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Siddharth has completed his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He has a keen interest in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects, especially on Civil, criminal and corporate Law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

Copyright and Trademark Relevancy in Business Transactions: An Analysis

Both Trademark and copyright are considered to be the backbone of any business transaction. They fix the reliability, security, and trust element among the customers and absolute owner of the work. Also, they protect against infringement, passing off, and distinguish the product and services from other business entities. In this article, we will discuss the […]

Music Broadcast Vs Tips Industries Ltd & Ors: IPAB Judgement

The Intellectual property appellate board passed the landmark Judgment on Music broadcast vs Tips Industries Limited on the ground of violation of section 31-D of the copyright act, 1957 and rule 31 of the copyright act 2013. So, in this article, we will holistically analyze the case “MUSIC BROADCAST VS TIPS INDUSTRIES LTD & ORS” […]

Nike Prosecuted By Kawhi Leonard for Copyright Infringement of Logo: Case Overview

Recently Nike Prosecuted by Kawhi Leonard for infringement of his logo’s copyright. Leonard claims he designed the logo early in his NBA career. Nike is alleging that the logo was developed as part of an endorsement arrangement. According to the lawsuit, same filed before the United States District Court Southern District of California, Leonard created […]

Importance of IP Audits for Corporates: An Overview

Nowadays, Intellectual property rights have become the most valuable and a productive Tool for the Corporates. In this complex and competitive business world, protection related to Intellectual property is the requirement for entities and new business startups. Intellectual property is known as Intellectual assets, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, design and circuit layouts, etc. The success and […]

Trademark Infringement Case of Nike Inc. vs. MSCHF Product Studio Inc. – An Overview

Nike dragged the company MSCHF Product Studio Inc. before the court on trademark infringement and copying the Nike shoe black Nike Air Max 97s for making the 666 pairs of “Satan shoes.” Therefore, a lawsuit has been filed against the company that sells the LilNas X “Satan Shoes.” pricing at $1,018. Nike filed the suit on the same day […]

Dilution Doctrine under Trademark Law: An Overview

Under Trademark Law, Trademark defined under section 2(1)(ZB) a mark capable of being represented graphically and capable of differentiating one person’s products or services from others, which may include the form of Product, their packaging, and color combination. Trademark shall be identified as a phrase, logo, slogans, bands, symbols, letters, numerals, goods’ shape and packaging, […]

Conflict on Using Trademark “Burj”: Delhi High Court Ruling

Delhi High court passed the order in favor of Dubai’s international hotel Jumeirah beach resort LLC (Plaintiff); after observing the Conflict on using Trademark “Burj” the Court restrained Designarch Consultants Private Limited (Defendants) in this case to continue the use of Trademark “Burj” for construction of upcoming projects. Since the Designarch Consultants Private Limited is claiming that they have “Burj” as […]

What is 3D Packaging Under Trademark Law?- Comprehensive Analysis

Meaning of Trademark incorporated under section 2(1)(m) of trademarks act, 1999 which defines mark as one which contains a brand, device, label, heading, name, signature, ticket, letter, numeral, word, packaging, the shape of the goods or combination. This concept has been expanded to encompass non-traditional trademarks such as three-dimensional trademarks. In India, 3D packaging under trademark Law […]

Bennett Coleman’s Trademark Infringement Suit Disposed by Delhi Court – Overview

Recently, Bennett Coleman, the times’ group seeking a permanent injunction for the infringement of their Trademark against some entities. The present issue is related to Bennett Coleman’s Trademark infringement suit same filed by Bennett Coleman, the times’ group, against the entities on the ground of imparting the gifts and accessories on their web portal. They […]

What is the difference between patent Process and patent product?

A product patent is a regime that protects a patent product. It provides the original creator with extensive protection to prevent competition for identical products. On the other hand, a process patent covers how a product is manufactured rather than the product itself. It decreases the market’s monopolistic character. Because India is a signatory to […]

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