Get BIS Certificate in India

The following are some vital points that needs to be considered to obtain BIS Certificate in India:

  1. All the crucial documents should be signed by the Manufacturer, Indian Representative, and Brand Owner, and in addition, documents should be notarised & stamped by the Brand Owner and Indian Representative.
  2. The test report of the product sample is valid for only 3 months; before its expiry, the test report of the product sample should be submitted to the Bureau of Indian Standards. If you cannot submit the report to the Bureau of Indian Standards, then you have to submit the new sample again for testing.
  3. All the vital documents shall be ready before the testing of the sample.
  4. In CDF or Construction Data Form, product detail shall be filled correctly, and in CCL or Critical Component List, product components information should be filed in a brief & accurate way.
  5. Select BIS certified testing organisation & an experienced compliance partner until you have the expertise and/or office in India that can help you.
  6. Another important point you should consider while choosing a lab for product testing is that the License of the Lab should be valid & not suspended, and at that time lab shall not be in the middle of or about to get audited.
  7. Before the shipment of samples, ensure complete arrangements have been made for the entire shipment from your location to the testing lab’s door.


BIS CRS Certification in India offers several benefits in the Market. Businesses can make more profits due to the BIS CRS Mark because it increases customers’ confidence. BIS Certification is compulsory for products. So, before introducing the products into the Indian Market, all manufacturers of these electronic products must get BIS CRS Certification.

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