Legal and Security Services under Trademark Class 45

Trademark Class 45
Shivani Jain
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“Trademark Class 45” signifies a Class of Trademark Classes that majorly includes all the services of nature, such as services provided by advocates, legal assistants, by individuals in social events, physical safety, security of tangible assets, etc.

However, the services concerning professional services, financial and monetary affairs, insurance services, escorting of travelers, the security transport services, medical and beauty care, data encryption[1], internet security consultancy, etc., are not covered under this Trademark Class.

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 45, together with the List of Legal and Security services included under this Trademark Class.

ServicesCovered under Trademark Class 45

The services covered under Trademark Class 45 are as follows:

  1. Services offered by lawyers, personal advocates, andlegal assistants, to any individuals/ groups of individuals and organizations;
  2. Services offered to individuals concerning social events;
  3. Investigation and scrutiny services pertaining to the security of tangible assets and physical safety of persons;

Services Not Covered under Trademark Class 45

The services that not covered under the Trademark Class 45are as follows:

  1. Professional services of giving direct aid in the functions, operations, and management of a commercial undertaking;
  2. Services pertaining to monetary and financial affairs;
  3. Services concerning insurance-related affairs;
  4. Escorting of travellers and security transport services;
  5. Services concerning all the forms of education of individuals, the performance of singers and dancers;
  6. Services relating to computer programming, software protection, internet security consultancy, and data encryption services;
  7. Medical Services;
  8. Hygiene and Beauty Care services;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 45

Trademark Class 45 Coordinated Classes

The term “Related Classes” or “Coordinated Classes” denotes an incident wherein an explicit service or product falls under the realm of 2 or more than 1 trademark classifications. Also, in such an event, the said applicant or person needs to submit the application for Trademark registration in each such coordinated class.

Further, the Related Classes for Trademark Class 45 are as follows:

  1. Medical, Veterinary, & Beauty Services – Trademark Class 45;
  2. Hotel & Restaurant Related Services – Trademark Class 43;
  3. Scientific & Technological Services – Trademark Class 42;
  4. Education & Entertainment Services – Trademark Class 41;
  5. Chemical Treatment of Material Services – Trademark Class 40;
  6. Shipping & Travel Services – Trademark Class 39;
  7. Telecommunications Services – Trademark Class 38;
  8. Construction & Repair Services – Trademark Class 37;
  9. Insurance & Finance Services – Trademark Class 36;
  10. Advertising & Business Services – Trademark Class 35;

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 45

Adoption agency services

Funerary undertaking services

Missing person investigations services

Alternative dispute resolution services

Genealogical research services

Monitoring of burglar and security alarms services

Arbitration services

Guard services

Monitoring intellectual property rights services for legal advisory purposes

Baby sitting services

Horoscope casting services

Night guard services

Baggage inspection for security purposes services

House sitting services

Opening of security locks services

Chaperoning / escorting in society [chaperoning] services

Inspection of factories for safety purposes services

Organization of religious meetings services

Clothing rental services

Intellectual property consultancy services

Personal body guarding services

Copyright management services

Legal research services

Personal background investigations services

Crematorium services

Legal document preparation services

Pet sitting services

Dating services

Legal administration of licences services

Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies services

Detective agencies services

Licensing of intellectual property services

Registration of domain names services [legal services]

Embalming services

Licensing of computer software services [legal services]

Releasing doves for special occasions services

Evening dress rental services

On-line social networking services

Rental of safes services

Rental of fire alarms services

Litigation services

Security consultancy services

Rental of fire extinguishers services

Lost property return services

Tracking of stolen property services

Fire-fighting services

Marriage agencies services

 Mediation services




In a nutshell, we can rightly mention that selecting the right Classification of Trademark Classes is significant for getting trademark registration done in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Apart from that, it shall be noteworthy to note that the same consists of a lot of requirements, intricacies, compliances, and documentation as well, thus, it is a complex and tricky task.

Moreover, the process for Trademark Search comprises of a lot of prior understanding, knowledge, experience, skills, etc., pertaining to the different Trademark Classes.

Last of all, in case of any other confusion or perplexity, contact Swarit Advisors, our skilled trademark experts will provide you end-to-end assistance with the process of compliance & documentation of Trademark Registration.

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