Procedure for obtaining Fire NOC in India

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In India, several fire accidents took the lives of people. Like, The cracker factory accident in Telangana took the lives of 10 workers, The Viraat Hotel, Lucknow, gas leakage accident, Bawana Accident and several other terrifying accidents happened last year in our country. To prevent these kinds of fire contingencies, the government ensures that the building has all fire safety measures and the buildings are fire resistant in case of any tragedy. Therefore, the government has made it compulsory for almost every business entity to obtain Fire NOC in India.

Fire NOC in India

Fire No objection Certificate is issued by the Fire Department Authority of the particular state or municipality. This license ensures that the residential or commercial property is fire resistant and unlikely to damage property and lives caused by fire accidents. The Fire NOC granted authority is headed by Deputy Chief Fire Officer or Chief Fire Officer and assisted by Area Fire Inspectors of that respective city/state. This No objection Certificate must be obtained by those buildings that have a height of more than 15 meters.

Importance of Fire NOC in India

Fire NOC in India must be obtained by all those buildings whether residential or non-residential, whose height is more than 15 meters to ensure that the property is successfully installed all the fire-related measures and will able to bear fire tragedies in future.

This NOC helps in protecting the lives and health of people staying there. You can also prevent your properties from any serious losses and damages that could happen from fire. So, Fire NOC helps in protecting lives and financial damages.

Categories for Fire NOC

Fire NOC

  • Residential flats/apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing factories with moderate and high hazards
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/educational institutes
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Warehouses

Documents required for obtaining Fire NOC in India

  • 2 Copies of the proposed plan of the building from building authority, it must be prepared according to the Bye-Law No.
  • Copy of existing NOC agreement, if any.
  • Architect certified check-list
  • Application form
  • Building model
  • Certificate of electric wiring quantity and completion from a recognized authority.
  • Outside Photograph of the building
  • Address and identity proof of the directors
  • Registered office address proof.
  • Filed questionnaire
  • Building stability certificate.

Steps for obtaining Fire NOC in India

Step-1 Submitting an application to CFO/ Deputy CFO

The first step should be followed by the applicant is to submit an application to grant the Fire No Objection Certificate along with all the required documents as prescribed above.

The documents must be submitted to the Chief Fire office of the state. The applicant must ensure that he attached all the relevant documents along with the application form before approaching to Chief Fire Officer or Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

Step-2 Inspection by Area Fire Inspector

The Chief Fire Officer will verify all the documents and application and send the application to area fire inspector. The local fire inspector will then inspect the whole building who wants to obtain fire NOC and ensure that all the fire preventive measures are installed there.

Step-3 Issuance of FCC

If the local fire inspector will be satisfied will all the facilities and verifies the checklist then, the Fire Brigade Inspector of the particular area will grant Fire Clearance Certificate to the applicant for his property.

Step-4 Granting Fire NOC

At last, after obtaining Fire Clearance Certificate from the Local Fire Brigade Authority, the Chief Fire Officer will grant No Objection Certificate to the applicant for his/her property ensuring that the property is all set to deal with any fire contingency.

Validity of Fire NOC in India

The validity of Fire NOC varies according to the state authorities. The validity of this certificate is 5 years in Telangana, 1to 5 years in Delhi and so on.

Time required to obtain fire NOC in India

Generally, every state has a different verification process. The time frame will depend on the verification procedure. Generally, it will take a minimum of 4 weeks to obtain Fire NOC from the date of application, if all the applications are submitted correctly.

Various Fire Prevention Measures other than Fire NOC

fire noc in india

Even you obtained NOC, you must ensure that you successfully installed all fire prevention measures in your building. The various fire prevention measures are:

  • Separate smoking area
  • Installing fire extinguishers
  • Proper supervision in the cooking area
  • Non-disturbance in ventilating facilities
  • Proper maintenance of electric wiring and electricity hub of the building
  • Reinstalling smoke or fire alarms in case they are 10 years older.
  • Obtaining the National Building code of India ensures that all contingency measures are successfully installed in the building.


Hence, one should always obtain Fire NOC to prevent their property from any kind of loss & damages and also for the protection of the lives of the people working or staying in the building. This NOC ensures that the building is fire resistant in case of any tragedy. But the owner also ensures that the building has the facilities of all fire safety measures along with Fire NOC. If you want any kind of assistance in obtaining Fire NOC or Fire License, contact Swarit advisors.



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