Requirements for BIS ISI certification for Iron Products

BIS ISI for Iron Products
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Iron is one of the most essential metals used worldwide. It is very ductile and lustrous. Its importance can be adjudged by the fact it is used in various forms like for creating reinforced concrete, buildings, automobile components, cutting tools, arms and ammunitions. Iron is often mixed with other metals such as chromium, vanadium, tungsten, manganese etc., to create steel alloys, a component without which we cannot imagine the progress of civilisation. In this blog, we shall discuss BIS ISI certification for Iron Products

What is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)?

The government-run National Standard Body of India had established the Bureau of Indian Standards. The bureau is governed by the rules set forth by the BIS Act of 2016[1]. It was created to develop standards and provide certification to products and their manufacturing process. This process ensures that the products circulated in the Indian Market are reliable, non-hazardous and can act as import substitution.

Having multiple uses and being such a vital commodity in every sector has made it important for iron products circulated in the Indian market to be of top-notch quality. Iron products that need to obtain the BIS ISI standards as per Category 1 have been listed in the table below: Product Standard
1. Soft Magnetic Iron Strips IS 11946:1987
2. Soft Magnetic Iron Rods, Bars Flats and Sections IS 11947:1987
3. Centrifugally cast (spun) ductile iron pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage IS 8329: 2000
4. Ductile iron fittings for pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage IS 9523:2000
5. Specification for Malleable iron shots and grits for use in foundries IS 9139:1979

Which schemes shall be applicable to BIS ISI certification for Iron Products?

The following two registration schemes are required for Iron Products:

ISI Mark Registration (Domestic Manufacturers)

As the Iron products in the list mentioned above fall under the compulsory certification under Scheme-1, a manufacturer must complete the standard ISI mark scheme procedure. This makes sure that the domestic manufacturer is producing a product of high quality.

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)

FMCS certification is mandatory for foreign manufacturers of Iron products. The FMC Scheme enables foreign manufacturers to use the ISI mark on their products. However, for this, the foreign manufacturer has to set up an office in India and appoint an agent who shall look after the process of registration.

Application process BIS ISI certification for Iron Products

The following is the application process for BIS ISI certification for Iron Products:

Application process

  • The applicant needs to fill in the form on the BIS portal.
  • Next, the applicant must put in a request for quality testing.
  • The applicant must attach all the documents as and when prompted.
  • After the submission of the application, a BIS official shall visit the plant/factory for preliminary inspection.
  • The Officer shall examine the product samples.
  • Once all the inspections are completed, the BIS Official shall prepare the final tests report.

Surveillance Process

  • The BIS official sends in the examination officers who shall visit the factory premises to prepare the product’s test reports.
  • BIS officer shall also collect a few samples, mark them and send them to BIS registered laboratories.
  • The laboratories shall generate test reports of the products and give feedback on quality and standards.
  • The Examiner shall prepare a detailed review report for the tests
  • After going through all the reports, the BIS shall issue the manufacturer an ISI certificate.

Documents required BIS ISI certification for Iron Products:

The following documents are required for BIS ISI certification for Iron Products:

  • Applicant’s Identification proof.
  • Address of proof of the factory/ manufacturing unit.
  • Proof of establishment such as a Registration Certificate, MOA, and Certificate of Incorporation.
  • MSME Certificate/ SSI Certificate.
  • Documents about outsourcing: In case the manufacturing process is being outsourced.
  • Layout plan of the factory.
  • Flow chart of the Manufacturing process.
  • A Detailed list of the Equipment involved.
  • Certificates displaying calibration of testing equipment.
  • A detailed list of machinery and facilities.
  • BIS registered lab test reports of the product
  • In the case of an authorised representative, a letter of authorisation from the owner or CEO for the authorised signatory.
  • In the case of a foreign manufacturer, the company must assign an Indian agent. A nomination form, along with the details of this agent, is mandatory.
  • Letter of Consent obtained from the CEO of the company
  • Letter of Acknowledgement
  • For foreign manufacturers, it is necessary to have an affidavit of undertaking attested with proof of identification and the signature of the Indian Representative
  • Documents that of original test report results from the BIS laboratory
  • Document of an undertaking of test reports

Validity of BIS ISI certification for Iron Products

The BIS ISI certification of Iron products shall be valid for a period of one year, after which it needs to be renewed.


BIS ISI Certification for Iron products is essential. Any manufacturer who wants his product to have a presence in the Indian market must obtain the ISI Mark from BIS. The government has introduced various standards for iron products to attain the benchmark before consumers utilise them. These standards ensure that the consumer is able to use a product that is safe and of high quality.

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