Requirements for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers
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Cement is one of the most critical elements of a building. Studies suggest that the reason for the collapse of many buildings in the past has been due to the use of poor-quality cement. To deal with the menace of substandard cement, the Bureau of Indian standards have introduced various norms for the manufacturers to comply with.

The BIS certification for cement signifies that the cement is of top quality and the product is aptly tested under proper lab conditions. Cement is such a vital component that it is obligatory for cement manufacturers to get their products BIS certified. Thus the manufacturer must adhere to the prefixed parameters and standards as per the BIS to obtain the ISI mark. In this article, we shall go through the Requirements for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers.

Indian Standards for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers Product Indian Standard
1. Ordinary Portland cement IS 269:2015
2. Portland slag cement IS 455:2015
3. Portland pozzolana cement IS 1489 (Part 1):2015
4. Portland pozzolana cement IS 1489 (Part 2):2015
5. Specification for masonry cement IS 3466:1988
6. High alumina cement for structural use IS 6452:1989
7. Supersulphated cement IS 6909:1990
8. Rapid hardening Portland cement IS 8041:1990
9. White Portland cement IS 8042:2015
10. Hydrophobic Portland cement IS 8043:1991
11. Specification for oil-well cement IS 8229:1986
12. Specification for sulphate resisting Portland cement IS 12330:1988
13. Portland cement, low heat IS 12600:1989
14. Composite cement IS 16415:2015
15. Specification. for Microfine Ordinary Portland Cement IS 16993: 2018
16. High Alumina Refractory Cement. IS 15895: 2018

Documents required for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

The following documents are required for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers:

  • The address proof of manufacturing plant
  • The Id proof of the applicant
  • Certified copy of the reports from BIs authorised labs
  • Proof of establishment of the business- Certificate of registration in case of companies, Partnership deed in case of partnership firm  and PAN card in case of sole proprietor
  • Details of the equipment used for testing
  • A flow chart showing the entire manufacturing process
  • A copy of trademark registration
  • Detailed information regarding factory staff, Names, qualifications and experience.
  • The layout of the factory
  • Disposing method of inferior products
  • A copy of  information of the machinery installed
  • Copy of company’s bank statement
  • Details of the raw materials being used for cement manufacturing
  • Copy of any utility bills like water, electricity or tax receipts
  • Identity proof of the Authorised Indian representative (AIR)- for foreign manufacturers only
  • Documents for authorising the AIR- for foreign manufacturers only

Procedure for obtaining BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

A manufacturer must complete the below-mentioned steps to complete BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

  • Step 1: Fill in the application– The applicant/manufacturer needs to visit the BIS website[1]. Next, create a valid User id and password. The applicant should log on to the BIS portal and file an application for BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers.
  • Step 2: Test Request– The applicant must select the appropriate Indian cement standard from the above-mentioned list. The product needs to undergo proper testing; hence, the applicant must initiate a request for testing of the product sample.
  • Step 3: Factory inspection– The BIS officials will visit the factory premises. They shall observe and record their findings on the quality of the product, in-house testing facilities and the manufacturing process. They shall also draw out random samples for quality check and carry them to the BIS facilities.
  • Step 4: Testing the product– The manufacturer should also get their samples tested at a third-party BIS recognised lab and the report for the same.
  • Step 5: Submit the application-The application must be filled in entirely, then the manufacturer must attach the documents mentioned above and test reports and send them to the BIS.
  • Step 6: Scrutiny of Application– After the submission, the BIS officials will cross-check and scrutinise the details in the application. The officials shall also check the results generated from the third-party BIS portal.
  • Step 7: Grant of BIS Certificate– If BIS finds the test reports satisfactory and the products qualify for use, then the manufacturer shall be given the BIS grant of license.

Validity of the BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

The BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers can be granted for two years, after which the manufacturer must renew the certificate.

Misuse of BIS ISI Certification for cement manufacturers

Many manufacturers often use fake or false BIS ISI marks to device the consumers without completing the licensing process. It is illegal to use a fake/ counterfeit ISI mark. Those who are found using a false ISI mark on their products shall be imprisoned for a term of one year, along with a minimum of ₹ 50,000 fine.


India has witnessed various causalities due to inferior cement. Therefore the government has made it mandatory for manufacturers to get ISI standards for cement. There are a total of 16 standards for cement. If you want to get your ISI certified, contact our Swarit advisor’s experts to help you with your application process.

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