BIS ISI certification for Feeding Bottle

BIS ISI certification for Feeding Bottle
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What is BIS certification?

Bureau of Indian standards issues the BIS certification. The BIS certification gives the customer guarantee of the product’s safety, quality and reliability. The BIS certification is mandatory for some products, especially the ones that affect public life and health. Till now, there are 380 products that need mandatory registration. The BIS certification permits manufacturers to apply the ISI standard mark on their products.

BIS ISI Certification for Feeding bottles

The process of feeding is essential for the health of the baby. The government has introduced two BIS ISI certification standards for feeding bottles. This is done to ensure that safe materials are used to create the product. The manufacturer cannot sell the product without appropriate certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Indian Standards applicable for BIS ISI Certification for Feeding bottles

  • IS 14625:2015 is the standard applicable for BIS ISI Certification for Plastic Feeding bottles.
  • IS 5168:2018 is the standard applicable for BIS ISI Certification for Glass Feeding bottles.

Importance of BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles

The BIS ISI Certification for feeding bottles has various benefits, such as:

  • It safeguards the health of the baby
  • It gives a sense of security to the parent that a high-quality product is utilised
  • It protects the baby from hazardous components

Documents required for BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles

  • Name and address proof of the manufacturers
  • Name and address proof of the company
  • Documents showing proof of establishment- Certificate of incorporation/certificate of registration
  • Details regarding the outsourced process (if any)
  • Layout plan of the manufacturing unit
  • Map of location of the factory
  • Flow chart depicting the process of manufacturing
  • Details of the machinery being utilised
  • List of testing equipment available at the factory
  • Certificates of calibration of all the testing equipment
  • Reports of tests from 3rd party labs approved by BIS
  • Documents for Authorised Indian Representatives in case of overseas manufacturers
  • this shall include details of
  • User manual specifications of the product
  • Letter of Consent signed by the CEO of the company
  • Original test reports and undertaking of those test reports.

Procedure to procure BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles

The process to procure BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles is as follows:

  • Step 1: The applicant must select the appropriate category for feeding bottles. The manufacturer should comply with all the norms to obtain the BIS License.
  • Step 2: After selecting the product code, the applicant must fill out the application form along with the registration fees. The applicant must pay the audit fee for the inspection of the product. In the case of multiple products, the manufacturer has to file a separate application for each product for ISI registration[1].
  • Step 3: The BIS officials with an inspection team shall visit the factory premises. They will inspect and examine the manufacturing plant to ensure proper quality measures are followed. The BIS officers shall take some random samples for quality check and testing purposes.
  • Step 4: The applicant must send some samples to third-party labs that are licensed by BIS. The lab shall carry out various tests on the product. The lab will generate a test report that shall be provided to the applicant. This report needs to be submitted to BIS along with the application.
  • Step 5: After completing the above-mentioned steps for submission of documents, test reports and application to the bureau of Indian standards. The authorities shall carefully examine the product and the application form. If satisfied with the manufacturer, BIS shall issue the ISI certification for BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles. The manufacturer shall receive the certificate in the span of 30 days from the date of submission of the application.

Validity of BIS ISI certification for Feeding bottles

The BIS ISI certification for feeding bottles shall be valid for a period of one year. The certification must be renewed after submitting the application for renewal and submitting the prescribed fee.

Repercussions of using false ISI mark certification for feeding bottles.

If a person is found using a false ISI mark on a feeding bottle or a counterfeit ISI mark on his product, then he shall be liable to one-year imprisonment along with a penalty of Rs.50,000.


The government has introduced BIS certification for different products. This is done to ensure that the general population utilises the non-hazardous and secure product. The BIS ISI Certification for Feeding bottles is mandatory for all manufacturers producing feeding bottles. Once the manufacturer obtains this certificate, he can apply the ISI logo to his product.

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