How Can You Register a Copyright Online?

Copyright Registration is done as per the Copyright Act, 1957. With the registration, you become a legal owner or proprietor of your creative work in respect of music, books, website, paintings, mobile application, etc. Copyright Registration with authority ensures that the original work of an author cannot be copied or misused. No individual is allowed to use a similar work or creation without the permission of the creator or author. 

Benefits of Copyright Registration

  • Creates Public Record
  • Protects Work from Infringement
  • Acts a Legal Evidence for Ownership
  • Allows Transfer of Rights
  • Provides Economic Benefit

Types of Works Eligible For Copyright Registration

  • Musical Works
  • Cinematography Films
  • Literary Works
  • Artistic works
  • Published Editions
  • Performances & Website
  • Broadcast on Radio & Television and Fashion Designs
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