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Siddharth has completed his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He has a keen interest in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects, especially on Civil, criminal and corporate Law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

Dilution Doctrine under Trademark Law: An Overview

Under Trademark Law, Trademark defined under section 2(1)(ZB) a mark capable of being represented graphically and capable of differentiating one person’s products or services from others, which may include the form of Product, their packaging, and color combination. Trademark shall be identified as a phrase, logo, slogans, bands, symbols, letters, numerals, goods’ shape and packaging, […]

Conflict on Using Trademark “Burj”: Delhi High Court Ruling

Delhi High court passed the order in favor of Dubai’s international hotel Jumeirah beach resort LLC (Plaintiff); after observing the Conflict on using Trademark “Burj” the Court restrained Designarch Consultants Private Limited (Defendants) in this case to continue the use of Trademark “Burj” for construction of upcoming projects. Since the Designarch Consultants Private Limited is claiming that they have “Burj” as […]

What is 3D Packaging Under Trademark Law?- Comprehensive Analysis

Meaning of Trademark incorporated under section 2(1)(m) of trademarks act, 1999 which defines mark as one which contains a brand, device, label, heading, name, signature, ticket, letter, numeral, word, packaging, the shape of the goods or combination. This concept has been expanded to encompass non-traditional trademarks such as three-dimensional trademarks. In India, 3D packaging under trademark Law […]

Bennett Coleman’s Trademark Infringement Suit Disposed by Delhi Court – Overview

Recently, Bennett Coleman, the times’ group seeking a permanent injunction for the infringement of their Trademark against some entities. The present issue is related to Bennett Coleman’s Trademark infringement suit same filed by Bennett Coleman, the times’ group, against the entities on the ground of imparting the gifts and accessories on their web portal. They […]

What is the difference between patent Process and patent product?

A product patent is a regime that protects a patent product. It provides the original creator with extensive protection to prevent competition for identical products. On the other hand, a process patent covers how a product is manufactured rather than the product itself. It decreases the market’s monopolistic character. Because India is a signatory to […]

What is the Significance of Trademark in Branding?

The significance of Trademark in branding shall confer the exclusive rights to the owner of the brand by the state. It is essential to understand that trademarks play a significant role in branding to protect the owner’s exclusive rights from infringement. Examples of Trademark are signs, symbols, labels, logos, or design that portrays the service […]

Court procedure in respect of Copyright Litigation: An analysis

Whosoever violates the copyright “an exclusive right” of any person who is the original author can take the help of the judiciary and to commence copyright litigation before appropriate adjudicatory body against the alleged defendant to protect their fundamental & original rights. Although, the condition prevails when it comes to the protection of copyright, registration […]

Trademark Dispute between Golden. Tobie vs. Golden Tobacco – A Complete Analysis

The trademark Dispute between the Golden. Tobie vs Golden Tobacco has remarked the controversy on the issue related to the trademark assignment in the present case. The question is whether it is arbitrable or not? In the matter above, both the parties entered into a supply agreement, a trademark license agreement, and an amendment agreement. Furthermore, the […]

Delhi High Court New Rulings On Fast-Track IPR Issues

As we have all heard about this quote, “JUSTICE DELAY JUSTICE DENIED” currently, the Pendency of cases in courts and tribunals in India is a matter of concern and loads of cases are pending for speedy and effective adjudication due to the slow and delayed process by the courts. To counter this measure, Delhi High […]

Validity of a Trademark in Case of its Non-Utilization

Trademark is one form of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). Trademarks are the exclusive rights that are granted to the inventor, and they include a name, word, symbol, or device & signature that differentiate goods of other entities. Through the Trademark registration, the owner can prevent the use of his word and signature by a third […]

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