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Siddharth has completed his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He has a keen interest in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects, especially on Civil, criminal and corporate Law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

Emerging Copyright Issues in E-Commerce: An Investigation

The emerging Copyright issues in E-commerce are facing a lot of copyright infringements cases nowadays. Using content from another company when creating content for your e-commerce website can be a serious legal issue. This could be the ruin of your online business. Several royalty-free websites allow you to access their information and images. You can […]

Role of copyright in Media: An analysis

The media and Entertainment industry covered and expanded over the years and evolved the changing times and technologies. The essential media sources that formed the media and entertainment sector are Films, Television, newspapers, advertisements, Radio, music, Applications, vlogs, blogs, PC games, online websites, etc. This is the fact that IPR is considered to be the […]

Copyright Infringement of Your Instagram Profile: An Overview

Nowadays, millions of people use the internet, and most of them want to stay connected. Social media is the best platform for people to stay connected, and in the 21st century, hardly any person, irrespective of any country, does not use Social media. Social media is the platform where you can post your picture, videos, […]

IPR and Covid19: Lessons for Future

We all have seen the massive outbreak of Covid19 in India, about millions of people died and got infected due to Covid19 in both second and first waves. Covid19 bought the whole world to its knees. The pessimistic assessment of the global healthcare system is primarily due to insufficient and indiscriminate access to drugs, Covid19 […]

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How can you Monetise Copyright?- Needs & License

Monetization of Copyright is the process of selling, Transferring, or liquidating intangible assets. The owner of the Copyright contractually transfers the rights to another person to generate revenue. Copyright shall have economic rights include the right to reproduce, distribute, perform/broadcast, translate, or modify the work. Adding the copyright sign to the printed text or indicating […]

Copyright and Trademark Relevancy in Business Transactions: An Analysis

Both Trademark and copyright are considered to be the backbone of any business transaction. They fix the reliability, security, and trust element among the customers and absolute owner of the work. Also, they protect against infringement, passing off, and distinguish the product and services from other business entities. In this article, we will discuss the […]

Music Broadcast Vs Tips Industries Ltd & Ors: IPAB Judgement

The Intellectual property appellate board passed the landmark Judgment on Music broadcast vs Tips Industries Limited on the ground of violation of section 31-D of the copyright act, 1957 and rule 31 of the copyright act 2013. So, in this article, we will holistically analyze the case “MUSIC BROADCAST VS TIPS INDUSTRIES LTD & ORS” […]

Nike Prosecuted By Kawhi Leonard for Copyright Infringement of Logo: Case Overview

Recently Nike Prosecuted by Kawhi Leonard for infringement of his logo’s copyright. Leonard claims he designed the logo early in his NBA career. Nike is alleging that the logo was developed as part of an endorsement arrangement. According to the lawsuit, same filed before the United States District Court Southern District of California, Leonard created […]

Importance of IP Audits for Corporates: An Overview

Nowadays, Intellectual property rights have become the most valuable and a productive Tool for the Corporates. In this complex and competitive business world, protection related to Intellectual property is the requirement for entities and new business startups. Intellectual property is known as Intellectual assets, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, design and circuit layouts, etc. The success and […]

Trademark Infringement Case of Nike Inc. vs. MSCHF Product Studio Inc. – An Overview

Nike dragged the company MSCHF Product Studio Inc. before the court on trademark infringement and copying the Nike shoe black Nike Air Max 97s for making the 666 pairs of “Satan shoes.” Therefore, a lawsuit has been filed against the company that sells the LilNas X “Satan Shoes.” pricing at $1,018. Nike filed the suit on the same day […]

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