India Today Sued Newslaundry For Copyright Infringement

India Today Sued Newslaundry For Copyright Infringement
Siddharth Verma
| Updated: Nov 06, 2021 | Category: Copyright

India Today sued Newslaundry for Copyright Infringement along with the suit of defamation before the Hon’ble Delhi High court of India.  Copyright infringement basically means breaching, misuse and stealing the registered exclusive rights of the copyright holder by the third party without his consent.  Scroll down to check information more regarding India Today sued Newslaundry YouTube channel for Copyright Infringement.

Background- India Today sued Newslaundry YouTube channel for Copyright Infringement

The dispute is going on between the News laundry a “YouTube” channel, and India Today. Recently, it has been witnessed that India Todaysued Newslaundry, a YouTube channel on the grounds of copyright infringement and defamation for criticizing the news channel. India Today has sought Rs. 2 crores as damage cost of the image of the channel, and for that, an application moved against the Newslaundry YouTube channel by the India Today before the Hon’ble High court of Delhi[1] stating the facts of committing copyright infringement and defaming the image of the news channel, against its news anchors, its management and its employees.

India Today is asserting that Newslaundry is criticizing it with endless allegations that are groundless and shall be accountable for defamation. The CEO of the news Laundry expressed criticism by saying India Today sued NEWSLAUNDRY unreasonably, and he tweeted in defence by denying all the false and malicious allegations made by the India Today against the News laundry.  He said that “there is no copyright violation done if you are criticizing the news or the news organization or analyzing the news by yourself” also, he stated the precedents of the supreme court of India in defence which does not bar to criticize any news or any news anchor. Resultantly, YouTube has frozen the channel of the news laundry after receiving the three complaints of copyright infringement by India today.

What is Copyright, and what is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright is the intangible and one type of Intellectual Property Right; these are the collection of rights vested on the creator of original work like- literary work, software, music or movie. The inventor of the original work shall have exclusive rights over his work, he has full control over his rights, and he can transfer his rights to others and hold the control over his work by not giving anyone copy, breach and control over his rights.

Copyright is defined under section-14 of the copyright act, 1957 as an exclusive right to do or certify the doing of any of the following acts in respect of a work or any significant part thereof, namely:

  • Reproduce the work in any manner, comprising storing the work in any form;
  • Issue work copies to the public;
  • Carry out the work in public;
  • Make any cinematographic film regarding the work;
  • Translate the work;
  • Make an adaptation of the work;


The essence of this news is that both India Today and Newslaundry express the contradictory view over copyright infringement. The Newslaundry is taking the defence by stating that even the Supreme Court does not bar to criticize the news, news organizations, and anchors delivering incorrect information to the public. However, on the other side, India Today alleges that news laundry has committed a very significant copyright infringement and tried to defame the image of the channel in public. So for that, India, Today sued Newslaundry by moving an application before the Hon’ble High court of Delhi alleging the copyright infringement and defamation as two main grounds of the suit and claiming Rs 2 crore as damage cost.    

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